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Comment from: Brian [Visitor]  
4 stars

What type of Five Fingers did you buy and when?
I bought men's black KSO
How was the buying process?
Excellent. Ordered on 17 May, received 23 May, and I'm overseas (APO-AE)
Would you buy from this retailer again?
Any other feedback you would like to share.
I am pretty certain I purchased a legitimate pair of KSOs from this retailer. The "Vibram" logo on the shoes is stiched on the top of the left KSO...the Vibraf 5finger website does not show a logo on that location, but does on all other KSO models. An article on this site showed a pair with the logo displayed on that location.

My pair is made in China...looking for confirmation that is where 5fingers are made...I know Vibram does have factories in China.

The packaging appeared extremely legitimate as well.

No special price discount, paid $85.

Anyone with info on why the Vibram site does not show Vibram stiching on the top?

And can anyone confirm if made in China?

05/23/10 @ 05:23
Comment from: Jessica [Visitor]
5 stars

Jaya's ordered on Monday March 7, received Friday March 11

excellent, in stock in my size, with tracking info. Had a special for free shipping on my item


to the above poster. Vibrams are made in china... and they do have stitching on the top, usually left one I believe. And Eastern Mountain Sports has a brick and mortar store... a requirement to sell Vibram. They are listed on there site when you look in the store locator... if you go to EMS website and locate there stores then look up that state on the fivefingers website, it will list the stores.

03/12/11 @ 16:56

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