Doing the Ultimate Hike in FiveFingers - Help Alejandra Out!

Doing the Ultimate Hike in FiveFingers - Help Alejandra Out!

The following is a guest post by Alejandra Aldana

On May 4, 2013, I will be participating in Ultimate Hike, a 28.3 mile hike benefiting CureSearch for Children's Cancer. My goal is to not only complete this very long hike in one day, but also help raise awareness and $2500 in funds for CureSearch.

CureSearch for Children's Cancer, a National Childhood Cancer Foundation, funds and supports targeted and innovative children's cancer research with measurable results, and is the authoritative source of information and resources for all those affected by children's cancer. CureSearch funds both local and national research, ensuring that a cure will be found as quickly as possible.

I have decided to take this challenge for a number of reasons. I want the opportunity to help give back to those affected by cancer as well as improve my life and fitness. Part of what I hope to accomplish other than raising funds for children in need is becoming part of a community and pushing my boundaries.

I plan on completing the 28.3 miles completely in my Vibram Five Fingers and while many people are advising me against it, I just don't see myself doing it without them. It is going to take a lot of building my feet up, but I am more than confident I will be able to do so. If you are able to donate to my fundraising that would be great. If not that will be fine, too. What I would love to get out of this, is the opportunity to share my journey with others. There is nothing more powerful and exhilarating than a sense of community for a great cause. If you are interested in joining me on my minimalist journey please let me know as soon as possible (we have already started our first training session). If you would like to help follow and share me and my cause you can do so at

You can also donate directly by following this link.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement!

Tips and Tricks on Barefoot or Vibram Five Fingers Running [Sound off!]

Many Vibram Five Fingers owners bought their Vibrams specifically for running. Others are incorporating straight-up barefoot running into their training. There are even a few of you who are running in other minimalist footwear like the Vivo Barefoot Evo.

Given the paradigm-shift required to go from running in thickly cushioned shoes with elevated heels, many runners turn to forums (like our minimalist or barefoot running forum here), books, or intro guides to natural running styles. There's a lot of information out there!

That said, what hasn't happened is directly asking you what simple tips and tricks have helped you transition to Vibram Five Fingers, minimalist, or barefoot running! So here's the deal. For all you runners out there, please answer the following question:

What tips and tricks have you found to be most helpful to make the transition smooth, get your form down, minimize injury, or otherwise dial-in barefoot or minimalist (Vibram or otherwise) running?

No need to write an essay — in fact, do your best to only sound off on the running tips and tricks that you found helped you out the most. If your favorite barefoot running guru had a particular tidbit of advice that you thought was great, echo that advice (just be sure to say who the guru is!). First ten Vibram Five Fingers (or barefoot) running tips submitted below (one per comment, one per commenter) will get a BirthdayShoes 5-foot logo sticker! (And if you're already won a sticker in the past, please wait patiently!).

What tips and tricks have you found most useful for Vibram Five Fingers, minimalist, or barefoot running?

Sound off below!

Real Men Wear Vibram Five Fingers

Aaron's KSO Treks
Aaron's KSO Treks

Aaron sent us this cool pic of him in the machine shop with his Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks surrounded by metal shavings and had this to say about it:

Don't tell OSHA! I've been wearing my Vibram Five Fingers in the machine shop for over 2 weeks now, and I don't miss my steel toed work boots even a little bit. This is my fourth pair of VFF's!! My second pair of Treks in 3 weeks!! :) Not because I wore them out, it's just that I love them so much! VFF's are the best thing I've done for my body and spirit in 32 years!

While Vibram KSO Treks may not meet OSHA standards, it is the only Five Fingers model made with Kangaroo Leather and a rugged 4mm cleated sole. Thanks for the pic, Aaron, and we promise not to tell.

Weekend Link Love 6/13/10

BirthdayShoes News

Did you catch the breaking news about a five-toed minimalist shoe from Inov-8's called Evoskin? It's an interesting product concept though it already has a few skeptics. On the Vibram user posts front, this past week we saw Joey encountering some rough terrain while having to fend off blood sucking leeches while hiking Mt. Makiling in his Vibram Fiver Fingers KSOs. Vibram Five Fingers fan, Tyson, convinced his doctor to snap an x-ray of his feet inside his KSO Treks! Also, Graig has gotten back into running using the Pose technique with his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs. If you haven't yet, there is still time to vote in this week's poll on how folks use their Vibram Five Fingers. After the jump, see links and videos related to barefoot running and Vibram Five Fingers!

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A five-toed minimalist shoe by someone other than Vibram? Meet Inov-8's upcoming Evoskin [New Product]

Nope, these aren't Vibram Five Fingers.  They're Inov-8's new evoskin prototype silicon toe shoes.
Nope, these aren't Vibram Five Fingers. They're Inov-8's new evoskin prototype silicon toe shoes.

Damien over at Adventure in Progress had his "barefeet to the ground" and happened to notice a tweet by @inov8uk — it has since been de-tweeted (deleted) — that included a link to a photo on yfrog of a new minimalist / barefoot shoe, the Inov-8 Evoskin* (Inov-8 website). The Evoskin appears to be the first five-toed alternative to the original "barefoot alternative" — Vibram Five Fingers (Note: I don't consider the fake five fingers to be true alternatives to Vibrams as they are just counterfeits produced out of China).

Here is the yfrog photo (it's still online despite the deleted tweet) of the Evoskin:

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