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Comment from: Phillip [Visitor]
3 stars

What type of Five Fingers did you buy and when?
KSO Black 4-7-10
How was the buying process?
OMG - Epic. My online order got all messed up, my fault, and I called and they sussed the order and I got free shipping. They have a tight order entry system.
Would you buy from this retailer again?
Any other feedback you would like to share.
I looked for hours to get these after I tried them at REI. Everyone seems to be out until May. I think I got the last pair in the US until May. I should have them by next Friday.
Good southern business practices.

04/07/10 @ 16:34
Comment from: Christine [Visitor]
5 stars

I bought the women's classics, they shipped out right away. I was unsure of the size, so I ordered a smaller pair, they came right away. I emailed them and they promptly sent a UPS label to send the pair I didn't want to keep back. The best thing was, they didn't charge for shipping them back! Yea!

07/09/10 @ 18:18

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