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24-Hour Exclusive, Extra 20% Off Entire LeftLaneSports.com Site!

24-Hour Exclusive, Extra 20% Off Entire LeftLaneSports.com Site!


Regular readers and savvy shoppers have certainly taken advantage of sales offered by flash-sale site LeftLaneSports in the past. What's better than picking up minimalist shoes (or outdoor apparel or gear) at upwards of 50% off?

I'll tell you. How about taking an extra 20% off the already-bargain markdowns at LeftLaneSports.com sitewide? LeftLane is offering BirthdayShoes.com readers just that: an exclusive 20% off VIP sale that begins now and will last until 3PM EST or NOON PST tomorrow, June 19, 2013!


IF YOU'RE NOT YET A MEMBER OF LEFTLANE, you'll want to use my invite link to join. Why? Because you'll get $10 of credit that will get auto-applied to your first order over $50. Once you join, you'll get daily emails about the latest sales LeftLane is offering. Having now been a member for probably almost two years, I've hooked up sales on everything from outdoor gear, a ton of apparel (outdoor/fitness/casual), minimalist shoes, and more—sorta makes it hard to pay full price. And you can quit membership by stopping the emails whenever you like.

So join up via my invite link and get that credit.

IF YOU'RE A MEMBER ALREADY OR JUST BECAME ONE ... You absolutely have to click through the VIP sale link: http://5to.es/leftvip (that link redirects you here and this link will also function fine!).

Again the all-important link so that you get the extra 20% off at checkout!



This is not a coupon-code-based promotion! There is no coupon! Rather, you simply click my link to get your browser cookified. From there, you won't see the discount reflected until you start the checkout process! The link is what matters to get the sale active on your purchase.

While the sale doesn't extend to prior purchases (and as someone who picked up Skoras yesterday at LLS, I feel your pain!), it applies to everything at LeftLane. The link above will land you at some minimalist- or running-minded shoes, apparel, and gear, but use the site menu to navigate around and see what you can find!

That's it! Now hurry up and hook it up before it ends tomorrow, June 19, 2013 at noon PST!

(cross-posted to birthdayshoes.com/deals/)