Meet Lems Boulder, the "Barefoot Shoe" Boot

Meet Lems Boulder, the "Barefoot Shoe" Boot

I got good news from Andrew Rademacher, founder of upstart minimalist/barefoot shoe manufacturer Lems Shoes* ("Light. Easy. Minimal.") — the first batch of the much-anticipated Lems Shoes Boulder Boot are now available for order! I say "first batch" because it's only the first few hundred pairs of production (more to come, of course, within a few weeks).

The release of the Boulder boot marks the first of a new line of Lems hitting the market in 2013! What's so exciting about the Boulder? Aside from it being a "barefoot shoe boot" that is super lightweight, zero drop, minimally and flexibly soled, and a boot, well, what else is there to say? If you've had a pair of Andrew's barefoot shoes, you're expectations are likely through the roof for these boots. We've reviewed the first offering from Lems that hit back in 2011 — the Primal (see reviews here and here) and had nothing but good things to say.

Andrew has a pair of Boulders coming my way, so I hope to share more about it soon, but if you're eager to snatch up a pair without further adieu and want to know the scoop, read on!

UPDATE: I got the boots! If you want to jump straight to my full review of the Lems Boulder boot, go here!

The official Boulder Boot specs from Lems!

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Ironman NYC (Vibram SeeYa) Race Report

Sign at the Welcome Banquet—don’t ask me what the extra digit is for!
Sign at the Welcome Banquet—don’t ask me what the extra digit is for!

I recently had the opportunity to race the inaugural Ironman New York City triathlon. I ran the marathon portion in Vibram SeeYas, which have easily become my go-to FiveFinger model for running. Overall the race went very well and I hit all of my goals:

  • Simply finish the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 run
  • Come in with a time of 12:XX hours
  • Beat a few friend’s previous times
  • Hit my “reach goal” of finishing in a time of 11:XX hours

Read on to see how I fared!

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Impromptu Luna ATS Sandals Repair

Impromptu Luna ATS Sandals Repair

Some of you may be familiar with "Barefoot Jake." He's a minimalist hiker based out of Washington who routinely goes off the grid.

Recently, Jake was out hiking in Luna Sandals (with the ATS lace) when disaster struck and one of the laces snapped. Luna ATS-style sandals (and many other Lunas) have evolved the classic huaraches design in various clever ways making for a more refined sandal.

That said, one of the benefits of a simpler huaraches design is that when the under-toe knot breaks, you just pull through more string, re-tie the knot and you're done. It's not so simple with Lunas, so when Jake saw his predicament at foot, he had to get clever with some paracord.

Here's his account:

The last two years I've been backpacking in my Luna Sandals more often. My hikes take me across a lot of mud and I often hike in the rain so my footwear is subjected to a lot of abuse. So far this year I've put about 600 hiking miles on my feet and of that maybe 100-200 were while wearing my Lunas (The rest with SeeYa FiveFingers).

Meanwhile, I wore the Lunas as my "Urban Footwear" all winter to train my feet for the cold — probably racking up another 100-200 miles in them.

Unfortunately, during my last trip to the Olympic National Park, the left huarache lace on my Lunas broke right where lace goes in between my two biggest toes. Not wanting to stop hiking in them and due to the fact I was a long way from home, I decided to do a little impromptu repair job using some at-hand materials — namely, parachord.

I thought of how I had seen a facebook friend use paracord to attach the laces to the soles. With a brief look at the buckle I figured out a way to tie the cord to the laces, reusing the Luna's recessed 'button' and was able to keep my Lunas functional for the rest of my hike.

After a day with the repair; liked it so much. I cut the other one off to match.

And here's Jake's handiwork:

Way to think on your feet, Jake! I'm sure the Luna monkeys appreciate seeing some on-the-spot huaraches ingenuity at play!

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Speed LR Vibram FiveFingers First Look

Speed LR Vibram FiveFingers First Look
The Vibram FiveFingers Speed LR is in a nutshell a reboot of the Trek LS from Fall 2011. What's changed? A few details and styling elements, namely.

We announced a week ago that the Speed LR Vibram FiveFingers had hit the market via REI (see here) in what seems to be an exclusive, limited U.S. release.

What is the Speed LR, you ask? Well, it's basically a reboot of the all-black Trek LS FiveFingers that hit the market last fall (see our review of them here).

