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May 30, 2016, 10:06:00 PM *
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 on: Today at 01:37:00 PM 
Started by zrunner - Last post by zrunner
for what its worth what keeps me going despite my struggles is in regular shoes at various times my feet wanna do and or move in ways the shoes do not allow or are not conducive too. For example sometimes i have a bit of a twist in my step on my right foot as i run. In the vibrams its no big deal land how you wanna land take off how you wanna take off feet get to move how they want too and its not an issue. But in regular shoes i end up with issues. I've gone through shoe after shoe after shoe and cant find ANYTHING that works anymore.

Only problems i have so far with vibrams is getting used to them many issues have gotten better in time. Like at one point early on my claves hurt so bad i couldnt run at all ! but thats all long behind me. I battled blister hell. then got past the blister issues. but injured the one foot as the one pair of vibrams was too tight. Only to finally now get back into them and battle blister hell all over again lol but I think i'm getting past that now too.

I'm sure i'm doing too much too soon also but i'm in a tough spot I want to run at this point i cant stand wearing anything else so what else can i do just gotta charge forward.

 on: Today at 01:31:04 PM 
Started by zrunner - Last post by zrunner
thanks yeah its getting better. the tendonitis or whatever it was in the left foot from months back in a bad pair is easing up finally. the right foot I injured over a week ago now plantar fascitis bad. It had started to act up and the only shoes i could wear happily where vibrams. So i had been wearing them and ran 7 miles on this one treadmill. around 5 i started to get really bad pain like an idiot i kept going so i'm battling that healing now.

I"m at the point of no return it seems like. I seem to be past the blisters for now thankfully. and if i try and run in anything else i cant stand it and rip them off. I might try merril trail gloves or something like that for the winter time to keep my feet warmer or when its wet out.

I'd gladly like any shoe suggestiosn for wet / cold conditions.

I'm taking it slow for now till my feet heal back up but still managing to squeek oout 25-30 miles a week. but this is down from my usual 50+ *sigh* I'll get there I guess.

 on: May 29, 2016, 11:23:13 AM 
Started by zrunner - Last post by The_Dingman
I had issues with discomfort and blisters at first, but after getting used to them it went away.

 on: May 25, 2016, 03:10:17 PM 
Started by thecricket - Last post by thecricket
Will do, any idea for sales?

 on: May 19, 2016, 08:36:03 PM 
Started by zrunner - Last post by zrunner
maybe someone will chime and and offer some advice. I had another idea of wearing a thin injinji sock then a regular one over top to see fi this helps the blister issue. I usually wear a regular injinji and i felt the shoe was snug this way but maybe the thing plus the thick will dot he trick and keep the blisters away. I do run the risk of the shoe being too tight over the top of the foot tho the problem I had with the see-ya LS i'm half temped to just cut the lace out on the left shoe to prevent that but concerned it might be too loose then but of course I could just relace it with something else.

I'll try this double sock thing not idea. Has me wonder if i go down a size to a 40 if that would be ok But I dunno if i'd even be able to get a sock on in that size I'd have to try that on.

 on: May 19, 2016, 08:05:46 AM 
Started by thecricket - Last post by nowster
Thanks, maybe I will go for a womens then since I have such narrow feet.

The only way to find out is to try them on. Your larger toes should be very close to the ends of the pockets without actually putting any pressure on them.

You'll also find that your forefoot broadens after some time out of conventional shoes.

 on: May 18, 2016, 03:08:01 PM 
Started by zrunner - Last post by zrunner
I started transitioning to vibrams and forefoot running back in febuary. I'll try to keep this breif but any advice would be great. I run a lot 50-70 miles a week. But was always a heal striker sick of getting hip pain I decided to give the forefoot running a try. Low and be hold almost all my pains vanished.

BUT I got a lot of other problems instead...

Easing into the vibrams I battled the sore calves and got through that. I also had blisters on top of blisters from these things. and I was also getting them in other running shoes newtons altras etc.. I never had blister problems ever when i heal striked so this was all new to me.

I figured out that 2 out of the 3 pairs of vibrams I owned had the seem issue in the big toe that was running m toe and causing the blister on the side of my toe. Fix? I washed them wore socks and used baby powder also built up quite a callus and dont get that blister anymore. But I now get one underneath my big toe.

The Bakila EVO underneath my second toe I end up with pain almost like I had run on a soft rock the entire run. I believe it due to the the way the sole is As I dont get this issue in the KSO's Or in the Seeya LS that I own. I also get the under the big toe blister.

The SeeYA LS was great but I only ran about 12 miles in those till they where to tight on my left foot and left me just about unable to walk. I've dealt with crippling pain in my left foot ever since (back in feb this started) and its just now getting better to where i'm not afraid to try the vibrams again. I believe it is some kind of tendonitis. SO i'm still terrified to put these back on tho I am pondering them with no socks or a thin sock.

The KSO's seem great but gave me nice new blisters today.

All in all I have about 60 miles logged in the vibrams Initially I felt i was starting to win the battle and really enjoy them till the SeeYa LS put me down for months. (tho i still some how managed to run very painfully in regular shoes).

I wear injinji socks and powder and Do love vibrams when they are working out for me even when they leave me with blisters I still feel I enjoyed the ride and was worth the blister.

Regular 0 drop shoes I've tried newtons too tight int he toe box I feel tho a larger size might work out. Altras totally hate them I have owned 3 diff pairs and every single pair was just down right awful and i had to stop wearing them due to pain in vaiours areas.

Any advice or do I need to just ride this out and it will get better as my feet adapt?

 on: May 17, 2016, 04:25:22 PM 
Started by thecricket - Last post by thecricket
Thanks, maybe I will go for a womens then since I have such narrow feet.

 on: May 17, 2016, 08:10:06 AM 
Started by thecricket - Last post by nowster
The main difference between men's and women's sizes is that the women's sizes are usually narrower fitting with slightly shorter length.

 on: May 16, 2016, 05:43:34 PM 
Started by thecricket - Last post by thecricket
Hello my name is John, I am 21 and through my interests in nutrition and fitness I stumbled upon the bare foot running scene.

Last Friday, I went to a Vibram store and tried on the KSO EVOs. I loved them but the store had limited stock of sizes so I did not get to completely determine my best size. With the help of the store clerks we determined that my best size is either a mens 39 or a womens 41. I have really skinny small feet and keeping my pinky toe in its compartment was an issue. Are those sizes comparable? What are the usual differences in men vs womens Vibrams?

I was also wondering when does Vibram usually hold sales/promotions? I am really eager to buy some, but do not want to regret missing a sale by being impatient.

Finally, do you guys know any other good barefoot shoes besides Vibram that would be more socially acceptable for wearing to work?

Thank you!

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