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Comment from: Buyer [Visitor]
4 stars

What type of Five Fingers did you buy and when?
I bought kso trek, in june

How was the buying process?
the process was fine through the phone

Would you buy from this retailer again?

Any other feedback you would like to share.

07/09/11 @ 18:07
Comment from: Amy [Visitor]
5 stars

I bought KSO about a year ago here. This was a newer model then.

I went in skeptical and unsure if I really wanted to get the shoes. The people working at the time were patient and good natured, I hope this is still true. They let me wander around the store in different sizes as I could not tell right off what would feel best. They were so different from anything I have ever worn. Being budget conscious, they were more in cost than I was willing to risk on such an odd, possibly a gimmick, shoe but I was interested due to constant sore feet. they did not have a huge selection in size or color but offered to get any I would be interested from another of their store if I needed to.

Despite my reluctance to buy when I first went in, my experience there led me to become open minded enough to purchase them. I am glad I did. I love the shoes. All of that time wandering the store led to the right fit. ;)

I would buy from them again. I may be doing so in a few weeks for another model because I want to do some short jogging. Now that I am familiar with the shoe, I should not take so long. Ha!

02/03/12 @ 14:19

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