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August 30, 2014, 06:11:08 AM *
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 on: July 31, 2014, 01:04:59 PM 
Started by valleygirl - Last post by cincodeos
There are some bikilas left here:

 on: July 31, 2014, 09:53:53 AM 
Started by AMD64Blondie - Last post by AMD64Blondie
My wonderful FiveFingers Speed XCs are wearing down..(I've had them since Oct.2012).

Are there any waterproof 2014 model FiveFingers(other than the Speed XC)?

 on: July 30, 2014, 02:35:22 PM 
Started by cincodeos - Last post by Mr. Leigh
Made an updated list.  I think I got them all.

VFF                      NON VFF
Denim Classics           Gray Stems
Suomy Classics           Brown Stems
Smartwool Classics        Black Lemings
Walnut Classics           VivoBarefoot Hydrophobic mesh trails
Navy/Gray/Yellow Classics     Teva Zilch
Light Blue/White Classics     Teva Northridge
Gray/Orange/Black Classics     VivoBarefoot Neo Navy
Navy/Aqua/Camo Classics     VivoBarefoot Breatho Trails
U.S Flag Olympic Classics     VivoBarefoot Aqua Lite Navy
Black/White Speeds        VivoBarefoot Off Road Mid Brown
Khaki/Sand/Black Classics     Nufoot Black/Gray
Gray/Verde Classics
Black/Black Classics
Spyridon LS
Komodosport LS x 2
Gray/Blue Bikila
Gray/Yellow/Blue Classics
ELX-LS youth Blue
Spyridon Black/Green

22 VFF and 11 non VFF, 33 total pairs of minimalist footwear

Added a newer pair of Khaki/Sand/Black Classics to the mix.  My other pair was a very used pair off of eBay and this pair is in pristine condition.

23 VFF and 11 non VFF, 34 total pairs of minimalist footwear

I forgot about a pair of size 42 Vivobarefoot Oaks in canvas that I purchased on eBay a while back.  They are a little snug.  Might have to take out the insoles.  I also recently scored a tremendous deal on a used pair of Vivobarefoot Gobi in tan. 

23 VFF, 13 non VFF, 36 total pairs of minimalist footwear.

I decided to give Sprints another try, this time a size larger than before.  Turns out they fit great.  I'm not super stoked about the strap across the top of the foot, but having the same sole as Classics, they are a keeper.  I bought a pair of Castlerock/Navy Sprints on eBay, thus bringing my VFF total up to 24 VFF, 13 non VFF and 37 total pairs of minimalist footwear.

Gotta love eBay.  I scored a cheap pair of black ELX bringing my totals to 25 VFF, 13 Non-VFF and 38 total pairs of minimalist footwear.

 on: July 28, 2014, 05:56:52 PM 
Started by shadebug - Last post by shadebug
I'm all for out of the box thinking but I'm not seeing how more material will make my shoes more minimal.

Besides, it's not the heat. Feet will sweat when you wrap them up no matter what you do. It's what they're built for, sweating like it's going out of fashion. Not that sweating was ever in fashion...

 on: July 28, 2014, 10:14:33 AM 
Started by sully617 - Last post by Mr. Leigh
Welcome Jon.

Good luck on your quest to find a minimalist footwear option that works for you.

 on: July 28, 2014, 10:13:29 AM 
Started by sully617 - Last post by Mr. Leigh 

These are another great option.  They are a slightly higher price point, $95.  They are very light and breathable and dry quickly when wet.

 on: July 28, 2014, 03:53:19 AM 
Started by shadebug - Last post by nowster
The solution to sweat in this unaccustomed (for us in the UK) heat is to use thin liner socks.

 on: July 28, 2014, 03:43:08 AM 
Started by shadebug - Last post by shadebug
Hi, I'm from the UK and I wear VFFs for pretty much everything. I would be walking barefoot but the job doesn't allow it.

Really, that's why I'm here. I've got spyridons and EL-Xs and while the spyridons do a good job of making people think my feet are protected and the el-xs have spectacular ground feel they're both sweatboxes. I recently lost one of my classics (I only had the one pair) so now I'm stuck having to put effort into putting my shoes on and I didn't want to have shoes on in the first place. What is a man to do?

 on: July 27, 2014, 09:45:11 AM 
Started by sully617 - Last post by vfftriathlete
when i still ran in foot coffins/moon boots when i was new to vibrams I have worn toe sox a number of times to counter blistering.

 on: July 26, 2014, 01:22:47 PM 
Started by lazybum - Last post by Wolf
I had blistering problems like this as well with the KMD Sport. I would only get a blister on my left foot or something, but never equal. I assumed this was due to one foot being slightly smaller than the other (but not noticeable when getting feet measured).

The way I was able to combat this is to build up running slowly. When I first bought them, I tried walking two miles in them which gave me blisters. I took some time off and let my feet heal. The next time I only walked around the block (not even a quarter of a mile). I did that for two days. Then I increased walking a little further the next time. And the next time, and so forth. Eventually i got up to walking (not running) two miles. Once I hit two miles, I started jogging 50 feet of that two miles and walking the rest. Then I would increase the jogging distance a little bit every time. Once I could jog the full two miles, I started increasing distance and over the months I got up to jogging 8 miles (I could never do this in regular running shoes).

In short, i think you pushed yourself too hard the first time. Take it slow and build up distance. As your feet get tougher, your leg muscles get better, and the farther you can run.

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