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October 25, 2014, 12:15:40 AM *
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 on: October 24, 2014, 10:44:26 AM 
Started by Annie - Last post by Annie
Hello, guys! I've been out of the Vibrams loop for some time. I got my last pair a while back and haven't looked back since. I haven't been up-to-date with the latest models, so I need your help! I got a pair of Lems Primal shoes for everyday casual wear/work because my feet run a little wide. I haven't received them yet, but I expect they'll be a lot better than my old Nike Frees that I used for the same reason.

I actually wear an older generation of Bikila LS Vibrams for medium distance (5 miles) road running and other various activities (weightlifting, biking). So, I've done some paroling on the forums and reviews on the main site to look for some new Vibrams that would best fit my workout. I was going to get the new Bikila EVOs, but it looks like the amount of support/cover by the heel/ankle is not to my liking. So, I'm really lost on what to do now. Anyone have any suggestions? I really do like the lacing system that the Bikila LS has.

Does anyone know if any new models will be coming out in the near future? That way I can decide if I want to wait on getting a new pair. Thank you all for the help!

 on: October 22, 2014, 01:50:48 PM 
Started by cincodeos - Last post by smokiam
1 pair of KSOs
1 pair of Bikilas
1 pair of KSO Treks
1 pair of Spyridons (laceless)
1 pair of VivoBF Neo Trails
2 pairs of VivoBF Breatho Trails
1 pair of VivoBF Trail Freaks
1 pair of inov8 Bare-X lite 150s
1 pair of Pantagonia Loulu (my office shoes)
1 pair of Merrell Jungle Gloves
2 pairs of Teva Zilch (edited to include these)

Currently looking for a good winter boot for snowshoeing.  Thinking the VivoBF synthetic hikers may be a good option.

 on: October 20, 2014, 05:59:56 AM 
Started by ABMann - Last post by huub
Hi all,

So I've not seen a post discussing cold weather or wet weather running in the last few years.  with the newer models, what are folks using to run in rains, sleet or snow?  I'm making my first earnest attempt at winter running now that I have my asthma under control (cutting out 95% of my dairy intake was amazing).

Current considerations
Flows: I had a pair of these a number of years ago. I attempted to shovel snow in and they leaked like crazy and the neoprene did a great job keeping the cold water inside the shoe.
Bikila: I have a pair of these but it seems like the fabric would drink the rain or snow.  I did a 10 mile run in them and they just did not shed any moisture at all.

Other thoughts?  I suspect my KSOs and EL-Xs are a terrible idea when it gets cold.

i have used my KSO and KMD sport last winter for all the winter running ,
having said that your concept of winter might not be the same as mine.
over here temperature in winter rarely drops below minus 5 C
with the KSO you get wet feet withing the first couple of hundred meters , but as long as you are running, the cold isnt too bad.
The VFF do act like a wetsuit , keeping your feet wet , and moderately warm.

 on: October 19, 2014, 09:40:26 PM 
Started by vffjeeper04 - Last post by smokiam
10 mile run around Dusty lake and the Ancient Lakes in the Columbia Basin in my Vivo BF Trail Freaks.  I wanted to wear my new Spyridons but my initial run in them left me with a sore spot under my big toe.  The nubs on the Trail Freaks held up well to the scree slides and rocky trails.

 on: October 18, 2014, 03:26:23 PM 
Started by smokiam - Last post by justin
Welcome to the forums! And you are welcome Smiley

 on: October 18, 2014, 12:32:23 AM 
Started by ABMann - Last post by smokiam
I really like the Vivo Barefoot Neo Trail shoes, along with thin injinjis, thick wool socks and gaiters. I wore them for 32 miles in a trail race in the middle of January in SE Wisconsin.  My feet survived just fine. That race did them in though, although with some waterproofing I'm thinking I'll get another year out of them.  The shoes themselves are in pretty good condition, with some tread left.

I saw a blog online somewhere, where a guy in Colorado combines Luna sandals with Yak Traks and these to complete the winter running ensemble (looks awesome!):

 on: October 18, 2014, 12:20:23 AM 
Started by realitycheck - Last post by smokiam
I like the Patagonia Loulu.  I don't know if they are precisely zero drop but the toe box is super wide and they look great in the office.   The leather protects the feet and they are so comfortable.  Kind of pricey though, and I don't think they come with the cork footbed insert anymore.

 on: October 18, 2014, 12:04:30 AM 
Started by smokiam - Last post by smokiam
Okay, now that that is out of the way, I admit that I too have a problem. 

I actually signed up because I thought it'd be fun to post all my awesome birthday shoes on the photo thread.  That, and I so appreciate Justin's site and reviews.  After taking up trail running to train for a cool looking winter race - my first race actually - a 64 miler in the dead of winter in Wisconsin.  It was COLD!!! and I wanted to wear minimal shoes on the snow packed trail.  I injured my foot training in my KSOs (thinking back, I can't believe I ran 25 miles in KSOs!) and I needed a solution that would protect my feet and keep them from freezing so searching the web led me to this site... 

...and Vivobarefoot (love em, LOVE EM) Neo trails, waterproofing, and good wool socks (and injinjis) me through - not 64 miles, but I made it through 32 and didn't DNF.  I had an awesome time and would love to do it again.  That was two years ago.

Now, I got my first pair of Spyridons and am in a new state (Columbia Basin area, WA) and looking forward to exploring the trails in my shoes that make me feel like I'm a kid again.

Thank you Justin!!   Grin

 on: October 16, 2014, 04:17:38 AM 
Started by ehecatlvoz - Last post by nowster
Sounds like you'd be best served by low-heeled rubber wellington boots (wellies).

 on: October 15, 2014, 08:32:03 PM 
Started by ehecatlvoz - Last post by ehecatlvoz
Hello all,

I have a dirty job. I work at one of the largest animal shelters on the east coast. I'm on my feet 10-12 hours a day-- standing, walking, running, I am stepping into kennels that have urine and poo in them, working around bleach and soap, running dogs through the field. I go through a typical pair of shoes in 4-5 wks, they need to be bleached periodically, walk hundreds of miles, and practically get tortured. Most of my coworkers wear work boots because of the demand for durability. I would really love to wear something minimalist but I'm not sure it exists. Please help me find something that works!

Thank you kindly,
Long time lurker, first time poster

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