I placed an order into REI to grab a pair of the Speed LR last week to photo and share with BirthdayShoes readers — so what follows is a first look at them. Really, I don't feel a full review of the Speed LRs is necessary because they are so similar to the Trek LS. Just how are they similar — and different? Want to see more? Read on after the jump!

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Huge Minimalist/Barefoot Shoes Sale!

Huge Minimalist/Barefoot Shoes Sale!

ALERT! THIS SALE ENDED ON AUGUST 21! — Stay tuned for other big promotions by becoming a bdayshoes email subscriber. Sign up here!

How would you like a pair of SeeYa Vibram FiveFingers for fifty bucks shipped free? They're 50% off MSRP while supplies last (These are the men's daylight/black SeeYas and have sizes 41-47 available as of this morning, August 17, 2012!).

Or maybe you want to go "mono-toed" with some Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves for $77 plus an additional $15 off, (again) shipped free. That rings up at 44% off MSRP: Check it out. Not too bad, eh?

Perhaps you have wanted to try out the ultra-light, zero-dropped New Balance Minimus Trail Zero? Those are $110 $77 $62 (44% off) shipped free, too.

And if you like Vivo Barefoots and want some all black Breatho Trails — they're $63; Aqua Lites are $80.50 or Lucy Lites for $60! Get them while they last.

What's the deal on these deals?

EMS is throwing their footwear clearance sale. The details are simple. First, the deals will only exist while supplies last (or they turn off the sale). Second, EMS offers free shipping on orders over $48. Third, and this is important if you want to save more, use coupon AUGUST on orders over $75 for an extra $15 off! That's how you go from $77 on things like the Trail Gloves or Minimus Trail Zeros to $62 — you gotta use the coupon.

Note that there are other minimalist/barefoot shoes on sale via this clearance event, too (prices below are before the extra $15 off):

Check out the Vibram FiveFingers sale

  • Men's SeeYas for $50! (MSRP $100)
  • Women's Speed FiveFingers in all the snazzy colorways for $70 (MSRP $100)
  • Women's Spyridon LS for $72 (MSRP $120)
  • Various Kid's VFFs from $36 - $39

Check out the Merrell Barefoot sale

  • Lots of men's Trail Gloves for $77 (MSRP $110)
  • Men's Sonic Glove for $87.50 (MSRP $125)
  • Men's Bare Acess for $63

Check out the New Balance Minimus sale

  • Men's Minimus Trail Zeros for $77 (MSRP $110)
  • Men's Minimus Trails (MT10s) for $73.46 (MSRP $105)
  • Women's MT10s for $73.46 (MSRP $105)

Check out the Vivo Barefoot sale

  • Men's Breatho Trails for $63 (MSRP $90)
  • Women's Breatho Trails for $54 (MSRP $54)
  • Men's Aqua Lites for $80.50 (MSRP $115)
  • Women's Aqua Lites for $60 (MSRP $100)

And that's basically it! Happy Friday and good luck!

ALERT! THIS SALE ENDED ON AUGUST 21! — Stay tuned for other big promotions by becoming a bdayshoes email subscriber. Sign up here!

Vibrams for Humans and Dogs, Alike

Vibrams for Humans and Dogs, Alike

I got the above photo from Patty depicting her husband Moji and their dog — if you look closely you'll notice both are wearing matching Vibrams. Yes, the dog has on Vibram-soled shoes mdash; they are "Bark'n Boots" dog boots that feature Vibram soles.

I'd heard about these Vibram-soled shoes for dogs awhile back. I think many (myself included) wondered on seeing them, "Why would a dog need shoes?" The irony of asking that question is that you could ask the same of us humans wearing FiveFingers! Why not just go barefoot? Well, just like we have our reasons, so might a dog.

To that end, I asked Patty to tell me a little bit more about both Moji and their dog and their Vibram shoes. After all, Moji clearly has quite a physique and his dog looks awfully happy in his booties.

So what's the backstory? Want to see more about those wild dog boots? Read on!

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Hiking the Austrian Alps in Vibram FiveFingers

Hiking the Austrian Alps in Vibram FiveFingers

Guest post by David

Many people will say, "You can't hike in FiveFingers." Don't believe them.

I've been hiking for more than ten years in many places around the world, from the high mountains of Peru to the jungles of Borneo. I've hiked in high-topped leather boots, traditional hiking shoes, and Vibram FiveFingers. And I'll never hike in traditional hiking shoes or boots again. In my experience, FiveFingers are the ultimate shoes for walking over nearly any terrain.

Read on to see how FiveFingers have stacked up for hiking the Austrian Alps!

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