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September 27, 2016, 11:32:01 AM *
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 on: July 01, 2016, 10:40:36 PM 
Started by Seasurfer - Last post by Seasurfer

One toe on my left foot is still messed up from wearing shoes, if you Google correct crooked toes they sell these spreaders that are supposed to fix crooked toes and I would think these toe shoes should have the same effect.

That toe did get a little  better after I quit wearing shoes unless I absolutely  totally have to but again I was thinking that if regular shoes mess up your feet by jamming your toes together then these finger shoes should have the opposite effect by keeping them apart right ?

 on: July 01, 2016, 10:28:40 PM 
Started by Seasurfer - Last post by Seasurfer
i personally dont play golf or like it really. but you make a very good point that grass would feel pretty awesome totally barefoot.

It really should  be played barefoot, I think too many people just don't like feet because shoes make them nasty so they wear shoes more to hide them and that makes them more nasty and perpetuates the nastiness.   

I live in a beach town but still sometimes in stores people are like OMG look a person barefoot in here...   Oh so what really who cares.

Tourists !

 on: July 01, 2016, 10:18:52 PM 
Started by Seasurfer - Last post by Seasurfer
I took my five fingers off at the track and was gonna run but the track was smoking hot i woulda burned the heck out of myself

I am in Florida and the blacktop doesn't get hot enough to burn me anymore, the pool deck sometimes does though dark stained wood.

Just for fun I have one of these inferred thermometers

I can check out how hot the street gets and that parking lot that is almost black and the pool deck that if its no wind at all is too hot.

People do comment to me "how do you walk on that?"

I never tried them Vibram shoes I almost bought a pair once the one time I saw them in a store on vacation.

glass or a nail

I don't want to bring myself bad luck but I will say it doesn't happen, I am really risking bad luck maybe but I rarely stub toes anymore it just becomes natural to watch where you are going and step right.

I never tried them Vibram shoes I almost bought a pair once the one time I saw them in a store on vacation.

They look cool and I imagine they wouldn't make toes all crooked by jamming them up like regular shoes I hate wearing now.

 on: July 01, 2016, 01:25:58 PM 
Started by Seasurfer - Last post by zrunner
i personally dont play golf or like it really. but you make a very good point that grass would feel pretty awesome totally barefoot.

 on: July 01, 2016, 01:24:57 PM 
Started by Seasurfer - Last post by zrunner
anger for me. As a runner I just got so stinking sick of problem after problem with shoes. simply walking in shoes you notice problems after 6 months or a year maybe but running? you notice them in weeks. just the foam sole on a shoe caused so maybe problems with my gait. then the sole would wear screwy and i'd have ankle pain or foot pain or my range of motion was screwed with etc.. I also was getting so tired how shoes just didnt last very long for me 200 miles tops and any more i was asking for pains somewhere.

I got so angry in the end i was pretty close to just throwing my shoes int he woods and running home barefoot. But I new i wasnt ready for that and I new 'id likely stomp rocks glass nails etc... So since feb I've been wearing vibrams and running in them off and on tho they are all i run in at this point thankfully.

they dont seem to mess with my gait and they tend to wear in a way that doesnt mess with things etc..

I do think about going full barefoot for running but for example just the other day I took my five fingers off at the track and was gonna run but the track was smoking hot i woulda burned the heck out of myself so put them back on. I also routinely dodge nails and glass as i run and rocks. I occasiionally miss something and stomp a rock. If i missed on glass or a nail i'd be asking for it. so for now I gotta have some protection.

The other big issue for me was the zero drop. my foot feels better when its moving properly on a zero drop. i dunno regular shoes just feel so unnautural and give me so many issues.

Granted in my case if i gave up running I might be able to just go back to regular old shoes and deal with all the same issues but it would be in a more mild form since it woudlnt be so many miles over such a short period of time. but why.

