Meet Lems Boulder, the "Barefoot Shoe" Boot

Meet Lems Boulder, the "Barefoot Shoe" Boot

I got good news from Andrew Rademacher, founder of upstart minimalist/barefoot shoe manufacturer Lems Shoes* ("Light. Easy. Minimal.") — the first batch of the much-anticipated Lems Shoes Boulder Boot are now available for order! I say "first batch" because it's only the first few hundred pairs of production (more to come, of course, within a few weeks).

The release of the Boulder boot marks the first of a new line of Lems hitting the market in 2013! What's so exciting about the Boulder? Aside from it being a "barefoot shoe boot" that is super lightweight, zero drop, minimally and flexibly soled, and a boot, well, what else is there to say? If you've had a pair of Andrew's barefoot shoes, you're expectations are likely through the roof for these boots. We've reviewed the first offering from Lems that hit back in 2011 — the Primal (see reviews here and here) and had nothing but good things to say.

Andrew has a pair of Boulders coming my way, so I hope to share more about it soon, but if you're eager to snatch up a pair without further adieu and want to know the scoop, read on!

UPDATE: I got the boots! If you want to jump straight to my full review of the Lems Boulder boot, go here!

The official Boulder Boot specs from Lems!

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Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas (Womens, Mens, New colors) in Stock at CitySports!

The Vibram Five Fingers Bikila in the grey and bright green (tween the toes) color combination for women.
The Vibram Five Fingers Bikila in the grey and bright green (tween the toes) color combination for women.

Update! CitySports was restocked again today (5/18/2010) across all colors for both men and women.

I've got great news (at long last!) for everyone in the Vibram Five Fingers nation! CitySports just got a bunch of Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas for both men and women! You can grab them here (while supplies last! Which won't be long if history is any guide!):

The Vibram Five Fingers Bikila inventory above is expected to go live on the CitySports website today around 4:00pm EST though that is only an estimate.

The Vibram Five Fingers Bikila is the new running-specific "barefoot shoe" by Vibram that features a totally revamped sole design; a virtually seamless inner Dri-Lex sock liner; an Achilles notch at the rear (making the VFFs cup the heel rather than applying pressure at the tendon); reflective material at key points; TPU toe (top) protection; and is the most refined (outdoor-use) Vibram Five Fingers to hit the market yet. It sizes—in theory, as VFF sizing is always tricky—like the KSOs. That said, with the new larger ankle opening and heel/strap methodology, the fit will feel a bit different than other models of Vibram Five Fingers.

Be sure to see my initial review, photos, and detailed description of the Vibram Five Fingers Bikila here. Also, I anticipate posting an unboxing with a slew of photos of the sky blue, yellow, and grey Vibram Bikilas (including video) in the next day or so — just as soon as YouTube starts cooperating!

Note: Last week, an email alert was sent to BirthdayShoes subscribers regarding men's Bikila inventory that was available for purchase at Travel Country. That inventory sold out within hours of it going online. Though I do not anticipate posting to the blog here every time a retailer gets new inventory in, I am considering creating a special email list for those who would like to be notified about new inventory shipments at participating retailers. The goal here would be to help people find retailers with Vibram Five Fingers in stock. If this would be of interest to you, please let me know by way of commenting below!

Australian Wombat Bowls in Japan Wearing Vibram Five Fingers Sprints

Alex in his VFF Sprints.
Wombat, Alex, prepares to bowl in Tokyo.

Uh..perhaps we should explain. Australian Vibram Five Fingers fan, Alex, is a bowler for the Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club. He recently gave his Sprints a try on the cricket field. (Alex was previously seen on BirthdayShoes running in Japan wearing his Sprints.)

See a photo of Alex bowling and read what he has to say about wearing VFFs to play cricket after the jump.

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Weekend Link Love 5/16/10

In the video, Our Wedding Day, Micah and Tawny couldn't decide whether Micha should wear his Vibram Five Fingers in their wedding this past January. Did he wear them? We will try to find out and let you know in next weeks Link Love. In the meantime, tell us what you think in this week's poll, posted in the sidebar to your right.

Youtuber, primallifestyleltd, issued a challenge for other youtubers to see how fast they can put on their Vibram VFFs. See videos of the winners below. BTW, our own Justin, was a pioneer of fast footwork in this video post. Is anyone up to the challenge for the no hands KSO record?

