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Category: "Vivo Barefoot"

VIVO BAREFOOT 50% plus Sale

VIVO BAREFOOT 50% plus Sale

Flash sale outdoor gear site LeftLane Sports is running a new flash sale on Vivo Barefoot shoes.

The sale includes both men's and women's Vivo Barefoots. Probably the hottest items (if I had to guess) will be the various Vivo Barefoot Oaks listed on the sale but sizes are limited. The Legacy is also one that might be popular if you're looking for a passable business casual barefoot shoe.

If you're not a member of LeftLane use my invite to sign up so you can get $10 credit off your first purchase over $50 (which is virtually. Orders over $75 also get free shipping.

Links to the sale:

Becoming a "member" of LeftLane is as simple as providing basic info (name/email). There are no strings attached (no fees to join) other than the fact you'll get emails about all future upcoming sales. Of course, you can quit the email list at any time.

I've personally hooked up not only various minimalist shoes via LLS (research purposes!) but also a good bit of gear over the last couple years—everything from climbing shoes to sunglasses. I'm going to pick up some extra Oaks if I can right now because, well, they continue to be my favorite Vivo Barefoots.

Good luck!