Now i'm shopping for a barefoot insulated boot or sorts for winter. as well as another pair of vibrams for running. I got 170 miles on my bikilas and they are getting a couple thing spots. i figure in another 50-80 miles they will be toast. thts not to bad since its the first pair i got for running. tho i have 2 other pairs i could run in i do like bikilas a lot.

 on: July 01, 2016, 12:18:15 AM 
Started by Seasurfer - Last post by Seasurfer

Golf , the only sport played on toxic waste dumps.

 on: July 01, 2016, 12:10:38 AM 
Started by Seasurfer - Last post by Seasurfer

I don't see why there is even any such thing as golf shoes, it makes no sense.

They put all this effort into making perfect grass and use fine sand on these golf courses why would anyone want to put on shoes to go play golf ?

Oh wait, golf course pesticide exposure....  

I just Goggled bare feet pesticide grass.  here >

It was a good topic till I thought of that. I Guess I will skip golf, its kind of a toxic sport with chemicals all over the place.

 on: June 30, 2016, 07:24:55 PM 
Started by Seasurfer - Last post by Seasurfer

I kind of wanted to see if maybe feet would get tougher and if the one somewhat crooked toe I have would maybe straighten out so I decided to just quit wearing shoes all the time and to see how far I could walk on the street before my feet hurt. I guess what really made the difference is when I started keeping my shoes and flip flops in the car trunk for just in case instead of in the house.  

Keeping the shoes in the car trunk I think really got it started cause it broke that life time habit of wakeup and put on shoes before going outside.  I noticed in the beginning that if I wore shoes in the morning and then took them off I felt barefoot like something was missing but if I started my day barefoot it felt natural all day.

At some point I just got used to not wearing shoes and lost the awareness that I even was barefoot, that thought "I can't, I don't have shoes on" just disappeared.

I think more people should try it, its like I have a skill that others don't because I know how to navigate the world barefoot without discomfort or awkwardness. I was like most everyone else most of my life believing I needed shoes to function properly just doing normal things like being outside.

All I know is that when I do really have to wear shoes now I hate it and for a long time I really didn't like going without them.  

This is cool a barefootin forum.

 on: June 30, 2016, 06:55:40 PM 
Started by Draco - Last post by Seasurfer
just wondering if some of you gals and guys prefer to drive bare foot, for me it's more comfortable and natural and gives me a much better feed back from the vehicle,  once the engine warms it i quite prefer to drive pare foot when even i can, and in most states is legal, makes no sense for it being Gilligan anyway

Yes its much better driving barefoot because I know instantly when my foot is on the pedals and where exactly my foot is on the peddle because of course I can feel it.

I started going barefoot about 4 years ago and now on the very rare occasion that I do wear shoes and drive it feels really strange not being able to feel the peddles and with shoes on I have to bend my ankle and tilt my whole foot up and down to apply light break pressure instead of just curling my toes down.   Now that I think about as I am moving my foot it I use  toe movement to control pressure on the accelerator too.

 on: June 28, 2016, 11:44:20 PM 
Started by DoraPenny - Last post by DoraPenny
Hi, I'm starting to get frustrated with the 5-fingers and I'm not sure if I can find ones that fit me. I'm a woman who usually wears size 6.5 although in taking lots of measurements I think I maybe should be wearing 7.

I first tried the Alitza in size 37. Too small. Since found out that the Alitzas specifically run small so I wasn't sure what to try. Taking measurements and using vibrams sizing chart, I thought I should be a 38 normally and a 39 in Alitza.

Next tried a 38 classic. This was too large. It felt nice, but constantly slipped around and so it eventually chafed my heel. Tightening the elastic a lot made this somewhat better but it still slipped some unless it was so tight it pinched.

Next tried a 37 KSO. I'm trying to figure out what I think. It feels a bit too tight on the ankle hole, but livable, but my big toe feels like it's jammed up against the front. I can't figure out if it's jammed too much.. It feels ok sometimes, but if I flex my toes up then it's way too tight. However the rest of the fit of the 37 (other toes, width) feels great. Like a second skin. Just I can't flex my toes.

Should I try a 38 KSO and give up on classics? Should I try a 37 classic? Is the difference between my big toe and the other toes too great for me to wear vibrams? The other toes are swimming around in their pockets on both the 37's and 38's.

Just really not sure what to do.

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