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$50 gets you $100 off FiveFingers (and more) from VibramFiveFingers.com

$50 gets you $100 off FiveFingers (and more) from VibramFiveFingers.com


There's a new deal out—one that ends after December 19th—that lets you spend $50 to get $100 worth of anything on VibramFiveFingers.com.

Taking advantage simply requires creating an account and forking over the $50 to purchase the deal. This gets you a code that you can use to redeem for $100+ of merchandise at VibramFiveFingers.com. What more, all orders in the U.S. and Canada through December 2012 get free shipping.

Note: code-driven orders off VibramFiveFingers.com in 2013 will see normal shipping rates applied and your code will expire February 5, 2013. Also, you can't stack coupons. So you can't, for example, buy a pair of Lontras ($150) plus 4 pairs of Injini Crew socks ($12/each) for $100 via two codes. However, you can buy multiple codes for separate orders.

Best deals? Anything that tallies up to $100. SeeYa LS MSRPs at $100; so you get them for $50. Same goes for the SeeYa which is $100 regularly. KomodoSport LS is $110, so they'll set you back $60 with this deal ($50 off). The Speed XC is $140 so you save $50 and get them for $90 ($50 coupon + $40 over hundred). Make sense?

Questions/comments let me know!

M/W Bikilas for $36 Shipped Free or Women's SeeYas for $56

M/W Bikilas for $36 Shipped Free or Women's SeeYas for $56

CitySports has a deal running today only — 12/12/12 (Dec. 12, 2012) — for an extra 20% off of already marked-down merchandise.


In the world of Vibram FiveFingers, there aren't a ton of options that meet this double-sale criteria but the best deals as I see them are men's and women's bikilas in blue/grey and red/grey, respectively, at $45 before the extra 20% off. So once you knock off the 20%, that makes them $36. What more, it seems that these ship free!

So you can get Bikilas for $36. That is, I think, the cheapest I've seen any pair of FiveFingers ever. Also, women's SeeYas can be had for $56 using the code!

Here are the clearance items. To get the extra 20% off, you just need to enter 121212 as your code.

Finally, you can get 25% off regularly priced items at CitySports using the code, too. Here are all the Vibrams CitySports has available.