SeeYa, Speed FiveFingers Back in Black!

SeeYa, Speed FiveFingers Back in Black!

Did you know that Vibram has snuck out two new colorways of the men's SeeYa and Speed FiveFingers? If you didn't, read up!

The Speeds are now available in a flat black (see above) and the SeeYas in a black/grey mash-up (also above), which is infinitely less eye-catching than the day-glow SeeYa colorway that came out last year.

In a "but wait there's more" moment, one retailer has both the SeeYas and the Speeds on sale at 20% off through 3/31/2012—and the sale includes these new colorways.

You can find both FiveFingers models at these links:

One catch: free shipping threshold is over $99.

If you'll recall, the black KSO FiveFingers were quite possibly the most popular colorway of all time (see here if you don't believe me!), so I'm sure these new color combinations are likely to please.

What do you think?

P.S. If you're looking for some minimalist-if-lightly-modified "troop" boots (and other sytlish shoes by OTZ), there's a huge sale/deal on them, too. Details here.

Roll Tide at the SEC Championship in VFFs

Roll Tide at the SEC Championship in VFFs
LEFT: "Here I am wearing my two week old black KSOs right before kickoff of the Southeastern Conference Championship game in Atlanta on Saturday December 5, 2009!" RIGHT: "Here's my black KSOs during the awarding of the SEC Championship Trophy to the game winning Alabama Crimson Tide!"

For some reason I had a feeling there would be at least one person at this past weekend's SEC Championship sporting VFFs — lo and behold James emailed me a couple photos he snapped while at the game as he cheered on the Alabama Crimson Tide to victory over the Florida Gators:

I absolutely love my shoes, and my shoes absolutely love my feet-and we both love our team, The Alabama Crimson Tide! These shoes kept my feet comfortable and warm while hiking around frigid downtown Atlanta. Also, while I was in Atlanta for the championship weekend I purchased my second pair of FF-the hard to find brown KSO Treks!

I'm going to the National Champonship Game against Texas at the Rose Bowl after the New Year, and will send a pic of my newly purchased brown KSO Treks at the game! I love these shoes! Roll Tide!

Glad to hear you're getting such good use out of your VFFs, James! Nothing like being able to kick back at a big football game with full foot freedom a la Five Fingers!

Incidentally, though I'm a University of Georgia alum, I was rooting for Alabama to win the SEC Championship — I lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for around four years as a kid — right down the street from Tommy Bowden, who was then an assistant coach at Alabama.

Bob runs the Cal Poly Midnight 5K in Black KSO VFFs

Bob passes another runner in this 5K.  Note the stark contrast between the form of Bob and the heel-striking fellow to his left.
Bob passes another runner in this 5K. Note the stark contrast between the form of Bob and the heel-striking fellow to his left.
Here Bob is at the finish line about to apply the VFF brakes!  Well done, Bob!
Here Bob is at the finish line about to apply the VFF brakes! Well done, Bob!

Bob recently completed his first 5K in KSO Five Fingers — the Cal Poly Midnight 5K:

Ran [the Cal Poly Midnight 5K] a couple of weeks ago ... Have had my VFF KOS for about six months and have gone exclusive with them as footwear for all things (besides dress shoes for work) for about three months. This was my first race in them.

I was a little nervous about doing 3 miles of racing on pavement and asphalt, but had a great race. Started slow, finished hard, and had a time on par with one of my fastest 5ks.

Future plans for my VFF: 25k trail race at Montana de Oro in February and Wildflower Half Ironman in May.

Bob in Santa Maria, CA

No doubt you'll have your training cut out for you for these future races! Best of luck to you.

So when are you going to go full-VFF, even at work? Dress shoes are so overrated!

Ascending the Incline, Manitou Springs, Colorado in VFF KSOs

Steve emailed me about a video he recently put together that shows off a couple pairs of KSO Five Fingers as they trek up the Incline, a stepped and steep hike in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Here's the video:


I asked Steve if he could tell me a bit more about the Incline as well as how he primarily uses his VFFs. Here's what he had to say:

We use our VFF KSOs for almost all of our outdoor activities: running, hiking, climbing, and fine dining (ha-ha).

The Incline is an intense “hike” that takes you straight up the side of a mountain in Colorado with approx. 3,000 railroad ties embedded on the trail as steps. Wearing our KSOs made this grueling trek easier and more interesting as they gave us a better sense of the ground we were travelling over, plus anything that takes off weight is a huge bonus on this trail!


Thanks for sharing, Steve! And fancy footwork on those steep steps!

Cody Gets Snow between his VFF Classic-Clad Toes

Cody Gets Snow between his VFF Classic-Clad Toes

In the mailbag came this note from Cody who decided to trek through snow in his Classic Vibram Five Fingers to harvest a Christmas tree:

so i decided against all advice to go into the mountains ( mt.baker national forest) to harvest a christmas tree, and to make things even more interesting, i wore classics, in the snow! needless to say it was one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had in them, i could climb icy slopes and downed tress with ease unlike my friends and family in boots :) i recommend people try their fivefingers in the snow if they can handle the temperatures and snow between their toes! i loved it! thanks cody!

I don't know whether to call Cody brave or crazy — but I do know he has some stout feet to handle snow 'tween his minimally clad toes!

Hope you found a good tree, Cody! If nothing else, sounds like you had a great experience!

Latest Vibram Five Fingers Reviews 12/06/09

This week's latest FiveFingers reviews:

  • Vibram Five Fingers at Life, by Adam Kayce [Sprint]:


    Think about it: for millions of years, we’ve been barefoot. How were we able to run after mastodons, trek over mountains, and still survive if we hobbled along, muttering, “Ouch! Ooch! Oaff!” every time we stepped on a rock? Because we didn’t, that’s why. When you go barefoot, your feet adapt. The ligaments, tendons, and musculature of your feet are strengthened by walking and running barefoot. It’s the wearing of shoes that weakens your feet, by doing the work that your feet should be doing for themselves.

    I hike in the mountains wearing these shoes, and four days a week, I do my CrossFit workouts in them. Whether I’m Olympic lifting, sprinting, or doing any of the myriad of exercises I do in CF and the M.E.B.B. protocol I follow, I haven’t had any problems doing them in my VFF’s.

    Adam's also got a video up on doing dead lifts in his VFFs. Good stuff!

You can read last week's latest Vibram Five Fingers reviews here.

Getting the Family Christmas Tree in KSOs

Getting the Family Christmas Tree in KSOs
Alan's KSO Five Fingers make it easy to get down and dirty and harvest a Christmas tree!
Getting the Family Christmas Tree in KSOs
Alan and family pause for a shot next to their tree!

Alan sent in the above photos taken recently on a trip to get a Christmas tree:

Here is a recent photo of me harvesting a Christmas tree near Highlands, NC while wearing my black Fivefinger KSOs. I have been running in the KSOs for about 2 months and recently completed my first 5k in them ... I am definitely hooked.

Greenville, SC

Great looking family, Alan, and I'm happy to hear you're enjoying your newfound foot freedom!