SeeYa, Speed FiveFingers Back in Black!

SeeYa, Speed FiveFingers Back in Black!

Did you know that Vibram has snuck out two new colorways of the men's SeeYa and Speed FiveFingers? If you didn't, read up!

The Speeds are now available in a flat black (see above) and the SeeYas in a black/grey mash-up (also above), which is infinitely less eye-catching than the day-glow SeeYa colorway that came out last year.

In a "but wait there's more" moment, one retailer has both the SeeYas and the Speeds on sale at 20% off through 3/31/2012—and the sale includes these new colorways.

You can find both FiveFingers models at these links:

One catch: free shipping threshold is over $99.

If you'll recall, the black KSO FiveFingers were quite possibly the most popular colorway of all time (see here if you don't believe me!), so I'm sure these new color combinations are likely to please.

What do you think?

P.S. If you're looking for some minimalist-if-lightly-modified "troop" boots (and other sytlish shoes by OTZ), there's a huge sale/deal on them, too. Details here.

Steven Hiking Waterfalls in Hawaii in Five Finger KSOs

Steven Hiking Waterfalls in Hawaii in Five Finger KSOs
Steven Hiking Waterfalls in Hawaii in Five Finger KSOs
Steven Hiking Waterfalls in Hawaii in Five Finger KSOs

As I sit in my gloomy* office listening to the rain, a sound I normally love but am beginning to tire of, in what is shaping up to be the Great Atlanta Flood of 2009 ("GAF2K9," for short), I'm find myself imagining how beautiful it must be in Hawaii.

It seems that Steven, photoed above in his grey/palm five finger KSOs, recently honeymooned in Hawaii. Here's what he had to say about his "birthday shoes shots:"


My is Steven. Here are some photos of me on my honeymoon in Hawaii. This is from a hike through the rainforest and different waterfalls. These are my KSO ... They worked out great. Really well going from wet to dry. Plus gripped really well.


Looks like you had a good time, Steven! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your recent marriage!

* Been taking a bit of extra Vitamin D3 (about 10,000 iu/day) as I can feel the lack of sunlight (and thereby D3 production) starting to take it's toll on my immune system.

Pedal Play 2 with Lou: Biking in KSO fivefingers

Pedal Play 2 with Lou: Biking in KSO fivefingers
Pedal Play 2 with Lou: Biking in KSO fivefingers

I couldn't help but notice the theme: Lou has demonstrated "VFFed" driving and electric guitar playing with effects pedals; now he's pedaling on his bike through Austin bike trails. The above photo (with the bike) was taken before a two hour bike ride through Austin. The fivefingers-standard photo is the "after" shot. Here's what Lou had to say:

I had no problems with them. Actually going uphill I was able to wrap my toes around the front of the pedals for better grip. There were times that I figured the Treks would have been better for Mountain biking but over all it was good. I wasn't really riding in the mountains. Rode through Austin bike trails. Through the city and through creeks and the woods.

Good to hear the KSOs can function on platform bike pedals — I doubt we'll see any clipless fivefingers models anytime soon. However, having a pair of VFF Classics or KSOs on hand to switch into from cleated bike shoes is a major win for cyclists.

One concern I've heard voiced about biking in VFFs is the potential, particularly with mountain biking, of ramming your foot into an errant boulder, stump, or tree. VFFs may need a steel-toed option for that kind of use!

Anyway, it seems that whatever pedals are in play, Lou is making good use of his black fivefinger KSOs!

Latest Vibram Five Fingers Reviews 9/20/09

A quiet week for Vibram Five Fingers reviews, this week I've only got one to report (and it was from a prior week to boot!):

  • Vibram FiveFingers KSO Review at Running and Rambling [KSO]:

    It only takes a few strides to realize that you have to change your running form while wearing the VFFs; without any cushioning, your heels will get sore in a hurry if you insist on using the same heel striking gait that you do while wearing shoes. Coincidentally, heel pain is one of the most common complaints from beginners wearing FiveFingers.

    (For this reason, and several others, many barefoot experts recommend that you don’t try VFFs until you’ve practiced pure barefoot running for a while; having a completely naked foot forces you to use proper form immediately, while VFFs allow you to “cheat” a bit, which could lead to injury.)

Surely in the week's ahead we'll see some new reviews of the fivefingers KSO Trek and fivefingers Moc (and fivefingers Performa)! I look forward to reading them!

A look at the new Black KSO Trek fivefingers (And comparison to black KSOs) [Video]

BirthdayShoes forum member Jake "desaulniers" has taken a first look at the new black Vibram five fingers KSO Trek. In his video, Jake makes a number of keen observations as he compares his Treks to his black KSO fivefingers. Check it out:

Topics covered in the video include:

  • Differences in the Vibram sole between KSO and KSO Trek, specifically the KSO Trek sole using leather to cover the arch in lieu of the rubber coverage of the standard KSO.
  • The kangaroo leather upper of the fivefingers Trek being less "stretchy" as compared with the mesh upper of standard KSOs. As Jake has "wide/tall" feet, this is a point of consideration (Also note the strap length is a bit shorter on the Treks!).
  • And more!

Check the video out. Check out the forum discussion desaulniers started, too! All in all, very helpful information for anyone interested in getting the new VFF KSO Treks!

I gotta say, the black KSO Treks look pretty nice!

Thanks for sharing, Jake!

Hiking Mount Marcy in black KSO Five Fingers

Hiking Mount Marcy in black KSO Five Fingers
Hiking Mount Marcy in black KSO Five Fingers
Hiking Mount Marcy in black KSO Five Fingers
Hiking Mount Marcy in black KSO Five Fingers

Received the above photos taken of Axel (Axel is wearing the backpack) on a hike up Mount Marcy in New York (The top of which is the highest point in the state!).

Mount Marcy (5,343 feet), Essex county, NY

My friend goes literally everywhere barefoot though sometimes he wear shoes (yeah getting kicked out of places for being barefoot is not fun). He had never heard of vibram so I got him hooked into it and at the same time I decided to buy a pair. A week later after getting our shoes we went out to Mount Marcy for a 20 mile hike. I know that everywhere says one should start easy on them to get your feet used to it, the way I see it "life is too short" so up we went and to be honest I have no regrets. At times through the hike I thought I would have to amputate my feet the next day, I figure between the swelling and the pain I would be miserable but to my surprise it was totally the opposite. Yes there was some soreness but that is normal in a 20 mile hike. I have also started running in them, which does require some time to get used to, specially if running on trails where loose or sharp rocks are the main course. Totally recommend the vibram shoes to anyone who is not afraid of getting dirty and feeling the ground beneath you.


A 20 mile hike two weeks in! Adventurous! Glad to hear that the aftermath was so surprisingly "okay." And Axel is right, life is too short — so everyone close your browser windows and get out and enjoy living!

Thanks for sharing, Axel!

Vibram FiveFingers Moc - Unboxing and First Look [Video and Photos]

Vibram FiveFingers Moc - Unboxing and First Look [Video and Photos]

I finally got my hands on a pair of the new Vibram fivefingers Moc (in blue!). The Moc, a men's style VFF whose sister counterpart is the Performa, is a new, kangaroo-leather-clad, indoor-only, minimalized, and extremely flexible foot glove — in fact, we originally thought the Moc was going to be called the Glove.

Before I jump into my written first impressions of the fivefingers Moc, here's a video unboxing and first look. Check it out:

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