SeeYa, Speed FiveFingers Back in Black!

SeeYa, Speed FiveFingers Back in Black!

Did you know that Vibram has snuck out two new colorways of the men's SeeYa and Speed FiveFingers? If you didn't, read up!

The Speeds are now available in a flat black (see above) and the SeeYas in a black/grey mash-up (also above), which is infinitely less eye-catching than the day-glow SeeYa colorway that came out last year.

In a "but wait there's more" moment, one retailer has both the SeeYas and the Speeds on sale at 20% off through 3/31/2012—and the sale includes these new colorways.

You can find both FiveFingers models at these links:

One catch: free shipping threshold is over $99.

If you'll recall, the black KSO FiveFingers were quite possibly the most popular colorway of all time (see here if you don't believe me!), so I'm sure these new color combinations are likely to please.

What do you think?

P.S. If you're looking for some minimalist-if-lightly-modified "troop" boots (and other sytlish shoes by OTZ), there's a huge sale/deal on them, too. Details here.

Handstands in Toe Shoes Around the World

Here we see Ben doing a handstand in Moraira, Spain.  Note his Speed FiveFingers!
Here we see Ben doing a handstand in Moraira, Spain. Note his Speed FiveFingers!

Below is a note I received in the mailbag from a New Zealander named Ben who recently took a whirlwind worldwide tour for five weeks in March. What more, his shoes of choice were Vibram FiveFingers Speeds, and perhaps the coolest aspect of his trip was how he opted to have snapshots of himself doing handstands taken at some of the sights along his way ‐ donning his fived toed retro sneakers (the Speeds), of course! Here's Ben:

Hey Justin,

My name’s Ben, I just wanted to write in and share some experiences and pictures with you and your readers.

I work for Barefoot Inc., the New Zealand supplier of Vibram FiveFingers, and in March took five weeks away visiting friends and family and seeing the world a little. I took with me a pair of Speeds as they’re my day to day shoe. The twist is, I’m not very photogenic and I’m not a fan of posing for pictures with, “touristy thing A” in the background. But I am a student of the local circus school, so I did handstands instead.

I present to you my 2012 handstand tour of the world.

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Altra Running Shoes Sale - Adam, Eve, Instinct, Intuition 40+% Off!

Altra Running Shoes Sale - Adam, Eve, Instinct, Intuition 40+% Off!

ATTENTION: This sale has ended!

If you're looking for more recent sales, check the BirthdayShoes Store here for previous sales sent to bdayshoes email subscribers. Consider subscribing by email to get future updates, too (You only get about one email a week that updates on recent posts. This enters you into future giveaway contests, too.).

You can also check out past blog posts on BirthdayShoes tagged as a "sale" here (Note: while virtually all sales are sent to email subscribers while only some of them actually make it to the blog).

The sale

LeftLane Sports is offering a huge sale on Altra Running Shoescheck it out! Specifically, you can get the men's Altra Adam (or the women's Altra Eve) or the men's Altra Instinct (or women's Altra Intuition) running shoes for over 40% off!

You'll recall that the Altra Adams (Eves) have been likened to a single-toe-box'ed version of the FiveFingers KSO due to their 3.4 mm razor siped rubber sole whereas the Altra Instinct (Intuition) is a zero-dropped running shoe with a bit more plush ride due to it's foam sole, but with ample toe room and solid construction.

altra eve
altra adam
left to right is the Altra Intuition, Altra Instinct, Altra Adam, and Altra Eve

We've reviewed Altra a good bit over the past year. I found the Altra Adams to be a pretty incredibly minimalist shoe with excellent ground feel. You'll further recall that BdayShoes blogger and ultrarunner Rob cited the Instinct in his review as "[The] most comfortable road shoes I’ve ever worn in my 20+ years of running." (Rob's ultra-running wife is a big fan of the Intuitions, too.) Mind, Leah was less than impressed with her Altra Eves.

If you've been on the fence about grabbing some Altras, this might be the nudge you need to give them a shot. If so, note that the Left Lane sale goes live here on 6/27 (today) at 10AM EST (right now!) and will run until the morning of 7/3/2012 or until inventory runs out.

What's 40+% off mean exactly? You can get a pair of Adams or Eves for $42.95 instead of the MSRP of $80 or a pair of Altra Instincts or Intuitions for $52.45 or $49.95, respectively. Not bad, right?


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FiveFingers Capri - Dressy Toe Shoes on Tap for 2013 from Vibram

Vibram FiveFingers Capri 2013
Above is an image of a potential 2013 Vibram FiveFingers model called the Capri. This leather-clad toe shoe is probably the dressiest, most professionally-inspired FiveFingers so far.

Has the time finally come for a five-toed dress shoe for men? A fine Italian-inspired FiveFingers model just might make its way to the market in 2013 ... if we're lucky.

