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Where to Buy Minimalist Shoes

Looking for the big names in minimalist footwear—Vibram, Merrell, or New Balance Minimus? You might as well start at the top:


Store reviews | Free shipping and returns!


Store reviews | Free shipping! | Members get annual 10% dividend

If you're hoping for a little more specific direction or are interested in less distributed/mass produced minimalist shoes, here are a few more options worth checking out:

Lem Shoes

Lem Shoes was founded only a couple years ago for the sole purpose of creating a better minimalist shoe. From Lem's Primal Origins shoe?a casual, ultra-comfortable "barefoot shoe" for everyday wear, Lem has now expanded their line and offers everything from the still-loved original Primal (2) to a boot and will soon have shoes that could pass "from 9 to 5."

Live easy and minimal over at!

Vivo Barefoot

Vivo BarefootTouted as the "original" barefoot shoe, Vivo Barefoot has been making high quality minimalist shoes suitable for running, activewear/fitness, casual wear, and can even fly stealth in the office. Stylish offerings albeit somewhat expensive at full MSRP (and we've notified to email subscribers on numerous occasions when you can get Vivos on sale!). Check'em out at or select other retailers ( often has them on sale!)

Xero Shoes (Huaraches)

Xero Shoes - Barefoot Running SandalsXero Shoes could easily be said to be the most affordable, yet highly-functional minimalist footwear on the market. A pair via their "DIY Kit" can set you back as little as $25. A few words on Xero Shoes ... :

  • great for walking, running, hiking, gym-going, yoga... everything
  • make them as simple as you want, or decorate them to express yourself
  • custom-made to perfectly fit your foot
  • worn by over 10,000 people in 62 countries, aged 8 to 88
  • inexpensive and very long-lasting (nobody has ever worn out a pair!)

Invisible Shoes are one of the closest thing you can get to being barefoot. As huaraches go, they offer an incredible value for the price. More at

Luna Sandals (Huaraches)

Luna Sandals was founded by one of the biggest names in the barefoot running movement?"Barefoot Ted" McDonald, who was also a key character in Chris McDougall's Born to Run.

Indeed, Ted could be credited with bringing huaraches to the masses of minimalist runners as he learned how to make his first pair from one of the running Tarahumara Indians (the "running shoe" of choice for these Copper Canyon dwelling distance runners!).

Lunas are now a hugely popular brand of huaraches that have a professional fit and finish and are made from premium materials like Vibram rubber soles, webbing-based or leather laces, and "Monkey Grip" footbeds. Check'em out at

Soft Star Shoes

Soft Star ShoesSoft Star Shoes are handmade out of Oregon by "elves." Soft Star got their start making incredible shoes for kids and over time, adults decided they'd like to have the incredible comfort afford their children but in adult sizes! Years passed and now Soft Star carries numerous styles catered to all sorts of activities. One of their most popular shoes has been the RunAmoc, which is geared towards minimalist runners!

Outside of running, you'll be hard pressed to find more comfortable, more minimalist sandals than what you can get from Soft Star. Their Roos or their Rogue both keep your feet ina sheepskin-lined heaven all day. How can you go wrong? Go check out!

Books, Guides, and Materials

  • Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
  • Read the New York Times best-selling book that is spurring a new generation of natural runners!
  • Read my review of Born to Run
Reprogram Your Genes for Effortless Weight Loss
  • The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson
  • Ready to question conventional wisdom? Get in the best shape of your life by aligning your lifestyle (nutrition and activity) with your ancient biological programming (DNA).

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