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For something as simple as moving around with bare- or close-to-bare-feet (This being how we first learned to move about as toddlers!), there is a remarkable need for information and resources regarding "toe shoes," minimalist footwear, and "barefoot running shoes" — all are footwear intended to allow your feet to function as they would in their natural, naked state. The Vibram FiveFingers (toe) shoes, for example, require a six-step process just to nail down your size, and that can even be hit or miss as far as accuracy. The truth is that most of us have adapted to a cushy existence — one spent moving around in high-heeled (as with Nikes and other athletic footwear), heavily padded shoes with built-in arch support (Since when did arches need support?).

Because of these ingrained habits, when switching to barefoot or minimally shod walking and running, we have to reprogram our bodies and retrain and rehabilitate our muscles and bones. It takes both patient and guidance.

By the way, if you're new to the concept of toe shoes or minimalist footwear and the growing trends around barefoot-like movement, let me suggest you start with this primer/pre-history on toe shoes!

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How thin is the Vibram Five Fingers material? [FAQ]

By pinching the fabric of the KSO Vibram Five Fingers, I can demonstrate just how thin it is.
By pinching the fabric of the KSO Vibram Five Fingers, I can demonstrate just how thin it is.
How thin is the upper material on Vibram Five Fingers? Apparently, it's thin enough to get bitten by mosquitoes through it! They make up for this lack of protection against insects by being breathable (not hot)! more »