Muddy Paintball in FiveFingers

Muddy Paintball in FiveFingers

This is the muddiest photo of FiveFingers I think I've ever seen.

What's the story? Enter Michael, who picked up his pair of TrekSports as an all-purpose pair of toe shoes though he specifically planned to use them for paintball:

I've been trying to paintball regularly for a year or so now, something more active then my usual regime of computer games and TV. I'd scoffed at Vibrams the first time I saw them, but the more and more I spotted people wearing them the more I wanted to at least try them on.

Once I started paintball I figured I'd finally had a real excuse to have wear them passed the novelty so I was on a mission to eventually own my own pair. A few months ago I was able to venture to my local Hikers Haven and try on as many pairs as would fit, finally deciding that a pair of KSO Treksport would be the best for the job (as well as seemed to be the only pair that would fit my APPARENTLY abnormally tall dorsal area of my feet). Unfortunately they were lacking on my perfect size and I was lacking in actual funds.

Skip ahead a few months and a new job gave me the opportunity I needed to snag me a pair. They instantly turned into the comfiest and most expensive pair of slippers I'd ever owned.

Eventually I got the chance to head back out for paintball. I generally try to go on dry days, as I hate getting mucky (a bit of an oxymoron when paintballing), but of course that morning was a downpour, leaving the field a minefield of puddles and mud. Within the first 15 minutes of arriving, we had to walk about 50 meters through a river of inch deep mud. At that point I tossed my inhibitions to the wind and had a great time being a mudder. It was of course still winter and the puddles were cold, but the pair of Injinji socks I was wearing were able to keep me warm enough.

I'm convinced that I was more agile, less tired, and much more happy wearing the Five Fingers than I would have been wearing my usual clunky Merrell sneakers, which would have been impossible to clean.

I'll be bringing my Vibrams with me to every paintball day, and hopefully will start doing more things to wear them more often.

Michael T. - Toronto

Glad you've found some use for them!

All that talk about mud reminds me of Stuart running his 255km jungle marathon in Spyridons.

Thanks for sharing, Michael!

Shawn's 25 pairs of Vibram Five Fingers: Collect the Whole Set!

Shawn's 25 pairs of Vibram Five Fingers: Collect the Whole Set!
Shawn shows off his pile of Vibram Five Fingers — 25 pairs in total.
Shawn's 25 pairs of Vibram Five Fingers: Collect the Whole Set!
A huge collection of Vibram Five Fingers — 25 pairs in total, covering virtually every model ever produced.

Shawn is quite possibly the biggest Vibram Five Fingers fan I've encountered so far. Shawn got his 25th pair of VFFs, the black and orange KSOs, on Friday (Shawn tweeted it here or you could have seen his photo via VFF Now!).

Shawn's collection has grown large in an attempt to color coordinate outfits with his VFFs. His first pair was the orange/vapor Sprints, which he got off eBay back in early 2007 — unfortunately, in the wrong size, which is why he has two pairs in that color.

Here are some collection stats:

  • 7 pairs of Classics
  • 7 pairs of Sprints
  • 5 pairs of KSOs
  • 2 pairs of Flows
  • 2 pairs of Mocs
  • 1 pair of KSO Treks
  • 1 pair of Surges

Shawn's current favorite VFF style is the Moc, which Shawn finds "Perfect for bumming around the house." His least favorite? The Flows, which he finds too constricting on his toes: "[Flow Five Fingers] are very tight around the toes to the point where you can never 'forget you have them on.' But they are good for the winter months." And as for the Treks, "The jury's still out although they performed extremely well on my last hike of the season."

Incidentally, Shawn was one of the first VFF-fans to submit photos to BirthdayShoes way back in early May of this year.

With so many pairs of Five Fingers, it's got to be hard to decide on which ones to wear!

Tyler's First Half-Marathon in KSO Five Fingers

Tyler's First Half-Marathon in KSO Five Fingers
Tyler walks through a sneaker-shod crowd after completing his first half-marathon in Vibram Five Fingers.
Tyler's First Half-Marathon in KSO Five Fingers
Tyler stands before the San Antonio Rock'n'Roll Marathon & 1/2 sign post-race.

Tyler sent in the above photos taken after he completed his first half marathon in his KSO FiveFingers — the San Antonio Rock'n'Roll half:

I have been running since June in my Black KSOs. The pics were taken at the after race party in San Antonio at the Alamo Dome / Finishing Line of the San Antonio Half Marathon 2009.

I had people / runners talking to me throughout the run about my "crazy cool shoes". I overheard a couple of people saying, "Gosh, that guy is hard core running in those" which of course, is a perfect ego boost before taking on a quick 13.1 mile run.

I finished in 2:07 which wasn't great but not bad for my first.

I'm planning on doing another half in December, Dallas White Rock 1/2 Marathon as part of my training for a Marathon in my VFFs in early 2010.

Great website!

Nice times! And congrats on completing your first half-marathon "VFF-shod."

Flow Five Fingers "Lonely" at the Starting Line

Flow Five Fingers "Lonely" at the Starting Line
Robby's Flows were the only VFFs present at the starting line. Look at all those poor feet in overly cushioned high heeled sneakers!

Robby sent in a photo taken by his wife at the starting line of a recent 5K race. It seems Robby's Flow Five Fingers were the only VFFs accounted for at the race:

Hey, I ran a 5k a few weeks ago in my Flows and my wife took this picture as everyone was lining up at the starting line. I was the only one in VFFs so I was a little lonely but I am used to it. Living in South Alabama I don't see many people in them. Either way, I love my Flows!

Thanks for running a fun and informative website!

Glad to be of assistance — and if Five Fingers keep growing as they have been over the past three years, you might not be lonely for much longer!

Alika's Classic Vibram Five Fingers in Oahu, Hawaii

Alika's VFF-view from the Lanikai ridge in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.  Who wants to go to Hawaii?!
Alika's VFF-view from the Lanikai ridge in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. Who wants to go to Hawaii?!

Alika sent in the above photo taken overlooking the ocean in Vibram Five Fingers-view. Alika noted that this was his Classics first trek through dirt and rocks.

Looks beautiful! Just one more tantalizing photo of Hawaii. Gotta get out there at some point!

Thanks, Alika!