The Inaugural Asheville Marathon at the Biltmore - in Luna Sandals (Venado/original)

The Inaugural Asheville Marathon at the Biltmore - in Luna Sandals (Venado/original)

You're out on a run. Your nose is getting stuffy, so you lean to the side for a quick farmer's blow. It's cold out, but you didn't realize how cold until you go to wipe your nose with the back of your glove to clear off any additional moisture -- only to find that it's already frozen around the edge of your nostril in mere seconds.

Welcome to the inaugural Asheville Marathon, held on the grounds of the beautiful Biltmore estate. "Well," I thought dramatically at around mile 20, "At least I'll die somewhere majestic."

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Review New Balance Minimus 10v2 Trail and Road

Above are the New Balance Minimus 10v2 Trail (left) and 10v2 (right)
Above are the New Balance Minimus 10v2 Trail (left) and 10v2 (right)

If you’re like me, then it’s time to replace those original Minimus Trails that you picked up back in 2011 just a few weeks after they were widely released. Luckily, New Balance has come through with a reboot and update of the Minimus 10 in both the Road and Trail editions. They're aptly called the Minimus 10v2 Trail and the Minimus 10v2 (for the Road).

Read on to see how they fared!

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Luna Mono Huaraches Review

Luna Mono Huaraches Review

It's no secret that I love me some Lunas. I've tested their socks for the first time on race day with no prior experience with them, because I trust Luna that much. Then I ran my first marathon in Luna Venados.

But I'll be honest: I wasn't entirely looking forward to the Monos. I had the same thought that a few other huaraches devotees had when they saw the early pictures: too thick. 11-12mm? Seriously?

Well they came out this past Monday, and the monkeys over at Luna were nice enough to send me a pair to review. Read on to see if they managed to subdue my skepticism.

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Vibram FiveFingers Injury Study Confirms the Body Needs Time to Adapt

Vibram FiveFingers Injury Study Confirms the Body Needs Time to Adapt

Below is a guest post by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, runner and founder of Two River Treads, and winner of the 2011 Air Force Marathon.

Dr. Mark talks about the recent study into "bone marrow edema" injuries in runners transitioning to minimalist shoes (like Vibram FiveFingers). He provides important counterpoint and consideration that went missing from articles like the one seen over at Runner's World.

A new study Foot Bone Marrow Edema after 10-week Transition to Minimalist Running Shoes appears in the recent Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. In the small short duration study researchers divided young (ave age 26) recreational runners (ave weekly mileage of 15-30) into two groups. These runners were all running in traditional shoes with no prior experience in FiveFingers (and we assume barefoot or other true minimalist shoe) and none had significant injury in the six months before the study. The first group continued their normal training in their conventional running shoes. The other group continued their normal training and added some of their running in Vibram FiveFingers.

A Runners World on-line article appeared with this bold main title: Study: Vibram FiveFingers Lead to Greater Risk of Foot Bone Injury. A smaller font with no bold subtitle appeared: More evidence supporting a gradual transition to barefoot-style shoes.

I agree with the subtitle.

As a background I am a physician, minimalist runner, and own a running shoe store selling only minimal drop shoes ( We have transitioned 1000’s of runners into flat footwear safely over the last 3 years. For most who have years in traditional shoes it takes months , even years , to be able to do the majority of running in FiveFingers. We have a safe transition page on our site.

No runner should be advised to run in FiveFingers unless an assessment of strength and mobility is performed and a focus is turned to improving form. If you do not have a skilled person to assist you, we have self-assessments on Stability and Mobility and Form on our site.

Some important points to consider before agreeing with the Runners World main title that FiveFingers lead to injury.

  • First, shoes do not cause injury. Running causes running injury.
  • The attrition is 7 out of 36 (19%). This is high for a small study.
  • From the article: “some subjects stopped logging their runs prior to the 10th week of training and 4 of the 19 Vibram subjects did not document their training at all.” So we have no clear idea how these runners were transitioning.
  • From the article: “Although the original intention of the study design was for all subjects to have completely transitioned to VFF running shoes by the end of the 10 weeks of training, this did not happen for the majority of subjects.” In my opinion no coach or advocate of minimalism would ever suggest a runner completely transition to FiveFingers in 10 weeks if coming out of a traditional shoe.
  • From the article: “Seven subjects ran their maximum mileage in VFF prior to or during week 4.” This is called Vibram Exuberance syndrome (thank you Barefoot KenBob for this term) . Likely these runners felt a decreased effort or increased pleasure in running but their bones may not have made full adaptation.
  • The weekly mileage of the groups differ. The traditional group run more with no explanation. Maybe they were training more even before the transition? Maybe they where less limited? There is no information about the group comparison before the study start (mileage, years of run, more detailed histories or assessments of strength/function).
  • From the article: “the two individuals that suffered stress fractures reported perceived pain scores of 2 and 4 out of 10 during running, while some other runners without injury reported higher pain levels.” An important unknown here is what level of edema is a positive adaptation vs. overuse. Bones will adapt if the stimulus is gradual. While we all agree that overload on an unadapted tissue contributes to injury, lower levels of edema can also signal active remodeling and may not be a sign of injury but rather bony adaptation.
  • The transition protocol used in this study was modeled from suggestions for transitioning to VFF published on the Vibram FiveFingers website in January 2011. The suggestions on the website have changed since then based on Vibram’s concern for healthier running and activity in their footwear. Vibram FiveFingers were not marketed or advertised as running shoes in the early years and runners started discovering them and on their own made the change with little guidance. With the assistance of an expert panel, Vibram created a state of the art Education site in early 2012. The runners in this study followed none of the barefoot training as far as we can tell. Most of the barefoot training occurs apart from the running. (See here)

A few thoughts before we draw any real conclusions from this small study.