After the jump, Vibram Five Fingers news, videos, and links related to barefoot running and a few new Vibram Five Fingers reviews!

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Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks Provide a Firm Footing at the Homestead of the Rocks

John sports his "cool slippers" in Ballinskelligs.
Vibram Five Fingers fan, Mike, recently toured Ireland in his VFF KSO Treks. He and his wife are pictured here in Ballinskelligs, which means "Homestead of the Rocks".

Mike comments on his trip to Ireland and how he found out about Vibram Five Fingers:

I just got back from a week in Ireland on March 20th. I enthralled the Irish populace with my "cool slippers". From Dublin to Ballinskelligs, they were a hit, rain or shine. I wore my Treks so much I thought they were going to turn green, especially on St. Patrick's Day. As cool and windy as it was, my feet were warm and comfy.

All my life I was a tenderfoot. Having been raised in England as a child, it was not conducive to going barefoot. In the 70's, I discovered mocassins, ankle and knee-high, with the thin leather soles. I had them for years, before they wore out. The Native Americans got it right! They toughened my feet, but the 80' and 90"s put me back in shoes. In August, 2009, I discovered a site with some really cool looking shoes--the VFFs. It was love at first sight. I had to have a pair, regardless of price. I found a retailer who sold them locally, and the rest is history. I bought my KSO's, and I haven't looked back. My birthday gift was a pair of KSO Treks. My tennis shoes were filling with cobwebs. My wife Sharon, who suffered through two foot surgeries in three years, finally retiring, became the recipient of a pair of black women's KSO's. She is now a believer. IMO, they are the ONLY footwear I would wear, if not gainfully employed by a company that will not let me wear them to work(safety concerns). Life in Texas is perfect for the VFF's. The shoes are very well-made, and they are cool during the summer, and great with Injinji socks during the winter. I am hoping to try the Bikilas as soon as they arrive here in Fort Worth. Birthday Shoes is my home page, and I spread the word daily. At 57, I found a new lease on life. My feet thank me.

Thanks, Mike! We hope that home page idea of yours really catches on.

Ironman in Training Runs a Half Marathon in his New Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas

Tim in his new Bikilas.
Tim didn't waste any time testing out his new Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas in a half marathon. He is training for the Ironman Florida in November.

Ironman runner, Tim, was lucky enough to land a pair of red and white Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas and take 'em out for a 13 mile spin. Tim reports on how it transpired:

I ended up having a friend (Thanks Rob!) who lives in Boston pick them up at City Sports last week and ship them to me in DC—apparently they were the last pair of size 43s available for sale in the whole city at the time. I got them just a day or two before a half marathon race I was signed up for and after going for a 3 mile run the day before I decide to just jump right in and do the race with without breaking them in.

Right away they feel much different than my Sprints or Flows. The material on the inside of the shoe is very comfortable to wear and the newly designed heel makes the biggest difference in overall fit. With the other models I really had to cinch the rear straps pretty tight which pushed my foot forward—in the Bikilas the rear of the shoe cups my heel so much more and keeps my feet in place.

Oh yeah, and they simply look badass too!

More from Tim after the jump.

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What can you do in Vibram Five Fingers?

Aubrey and his dog
Aubrey, his dog, and his VFFs cooling off in the Texas heat.

As the debate rages on about the capabilities of Vibram Five Fingers, one Vibram Five Fingers fan, Aubrey, hasn't found much that can't be done in them:

What do I do with my Vibrams??? EVERYTHING!!

  • Work
  • Run
  • Rock climb
  • Swim
  • Kayak
  • Hike
  • Sleep (camping)
  • Camping
  • Showered (ok, just to wash them….)
  • Martial Arts (Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kung Fu)
  • Climb Trees, to use chain saw to cut them down from above house

The list goes on……

Here's what Aubrey had to say about his switch to Five Fingers:

Vibram Five Fingers have completely changed the way I approach my footwear. When I do an activity, I always like doing it the right way. While there is definitely more than one way to skin a cat, running and doing other activities in my VFFs is the right way to do things. They are extremely comfortable, and I have definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my legs and overall ‘fluidity’ of movement. I have and will continue to recommend these to my friends and family, and already have 5 people in my family that wear them now as well!

After the jump, see what Aubrey and his sister recently did in their VFFs.

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