Skora Core & Phase Minimalist Running Shoes Review

Skora Core & Phase Minimalist Running Shoes Review

It’s been over a year since I got my hands on Skora’s first entries in the minimalist market, the Base and Form. In that time the Portland based company has been hard at work updating and revising their lineup and has come out with the new Core and Phase models. (Core in the grey and Phase in the black) A lot has stayed the same, but a lot has been updated as well. Read on to see what’s new and how these more minimalist shoes perform.

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Barefoot B.E.R.B.S. Minimalist Golf Shoes Review

Barefoot B.E.R.B.S. Minimalist Golf Shoes Review

More and more companies are releasing barefoot style shoes, and it should come as no surprise to see more being offered to golfers. We've previously reviewed barefoot golf shoes by TRUE linkswear and Vivobarefoot. Another option in this minimal golf category is called Barefoot B.E.R.B.S. designed by owner Jeremy Berbert. According to their website, they've "created the world's most comfortable golf shoe." Do they stand up to that praise? Read on for the full review.

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Alitza FiveFingers give Toe Shoes Pizazz

Alitza FiveFingers give Toe Shoes Pizazz
Carole shows off her Alitza FiveFingers.

While the FiveFingers Alitza and Entrada have been out for some time, I haven't gotten a ton of feedback on them to date and since they are women's sizes, well, I couldn't very well review them either.

Thus, I was excited to get this note from Carole, a figure skater who prefers toe shoes to all other forms of footwear so long as she can help it. Check it out!


I have been wearing Vibram FiveFingers for nearly three years, and am totally sold on their “wonderfulness.” I started out wearing them at the suggestion of a physical therapist, who was trying to help my forefoot and toes unwind and lay flat after toe ligament repair surgery. Therapy just was not doing it. I bought a pair of Sprints and within weeks owned two more pairs of VFF.

Although I have always found the VFF to be very flattering on my feet, I am over the moon about these two new styles—the Alitza and Entrada. They really rock! They’re just as comfortable, if not more so, as the Classic and Sprint, with so much more pizazz!

I should note that I do not wear these for running. FiveFingers, however, are my footwear of choice for all but dressy wear. I have them in a rainbow of colors, and they are so eye-catching I consider them better than for meeting new people! I feel like a one-woman Vibram ambassador wherever I go. Since I have started wearing these two new styles, it is difficult for me to walk from Point A to Point B efficiently, as I keep getting stopped by total strangers wanting to know more about my footwear!

I wear all my VFF for intense exercise: strength and agility training and all kinds of off-ice training (figure skating is my primary sport). I particularly love to wear my Performa and Performa Janes for Dance, Salsa and Pilates. I am so bummed that these are no longer in the Vibram line.

Enough said! These shoes are what God would have wanted us to be born with if civilization had started with cement and glass under our feet!

Thanks for sharing, Carole!

Anyone else a big fan of the Alitza or Entrada FiveFingers? What FiveFingers styles from the recent Spring release have you been wearing most?

Let's hear it in the comments!

24-Hour Exclusive, Extra 20% Off Entire Site!

24-Hour Exclusive, Extra 20% Off Entire Site!


Regular readers and savvy shoppers have certainly taken advantage of sales offered by flash-sale site LeftLaneSports in the past. What's better than picking up minimalist shoes (or outdoor apparel or gear) at upwards of 50% off?

I'll tell you. How about taking an extra 20% off the already-bargain markdowns at sitewide? LeftLane is offering readers just that: an exclusive 20% off VIP sale that begins now and will last until 3PM EST or NOON PST tomorrow, June 19, 2013!


IF YOU'RE NOT YET A MEMBER OF LEFTLANE, you'll want to use my invite link to join. Why? Because you'll get $10 of credit that will get auto-applied to your first order over $50. Once you join, you'll get daily emails about the latest sales LeftLane is offering. Having now been a member for probably almost two years, I've hooked up sales on everything from outdoor gear, a ton of apparel (outdoor/fitness/casual), minimalist shoes, and more—sorta makes it hard to pay full price. And you can quit membership by stopping the emails whenever you like.

So join up via my invite link and get that credit.

IF YOU'RE A MEMBER ALREADY OR JUST BECAME ONE ... You absolutely have to click through the VIP sale link: (that link redirects you here and this link will also function fine!).

Again the all-important link so that you get the extra 20% off at checkout!


This is not a coupon-code-based promotion! There is no coupon! Rather, you simply click my link to get your browser cookified. From there, you won't see the discount reflected until you start the checkout process! The link is what matters to get the sale active on your purchase.

While the sale doesn't extend to prior purchases (and as someone who picked up Skoras yesterday at LLS, I feel your pain!), it applies to everything at LeftLane. The link above will land you at some minimalist- or running-minded shoes, apparel, and gear, but use the site menu to navigate around and see what you can find!

That's it! Now hurry up and hook it up before it ends tomorrow, June 19, 2013 at noon PST!

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Inov-8 Bare-XF 260 Review

Inov-8 Bare-XF 260 Review

While I've been getting more minimalist with each passing day, choosing mostly to run in thin huaraches, I definitely think there's a time and a place for full coverage. Most especially in cold weather and in the gym. In those cases where I need full coverage and perhaps am not in the mood for any of my toe shoes, I've typically reached for the Inov-8 Bare X 200.

But as one of the commenters on that previous review pointed out, the Bare X 200 is not specifically a CrossFit shoe. It's a point to which I would object, as there is a difference between how a shoe (or any product, really) is marketed/positioned and whether it's actually effective in a given situation. Most of the time when I have the Bare X 200s on, it's for CrossFit as opposed to running.

Yet, he has a point. If a shoe Inov-8 built and positioned carefully for running works so well for CrossFit, then what about an Inov-8 shoe that is specifically positioned as a CrossFit shoe? You'd end up with the Bare-XF 260. Let's see how closely Inov-8's vision for CrossFit matches up with the reality.

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Minimalist Shoes on Sale Here

Nobody wants to maximalist prices for minimalist shoes. Thankfully, if you're here you're well on your way to hooking up a sale or two on some of the most popular minimalist shoes around. Let's dive in:

Merrell Barefoots 40% off!

EMS has various Merrell Barefoots at 40% off here.

If you're a huge fan of the original Trail Glove, you can pick up a pair for $66. Been wanting a Gore-tex "barefoot running shoe" but been unwilling to shell out the almost-$200 for a pair? Well, EMS has those 40% off, too, so they're only ... $102 (Still better than $170!). Go to!

Leather KSO Treks are on Clearance for $31

You can pick up the kangaroo leather-clad original KSO Trek for $31 here. As of this posting most sizes are available and in both black or brown. I'm a little shocked that this deal is available. This is a whopping 75% off the original KSO Trek price!

Given KSO Treks are going the way of the do-do, if you always wanted a pair or need a back-up/replacement pair, here's your chance. Go to

Various Vibrams, Vivo Barefoots up to 70% off!

Grab FiveFingers or Vivo Barefoots at sales ranging from 9 to 70% off.

On the Vibram front, you can grab Bikila FiveFingers for $37, KomodoSports (a.k.a. KMD Sports as they're now called) for $55, or Bikila LS for $50, among other options.

They've also got a ton of Vivo Barefoots on sale. Everything from the dressier Gobi leather boot to the Hybrid golf shoe.

Those are the sales today. Be a savvy/smart shopper and hook up discounted "barefoot"/minimalist shoes (or huaraches sandals) while ya can.

And if you hear of any great deals, let me know!

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