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Sales: Merrell Barefoots 40% Off, leather KSO Treks for $31

Nobody wants to maximalist prices for minimalist shoes. Thankfully, if you're here you're well on your way to hooking up a sale or two on some of the most popular minimalist shoes around. Let's dive in:

Merrell Barefoots 40% off!

EMS has various Merrell Barefoots at 40% off here.

If you're a huge fan of the original Trail Glove, you can pick up a pair for $66. Been wanting a Gore-tex "barefoot running shoe" but been unwilling to shell out the almost-$200 for a pair? Well, EMS has those 40% off, too, so they're only ... $102 (Still better than $170!). Go to EMS.com!

Leather KSO Treks are on Clearance for $31

You can pick up the kangaroo leather-clad original KSO Trek for $31 here. As of this posting most sizes are available and in both black or brown. I'm a little shocked that this deal is available. This is a whopping 75% off the original KSO Trek price!

Given KSO Treks are going the way of the do-do, if you always wanted a pair or need a back-up/replacement pair, here's your chance. Go to REI.com.

Various Vibrams, Vivo Barefoots up to 70% off!

Grab FiveFingers or Vivo Barefoots at sales ranging from 9 to 70% off.

On the Vibram front, you can grab Bikila FiveFingers for $37, KomodoSports (a.k.a. KMD Sports as they're now called) for $55, or Bikila LS for $50, among other options.

They've also got a ton of Vivo Barefoots on sale. Everything from the dressier Gobi leather boot to the Hybrid golf shoe.

Those are the sales today. Be a savvy/smart shopper and hook up discounted "barefoot"/minimalist shoes (or huaraches sandals) while ya can.

And if you hear of any great deals, let me know!

Vivo Barefoot 50% Off, New Balance Minimus Sale

Vivo Barefoot 50% Off, New Balance Minimus Sale

Vivo Barefoot Sale!

Flash sale outdoor gear site LeftLane Sports is running a new flash sale on Vivo Barefoot shoes that includes a large variety of Vivos shoes—if you can find your size!

As these things go, probably the hottest items (if I had to guess) will be the various Vivo Barefoot Oaks listed on the sale and you should note that the Oak didn't make the Spring 2013 line (replaced, perhaps, by the Vivo Jay). The Legacy is also one is worth considering as a business casual barefoot shoe. Finally, note that you can get the men's Ultra Pure for $25! I'm hooking up another pair of these myself as this is one of the best, underrated minimalist shoes for the summer.

If you're not a member of LeftLane use my invite to sign up so you can get $10 credit off your first purchase over $50 (which is virtually. Orders over $75 also get free shipping.

Links to the sale:

Becoming a "member" of LeftLane is as simple as providing basic info (name/email). There are no strings attached (no fees to join) other than the fact you'll get emails about all future upcoming sales. Of course, you can quit the email list at any time.

If you can't find your size, use my invite code to join for your $10 credit and keep an eye on future sales—Vivos tend to pop up periodically!

New Balance Minimus Sale!

LeftLane is also featuring a New Balance Minimus sale. They're stock/sizes are a bit limited (at least for men—lots of Zeros available for women!), but if you're after some Minimus (Minimi?), you might take a look:

Just picked up some women's Minimus Trail Zeros for the Mrs. for $60.

Vibram Bikilas for $28!

Finally, you can get a pair of the Bikila FiveFingers for the cheapest price I've ever seen—$28! Check this screenshot, note that this is a legit sale, and woot it up (click here)! This sale will end in 15 hours at midnight May 24, 2013!

Good luck!

Xero Shoes Huaraches Summer Sale!

Xero Shoes Huaraches Summer Sale!

If you've been jonesin' for some huaraches now that it's getting a little warmer outside, well, I've got good news.

Xero Shoes just launched a big sale offering 50% off their "Summer Color" soles — I'm talking about the electric green, light blue, and light red rubber soles in either 4mm Connect or 6mm Contact. The sale will end midnight May 15, 2013, so take advantage while you can!

Thanks to this deal, you can get a kit for as low as $9.97 (a kid's 4mm Connect kit, which I'll be picking up to make a new pair for my growing three year old and Xero Shoes tester.

Furthermore, Xero Shoes just started offering their new and improved laces. These new laces are more flexible, smoother, allow for a flatter knot, and come in 17 colors/styles, three of which have reflective tracers for night-time visibility. All the sale Xero Shoes come with the new laces; meanwhile, they're closing out their old laces for a buck/pair. Not a bad deal if you aren't after the new hotness in huaraches lacing!

Want to know more about Xero Shoes sandals before you take the plunge? You can check out all of BirthdayShoes' coverage of the Xero Shoes huaraches sandals here.

Below you'll find photos of the sole colors (note you can pick your choice of lace color) or just head over to this post for more photos. Finally, Xero Shoes has some nifty T-shirts for $15.

Read the rest of this post »

Get 20% Off Merrells, More!

Get 20% Off Merrells, More!

Massey's Outfitters is running their biggest sale of the year a.k.a. the "Festival Sale" through May 6, 2013. This means that tons of products on their site are marked down and whatever products that aren't on sale can have a coupon/promo code applied to them — FEST20 (a few exclusions apply).

I took a look around their site for the usual suspects to see what deals I could find. Aside from some sales on Vibrams and New Balance Minimus shoes, the most standout sale was on Merrells. And specifically, you'll be interested in knowing they've got the recently released Vapor Gloves for right at $64! That's 20% off their MSRP, making it a no-brainer to get what is, in my opinion, one of the best "barefoot shoes" yet.

That's a bold statement, but just read my review if you want the details behind it. It doesn't hurt that at this price, they're also one of the most affordable minimalist shoes around.

Go to Massey's and check out the sale!

VIVOBAREFOOTs on Sale - Get those Oaks while they last!

VIVOBAREFOOTs on Sale - Get those Oaks while they last!

Flash sale site TheClymb has launched a new VIVOBAREFOOT sale, too! IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're not yet a member of the Clymb, that link is going to ask you to login or join. Use my invite link here (We get a little credit for this, which is frequently put towards nabbing shoes for reviews on BirthdayShoes!).

If you've never been a member of Clymb before, you can always leave the program at any time and it's free to join.

I called out the VIVO BAREFOOT Oak in the images above mostly because if you go to Vivo's official website, you'll find they are missing — apparently the Oak is not in the spring line-up (Is it discontinued? Don't know). The Oak has been one of my favorite Vivos of all time (wore a pair of them yesterday in fact), so if you've been sitting on the fence, well, you might want to pick up a pair—on sale—while they last (they have a lot of sizes as of 11:30 Eastern Daylight, 4/26/2013).

And if you're after other Vivos like the recently reviewed Breatho Trails, The Clymb has those featured in this sale, too.

Go for it! You can join the Clymb here. Check out the Vivo sale here.