Comment from: Zizzy [Visitor]

Unfortunately, I have read more and more posts on the Vibram Facebook fan page where people say that they are / will buy knock-offs because they can't find the legitimate VFF's in the style/size/color they want. They'd rather buy a fake than wait or search for the real deal. Of course, this is TOTALLY stupid on their part and will most likely result in disappointment for the buyer, but it is an issue. People even post pics of their fakes and say "look at my new VFF's!" (I've seen this on 2 occasions.

07/01/10 @ 13:21
Comment from: Matthew [Visitor]

I think that Vibram need to deal with this issue by sorting out their supply problems and getting product in to the stores. Still waiting for Bikilas in Canada :-(

07/01/10 @ 13:48
Comment from: dirk verelst [Visitor]
dirk verelst

While Vibram is trying to put up a list of legit dealers on their site, it is totally useless, and only mentions the import companies. It cannot be too hard to compose a list of legit internet VFF-vendors that people can use. Surely they know who they are selling their stock? Inviting their legit business partners to communicate a link to their site is easy! All this should take no more than a few days work, and people could comfortably pick a vendor of their choice.

07/01/10 @ 15:43
Comment from: Michael Chidester [Visitor]
Michael Chidester

I would think Vibram would encourage the production of knock-offs and only get upset when their logo were used illegally. The more folks wearing shoes with toes around, whether they be legitimate VFFs bear some sort of "Vibran" logo, the more people will see them and get interested. Knock-offs are the backbone of trends.

07/01/10 @ 17:09
Comment from: Gary [Visitor]


Happy Canada Day... and I can tell you that most of the USA doesn't even have Bikilas, most people outside the north east have not seen them.

I bought my pair in NYC. None anywhere in Florida.

07/01/10 @ 17:30
Comment from: Sev [Visitor]

Keep in mind you can report any ebay fakes by selecting the "report item" link in the auction. if you happen to be trolling ebay for something, take a few moments and report the obvious fakes. Enough reports and Ebay will close the accounts of the counterfeiters.

07/01/10 @ 17:35
Comment from: mat bryan [Visitor]
mat bryan

Another fake FB sales site.

07/01/10 @ 17:57
Comment from: CDR [Visitor]

i live in miami fl and had to drive to west palm beach to get a pair of bikilas for my girlfriend and i. i actually had to return mine to get a slightly larger size. they are hard to find, but if you look around you'll find some. i got mine at fit 2 run

07/01/10 @ 18:06
Comment from: WS [Visitor]

Only way this would deter the counterfeiters would be to streamline their current production and get the products out to their retail channels as quickly as possible.

The relative scarce supply of VFF in the marketplace no doubt fuels the growth of these counterfeiters.

07/02/10 @ 01:01
Comment from: William [Visitor]

I am in Vancouver Canada, and I got the bikila from CitySport online. Even the old vibram KSO are extremely hard to find in local MEC store. I wouldn't recommend ordering online unless you know your size.

07/02/10 @ 02:57
Comment from: Kristofp [Visitor]

The big mistake most shoemaker make is to shift production to China. Sure they'll produce at a lower cost but there is no escape there.

Once you go China, knockoffs appear. I was really dissapointed that my 'non-fake' Vibram Speed's where made in China.

The are made in China and still they can't keep up with the demand.

Companies should start to realize that they should stop moving all their business to China it's bad for our economy, bad for the environment.

Governments should impose high importtaxes on imported goods based on the original distance they are shipped from.

A sort of CO2 tax. It's not protectionism but common sense that goods that have a higher impact on the environment should be more expensive.

This would make fakes more expensive and not worthwhile to produce. Instead of taxing labor we should start taxing consumption, especially luxury and imported goods.

That would reduce laborcosts so we can produce cheaper and make our own products better value for money while at the same time make Chinese crap more expensive.

07/02/10 @ 03:50
Comment from: Danny Helfen [Visitor]
Danny Helfen

As long as people are willing to buy the knockoffs they will not disapear. I refuse to buy the knockoffs.