  • If you ask a traditional shod runner to go straight into running in minimal footwear, without strengthening the muscles of the foot or addressing form, you are asking for an injury. Traditional shoes with support and heel elevation can decondition the foot and promote muscle imbalance. The foot must be retrained and the protocol did nothing to assist foot retraining. These runners did NOT follow the 10% rule in increasing mileage either.
  • The study shows that there is a training stimulus to the bone if you wear FiveFingers and no training stimulus to the bone if you wear normal running shoes. Runners in traditional shoes get stress fractures frequently. If a training stimulus is above the capacity to adapt, the tissue will break down. If the training stimulus is correct, the bone will strengthen. If any tissue takes excessive loads, or no rest days, I would expect to see an injury with accompanying inflammatory markers such as high grades of edema.
  • A 10-week study of less than 20 runners in each group with close to 20% drop out and poorly documented logs? This should say enough.
  • The title of the Runners World article is misleading. Wearing Vibrams or any minimalist shoe is not the cause of injury. It is the hurried transition out of traditional running shoes. One must include strengthening foot, ankle, and calf muscles, along with a change of form in the transition.
  • As a Runners World guest commented; “The proper way to set these experiments up would be to use NON-RUNNERS and have half run in conventional shoes, and the other in Vibrams and see how many develop injury. That way both groups are truly starting from zero, and neither group has an advantage over the other. Second, are both groups being taught the proper form for each shoe? I highly doubt it.”

So get stronger and healthier, run in better form, walk all day in minimal shoes, and gradually adapt to flatter and more minimal footwear as your body adapts.

Note: here is our previous coverage of the transitioning to FiveFingers/injury study.

Merrell Vapor Glove Available for Sale!

Above photoed — Men's Merrell Vapor Glove in black; Women's Merrell Vapor Glove in Orange/Blue
Above photoed — Men's Merrell Vapor Glove in black; Women's Merrell Vapor Glove in Orange/Blue

Wouldn't ya know it? Merrell's much-anticipated Vapor Glove is now available for sale.

Check it out.

These are the shoes I reviewed a few months back (here). I've spotted the men's in black at CitySports and the women's in blue/orange or pink at REI.

The Vapor Gloves retail for only $80 (which means they ship free) and puts them only $5 more than the FiveFingers EL-X.

I mention the EL-X because in my opinion, the Vapor Glove and the EL-X are perhaps the two best "barefoot shoes" available today given their price and offering. In both cases, you get a super lightweight shoe. Both have very, very thin Vibram rubber soles that are incredibly flexible and transmit a lot of ground feel. Both even have some cutaway patterning for grip and rubber soles that wrap the ends of your feet.

The standout differences between the two shoes are obviously the articulated toes of the EL-X and the laces of the Vapor Gloves. And really, I don't think you can go wrong with either shoe.

That said, the Vapor Glove has gotten closer than any other minimalist shoe on the market to embodying the "barefoot shoe." It just nails the concept. If you fancy minimalist shoes, you at least should try these on.

And let me know what you think if you do!

Doing the Ultimate Hike in FiveFingers - Help Alejandra Out!

Doing the Ultimate Hike in FiveFingers - Help Alejandra Out!

The following is a guest post by Alejandra Aldana

On May 4, 2013, I will be participating in Ultimate Hike, a 28.3 mile hike benefiting CureSearch for Children's Cancer. My goal is to not only complete this very long hike in one day, but also help raise awareness and $2500 in funds for CureSearch.

CureSearch for Children's Cancer, a National Childhood Cancer Foundation, funds and supports targeted and innovative children's cancer research with measurable results, and is the authoritative source of information and resources for all those affected by children's cancer. CureSearch funds both local and national research, ensuring that a cure will be found as quickly as possible.

I have decided to take this challenge for a number of reasons. I want the opportunity to help give back to those affected by cancer as well as improve my life and fitness. Part of what I hope to accomplish other than raising funds for children in need is becoming part of a community and pushing my boundaries.

I plan on completing the 28.3 miles completely in my Vibram Five Fingers and while many people are advising me against it, I just don't see myself doing it without them. It is going to take a lot of building my feet up, but I am more than confident I will be able to do so. If you are able to donate to my fundraising that would be great. If not that will be fine, too. What I would love to get out of this, is the opportunity to share my journey with others. There is nothing more powerful and exhilarating than a sense of community for a great cause. If you are interested in joining me on my minimalist journey please let me know as soon as possible (we have already started our first training session). If you would like to help follow and share me and my cause you can do so at

You can also donate directly by following this link.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement!