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About the Author — Hailing from College Station, Texas (Home to Texas A&M!), I grew up running cross country. Believe it or not, I gave Justin the name for this site back in early 2009 but I didn't jump on the toe shoes bandwagon until a year later. I am also really into quadcopters and drones and have a blog called OddCopter.com.
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Saucony Hattori Review

Saucony Hattori Review
Saucony Hattori minimalist running shoe.
Saucony HattoriThe Saucony Hattori is a very minimalist running shoe expected to be available from Saucony on May 15th. Other retailers may have them as soon as May 1st. Saucony sent us a pre-release pair of the Hattoris to test, so I did a 4 mile ru… more »

Chris McDougall's Naked Book Tour (Born to Run)

Chris McDougall's Naked Book Tour (Born to Run)
Chris McDougall's Naked Book Tour (Born to Run)
Over the next few months, author Christopher McDougall will be hosting the Naked Tour to coincide with the paperback release of his blockbuster book Born to Run. The cross country tour will include barefoot runs, demos and "cabarets". These part seminar/… more »

A Vibram FiveFingers and Barefoot Wedding

Gidds and her husband
Gidds and her husband at their wedding.
Gidds sent us the following story about going barefoot at her wedding with the groom wearing Vibram Five Fingers black KSOs, of course.I started wearing VFFs last year around Memorial Day because I have a lot of foot problems but I strive to have a… more »

Natural Running in Huaraches and Vibram Five Fingers

James, Al and Spud
James, Al and Spud at the 2011 Pensacola Double Bridge 15K Run.
James and his buddies have been gradually increasing their miles and competing in longer races in preparation for a half marathon. James sent us this story about their last run in the 2011 Pensacola Double Bridge 15K Run:Fellow barefoot runners a… more »