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This page is intended to consolidate links to specific articles, posts, or write-ups that provide information on how to run barefoot. Note that this list is not intended to include links to specific running styles (e.g. ChiRunning or POSE).

  • Runners are baring their very soles via the LA Times on October 5, 2009. Article was taken down for unknown reasons, but included the following tips (retrieved via cache) from Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton:
    • Never heel-strike. Land on the forefoot, with an erect back on a bent leg.
    • Quickly lower the heel so that the foot is flat on the ground.
    • Strive for a rapid turnover. The less time your foot is on the ground, the faster you are and the less you get injured. Lift the foot straight up off the ground
    • Run quietly. "You know you're a good barefoot runner when you scare people as you pass them -- because they can't hear you coming," says Barefoot Julian (more commonly known as Julian Romero, a Caltech doctoral student). "You're really good when you can scare a dog."
    • Finally, don't have too much fun at first. "Avoid RBES -- the 'Running Barefoot Exuberance Syndrome,' " Saxton says. "People get so excited that they run too much too soon and get hurt, especially calves and Achilles. So build up slowly."
  • BFT's Barefoot Running Basics from BarefootTed's Minimalist Runner - Barefoot, Huaraches, FiveFingers... Google Group. Barefoot Ted McDonald's tips include:
  1. Gentle ball-heel-ball landings - feet and arms moving in same direction...forward.
  2. Quick cadence - leg speed
  3. Stable upright posture and engaged bending at waist.
  • Barefoot Running via Dr. Nicholas Romanov of Posetech (below are Romanov's tips, more at Posetech)
    • start using racing flats in your everyday running
    • do light jumps and hops in place with a jumping rope, do the same on two low boxes, with light weights
    • start running on sand in racing flats
    • do barefoot jumps in place with a jumping rope, then on boxes
    • start doing short barefoot runs on grass
    • do short barefoot runs and jumps on sand
    • increase the length of barefoot running on grass and sand
    • alternate each of the above exercises with normal running
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