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You Can Buy These Old School Vibram FiveFingers

You Can Buy These Old School Vibram FiveFingers

PSA: Vibram has a handful of the "OG" FiveFingers on sale on their website.

Sure, a couple of them weren't "1st gen." However, even the Seeyas are "classics" since they came out some six years ago.

Here's what they've got:

  • KSOs! — Available in 3 colorways! ($85)
  • KSO Treks — that super sweet black kangaroo leather ... ($125)
  • TrekSports — not my fave, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ($100)
  • SeeYa — black and neon yellow. Always liked the SeeYa for their upper. ($100)
  • KMD Sport — a.k.a. the old KomodoSport. I deadlifted 375 lbs in my yellow and black pair of these yesterday. ($110)

If you've been hankering for old school FiveFingers, you'll find these on Vibram's website.

That's all for now.

P.S. Got a Vibram V-Aqua review coming soon. Also the VivoBarefoot Tracker FG.

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Lems Trailhead Shoes First Look Review

Lems Trailhead Shoes First Look Review

Are you a long-time fan of Lems and love minimalist shoes? Well, I've got some good news and bad news.

The good news: Lems has a new shoe called the Trailhead and it looks great!

The bad news: it's a fairly significant departure from Lems previous shoes and if you're a long-time Lems wearer, these might not be for you.

BirthdayShoes readers know that I've been a fan of Lems (Formerly known as Leming Shoes and before that Stem Footwear). The company founded some 7 years back has put out some of my favorite minimalist shoes that I still wear to this day. I'm talking about the Nine2Fives and the Mariners (Boulders are pretty great, too). Both the Nine2Fives and the Mariners have stayed in my regular rotation of shoes since I first reviewed them, which says a lot given how many pairs of shoes I have.

So what's up with the Trailhead? And why don't I think long-time Lems fans might struggle with these?

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Martin Berkhan's Leangains Method Book (Diet) Review - JustinOwings.com

For seasoned BirthdayShoes veterans, you might recall discussion about Martin Berkhan's "Leangains," the original 16:8 (16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating) diet and training protocol. For example, Hugh Jackman, who we've seen photoed deadlifting in Speed FiveFingers (GOAT!), seems to adhere to a Leangains-inspired diet.

Berkhan originated 16:8 intermittent fasting+weight lifting over a decade ago on leangains.com but now has finally published the ideas, research, and program as a book: The Leangains Method. I got an early look at The Method back in April as I've been helping Martin (he's become a friend over the years) as best I can for the launch. As it turned out, in preparation for this book and having "bulked" for the prior 8 months, I took the prescribed system in The Leangains Method and used it to lean out and then review the book. Since the book launch is today, August 16th (a.k.a. 8/16), my review just got published over on my personal site.

You can read it here. I cover what's in the book as well as my own forays and misadventures in diet and fitness over the last decade—which is a little embarrassing in review—though going through it got me to where I am today.

BirthdayShoes readers tend to be ahead of the curve, so I thought many of you all might interested in this new release. If you've ever stalled on a diet, wanted to get that six pack, or just want to understand nutrition better, reading The Leangains Method will be time well spent. And it might save you from lots of misadventures.

Find my review of Martin Berkhan's The Leangains Method at JustinOwings.com.

Shamma Sandals Ultragrip Chargers Review

Shamma Sandals Ultragrip Chargers Review

Shamma Sandals has updated their lineup with the adventure-ready and waterproof Ultra Chargers! The highlight of the new model is its grippy and waterproof all-weather UltraGrip footbed!

Looking for my own adventure, I put the new model to the test along the running trails and mountain hikes of Madeira Island!

Read through to see my thoughts on the new Shamma Sandals Ultra Chargers!

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V-Alpha Vibram FiveFingers Review

V-Alpha Vibram FiveFingers Review

Vibram’s V-Alpha is a successor to the KSO EVO as their all-around five-toed "barefoot" shoe. Taking what was already a very capable shoe and improving upon its fit, materials, and sole, the V-Alpha aims to be the best all-around shoe in the Vibram lineup.

Five years since the release of the KSO EVO, does the V-Alpha take over the crown? Vibram sent over a pair for me to find out.

Click through to find out in my review of the Vibram V-Alpha!

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