07/02/10 @ 10:46
Comment from: Marcus [Visitor]  

I agree that much of this is a beast of Vibram's own creation. Sometimes allowing one's popularity to outstrip your production is not a smart move. As much as it would have sucked, they might have been better off waiting to release something like the Bikila only when/if they had the production to meet the demand they knew was there.

07/02/10 @ 11:31
Comment from: Zizzy [Visitor]

I agree about production in China. No offense to any Chinese nationals, but in the economic world, China SUCKS. I mean REALLY REALLY sucks. Almost all of the counterfeit goods on the market are made in China, often on the very machines that are used to make the legitimate product. Sure, its cheap to produce there... but cheap is the operative word. Chinese law does nothing to protect copyrights.

07/02/10 @ 14:25
Comment from: Wendy [Visitor]

What annoys me is that a) VFFs are an Italian design yet we in Europe have to pay through the nose for them. While the price is so high over here, people will buy knock-offs (not me, though). b) Vibram's website is not up to date with suppliers. It has only just put up a proper list of countries outside just the handful it originally listed where you can find legitimate retailers, but even this list isn't complete. The shop where I got my second pair isn't listed and I know they're legitimate. It drives me bonkers. Vibram need to do more to help the customers.

07/05/10 @ 12:36
Comment from: felipe [Visitor]

So, my question is: what's so special about VFF's? I have a pair, but I'm not wedded to the brand. If someone else makes a better shoe, or a similar shoe for a lot less $$, why should I stick with VFF's?

It isn't a cult, is it? It's a shoe. And so what if there are fake shoes, especially if they cost half as much.

Just my $0.02.

07/07/10 @ 17:22
Comment from: admin [Member]  

There's really a world of difference between real competition and counterfeit merchandise being pawned off as the authentic merchandise. The former is better for all interested in the product as it spurs innovations, higher quality, lower prices, etc. That latter actively deceives people -- as in, there are many people who want to buy legitimate product, think they are buying legitimate product, but are actually buying fakes.

In other words, this matters insomuch as supporting fraudsters increases the occurrence of individuals being defrauded. I, for one, don't like the idea of duping other people, but I also don't like supporting institutions that dupe other people.

So that's it in a nutshell. Bring on the real competition though.

07/07/10 @ 17:41
Comment from: Matthew [Visitor]

I agree, if somebody can make it cheaper legally it drives down the price, but this isn't always good. In the pharmaceuticals business they allow the company who developed something to have a temporary legal monopoly just to recoup costs and keep them innovating.

If you really do like a product see it as an investment in an innovative, customer caring company. Counterfeits can't counterfeit anymore if there are no new products hitting the market for them to mass produce (kinetic studies, research etc. probably done by VFF).

Totally agreed with Justin, bring the real competition, specifically ones that release new products instead of mass producing.

07/09/10 @ 13:32
Comment from: Big Hank [Visitor]
Big Hank

In response to Felipe

You are not nor should you be married to the brand. However if a competitor wants to offer a product to compete they need to name / market and r&d it themselves. All this knock off does is Vibram and discredits all the retailers who sell the real deal.

08/18/10 @ 10:49
Comment from: madluck [Visitor]

I want to buy KSO's but this is really hard and confusing. I was about to buy one from an online seller, but looking at the website and some pictures posted from here, there are many confusing details.

For example in KSO, where should the vibram branding should be? I found some pictures showing it in both pairs near the big toe, others on the left only and some on the right only. So could you please enlighten me which is which? :(

07/14/11 @ 21:34
Comment from: fred [Visitor]

thanks for the info guys so my real question is can i buy these shoes on this site were on> Birthdayshoes

08/09/11 @ 22:23
Comment from: 5toeshoes [Visitor]

04/20/12 @ 05:44
Comment from: Valerie [Visitor]  
I recently purchased these and am now wondering if they're authentic. can someone check please? Thanks.

03/21/14 @ 02:16