Today's news comes from a release related to the 2013 Pitti* that includes the lone photo (seen above) of a potential Spring 2013 Vibram FiveFingers model presumably for men called the FiveFingers Capri. Constructed with a shiny leather upper and traditional, professional shoelaces, the Capri is looking like it will be the dressiest toe shoes ever made.

Meanwhile, the Capri features a sole that first made its appearance this past Spring (but not in the United States) via the FiveFingers Sorrento (Stay tuned for a review on the Sorrentos from Robert, who snagged a pair via a European retailer).

Here's the press-release from — note the language used reads a bit like a translation (presumably from Italian):

The new models of spring summer collection, on show at Pitti Immagine 82 (Florence, July 19-22), collection HALL CAVANIGLIA, BOOTH 28B:

  • The model "Capri" is the ideal choice for who loves spending time outdoors: the top quality upper in full grain leather, the holes located on the fingers to enhance breathability, the full leather lining and the classic lacing system for easy fit, makes these shoes make the indispensable ally when the mercury rises considerably.
  • From the Naples island to the exclusive French coast: "Nizza" is a shoe that was born for relax moments, to enjoy strictly in comfort. Made of soft full-grain and full leather lined, this model presents the “indianino” stitching with fringe, which makes it particularly suitable for a female audience.

Oh and what's the mention of the FiveFingers Nizza? Well, given the strange translation (What is "indianino"?) and the indication it's for women, your guess is as good as mine.

What do you think about the FiveFingers Capri? Would you pick up a pair and wear them with slacks to work? Want them in black?

I definitely want a pair. I've gotten to wear around some pre-production Sorrentos over the last few months and find them to be comfortable and stylish. I dig the sole design you get with the Sorrento (and Capri) which is probably slightly less ground feel than a pair of KSOs with incredible (better than KSO/Classic) toe flexibility. I get a ton of positive comments on them and I think we really missed out in the U.S. by not carrying the line. That said, there has to be retail demand for these styles of FiveFingers to make them a reality.

What say you? Interested? Let's hear it in the comments, on Facebook, twitter, and Google+!

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* It's about this time every year when two events transpire that hint of five-toed things to come. The first is called the Pitti Uomo Italy around mid-to-late July, and the second is the Summer Outdoor Retailer in Utah at the beginning of August. While I've never been to either of these annual events, the "OR" trade shows always showcase not only upcoming FiveFingers models (the Fall 2012 FiveFingers were first seen at the Winter Outdoor Retailer) but also upcoming minimalist shoes. So we're likely to see a lot more exciting news in the coming weeks. If anyone wants to fund my trip to OR, email me! :)

VivoBarefoot Off Road Hi Boot Review

VivoBarefoot Off Road Hi Boot Review

Sometimes you just need an old fashioned hiking boot. But you don?t have to settle for the traditional kind. The Off Road Hi boots are VivoBarefoot?s minimalist version.
I was intrigued by the minimalist boot idea since boots tend to drag me down. Before I switched over to VFFs a few years ago, I was wearing my heavy duty Asolo boots on all my adventures. They performed well, but wow, they were like lifting dead weights with every step and I always ended up with blisters after the trip. So I was curious to see how my legs and feet would fare after a few hours of walking the trails in this minimalist version.

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Spyridon Vibram FiveFingers First Look

A first look at the Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon, a new model that is reminiscent of the original KSO that features the new Spyridon sole.
A first look at the Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon, a new model that is reminiscent of the original KSO that features the new Spyridon sole.

Vibram has snuck one on us here in the U.S. — well in advance of a Fall 2012 release, it seems that at least one retailer (REI) has gnabbed the laceless Spyridon FiveFingers. Yeah, they're out right now (for $110).

You'll recall that these puppies were slated to roll-out later this year in the U.S. — this, despite the fact that Europe was going to get them in the Spring. Well, how that's actually gone down is that Europe did get them first — say a month and a half ago or thereabout. And I guess as things go, they went ahead and got some across the pond in short order.

So in the interest of timeliness, I'm going to do a "first look" at these laceless trail-minded five toed shoes. As first looks go, I've only had the chance to hike for an hour or two in them (as well as knock around in them to get a feel for them). But you can at least take a look at what you're going to get should you pick up a pair. Read on!

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Laced SeeYa LS Vibram FiveFingers for Fall 2012

I'm liking the black/grey or the grey/green personally.
Coming in October 2012 are the SeeYa LS Vibram FiveFingers (LS tacked on to any FiveFingers model means that it's got laces). These are a surprise release for 2012!

We got a glimpse of what must have been a Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa LS (laced!) prototype a bit over a month ago. With nothing to go on but speculation, I guessed that these laced SeeYas were going to show up sometime in the Spring of 2013.

Well what do you know? Vibram is actually planning on releasing the SeeYa LS in October of this year (2012)!! Photos and more after the jump!

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