Black KSO Vibram Five Fingers a.k.a. Ninja Shoes, Gorilla Feet, Mr. Deeds' Feet

Black KSO Vibram Five Fingers - Gorilla Feet, Ninja Shoes, Mr Deeds frostbitten feet

Black KSO Vibram Five Fingers are perhaps one of the most common, if not the most common, color combination KSO in existence. Whether to wear them to work, attempt to blend in, or simply to look stealth while blacked out running, the Black KSO has clearly become a mainstay in teh Vibram Five Fingers line-up.

Below are all the user-submitted black KSO Vibram Five Fingers posts for all the Ninja, Gorilla, and Deeds' wannabes in the VFF community!

Got Black KSO Vibrams? These fans do!

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First Marathon in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

Chris in his KSOs
Chris at the 22.5 mile mark and after he finished.
After doing no marathon training, Chris recently ran his first marathon in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs and finished with a darn good time. You may remember Chris from when he ran the Baltimore Half Marathon with Bien. Here's what he sent us about running th… more »

Dr. Jawa Runs his First Marathon

Dr. Jawa and his wife
Dr. Jawa and his wife running the St. George Marathon.
Dr. Jawa, is a long time reader and contributor to our blog. You may remember Dr. Jawa doing headstands, teaching in black KSO VFFs, running a half marathon in Las Vegas, or on vacation in Jamaica. Dr. Jawa recently continued his adventures in Vibram Fiv… more »

UK Rat Racer Wears Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

Dave at the UK Rat Race
Dave walking the plank and sliding to the finish at the Rat Race.
Extreme races are the rage these days and Vibram Five Fingers fan Dave recently ran in a UK event called the Rat Race Urban Adventure. He donned his KSOs and went for it! Here is what Dave had to say:A couple pics of me from this last weekends River R… more »

Gardening in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

Jason Gardening in KSOs
Jason Gardening in his KSOs
Jason sent us the following message about his search for the perfect gardening shoe:I've finally found the perfect gardening shoe! I am an avid gardener and have spent years trying to find a shoe that was able to meet the demands of gardening. I tr… more »

Black KSOs on Buzzards Rock Trail

Buzzard Rock Trail
The entrance to Buzzard Rock Trail in Baltimore County, Md.
Aaron recently broke away from the daily grind and got some time to himself in the Patapsco Valley State Park on Buzzards Rock Trail. It was just him and his black KSOs and here is his story: by AaronMy first real trail experience in VFF’s is abo… more »