SeeYa, Speed FiveFingers Back in Black!

SeeYa, Speed FiveFingers Back in Black!

Did you know that Vibram has snuck out two new colorways of the men's SeeYa and Speed FiveFingers? If you didn't, read up!

The Speeds are now available in a flat black (see above) and the SeeYas in a black/grey mash-up (also above), which is infinitely less eye-catching than the day-glow SeeYa colorway that came out last year.

In a "but wait there's more" moment, one retailer has both the SeeYas and the Speeds on sale at 20% off through 3/31/2012—and the sale includes these new colorways.

You can find both FiveFingers models at these links:

One catch: free shipping threshold is over $99.

If you'll recall, the black KSO FiveFingers were quite possibly the most popular colorway of all time (see here if you don't believe me!), so I'm sure these new color combinations are likely to please.

What do you think?

P.S. If you're looking for some minimalist-if-lightly-modified "troop" boots (and other sytlish shoes by OTZ), there's a huge sale/deal on them, too. Details here.

Weekend Link Love 6/13/10

BirthdayShoes News

Did you catch the breaking news about a five-toed minimalist shoe from Inov-8's called Evoskin? It's an interesting product concept though it already has a few skeptics. On the Vibram user posts front, this past week we saw Joey encountering some rough terrain while having to fend off blood sucking leeches while hiking Mt. Makiling in his Vibram Fiver Fingers KSOs. Vibram Five Fingers fan, Tyson, convinced his doctor to snap an x-ray of his feet inside his KSO Treks! Also, Graig has gotten back into running using the Pose technique with his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs. If you haven't yet, there is still time to vote in this week's poll on how folks use their Vibram Five Fingers. After the jump, see links and videos related to barefoot running and Vibram Five Fingers!

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A five-toed minimalist shoe by someone other than Vibram? Meet Inov-8's upcoming Evoskin [New Product]

Nope, these aren't Vibram Five Fingers.  They're Inov-8's new evoskin prototype silicon toe shoes.
Nope, these aren't Vibram Five Fingers. They're Inov-8's new evoskin prototype silicon toe shoes.

Damien over at Adventure in Progress had his "barefeet to the ground" and happened to notice a tweet by @inov8uk — it has since been de-tweeted (deleted) — that included a link to a photo on yfrog of a new minimalist / barefoot shoe, the Inov-8 Evoskin* (Inov-8 website). The Evoskin appears to be the first five-toed alternative to the original "barefoot alternative" — Vibram Five Fingers (Note: I don't consider the fake five fingers to be true alternatives to Vibrams as they are just counterfeits produced out of China).

Here is the yfrog photo (it's still online despite the deleted tweet) of the Evoskin:

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Blood Sucking Leeches attach themselves to Vibram Five Fingers KSOs on Mt. Makiling

Joey at the Summit
Joey and his fellow hikers at the Summit of Mt. Makiling. Those other shoes sure do look heavy.

Vibram Five Fingers Fan, Joey, wore his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs on a 12 mile hike to the summit of Mt. Makiling, a potentially active volcano on the island of Luzon, Philippines.. He encountered all types of terrain and ground conditions. He even had to fend off some pesky blood leeches. Luckily, his KSOs protected him from the little buggers and there was no blood loss.

Read Joey's description of his hike.

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X-Rayed Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks

X-Rayed Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks

Vibram Five Fingers Fan, Tyson, recently went in to have his foot checked and left with an x-ray of his foot. Oh, his foot was still in his KSO Treks! Tyson gives us the run down:

I went in because I've had pain on the outside of my right foot for some time from an old injury that may have involved parkour amongst other things. I've noticed since I've been using my KSO Treks that the pain has subsided and I wanted to see what was going on there. My main foot man, Rich said, "Well let's take a look with an x-ray". That was the point when he noticed them. He didn't know what to think of the "gloves on my feet". So, I asked if I could get an x-ray with my Five Fingers on. He said, "Sure, I'll just burn it to a CD for you". Whatever that is, lol. So, when he looked the x-ray, he noticed that the pain was from a small extra bone I have just right there. He thought it was maybe an on going fracture. but now it maybe tendinitis from this extra bone. I can't help but give some credit to these shoes.

Glad to hear you are finding some relief in your KSO Treks and thanks for the cool pic!

Runner Gets Back on Track with Vibram Five Fingers KSOs and Pose Running

Graig in the 5 Miler
Graig puts his best foot forward while running in the Spring Lake 5 Miler.

Vibram Five Fingers Fan, Graig, recently wore his newly acquired KSOs in a 5 mile race in Spring Lake, New Jersey and had this to say:

So enjoy the site and check it almost everyday! I had been experimenting with barefooting over the past few years (Pose Method got me back to running again after some knee issues) and mixing it into some of my running. In 2010 I decided to take the plunge and go the whole way, ordering my KSOs and beginning to break them (and my feet/body) in. The Spring Lake 5 miler in Spring Lake New Jersey on May 29, 2010 was my first race in them and my first 5 miler in them as well. I was actually disappointed to only see one other pair of Vibrams at the race (and trust me I got passed by most of the field!). And of course I was asked many questions, both during the race and following about whether I liked them and overhead many conversations being had about my feet as I ran and waited around for my friends following the race. Finished in 51 minutes and change, which was great considering I was really just out there to enjoy the day. Calves were sore for the day but that was about it. For recovery, I used my new pair of VFF Classics that are SO SO comfortable.

Thanks for a great site!

Pose running is a technique created by Dr. Nicholas Romanov back in 1977. See our guest post, The Pose Method of Running - An Introduction, by Ben of Barefoot Benny Personal Fitness.

Thanks for submitting your story Graig! Perhaps, with the release of the Bikila, we will see more and more Five Fingers popping up in races.

Weekend Link Love 6/6/10

BirthdayShoes News

During the past week, we featured Vibram Five Fingers fan, Joe, enjoying his VFFs on a cruise to Bermuda where they came in handy during his rock climbing adventure.

While vacationing in Costa Rica, Glen used his KSO Vibram Five Fingers for rappelling, horseback riding, and hiking.

Fisherman and sailor, Jonathan, has found that Vibram Five Fingers make great boat shoes.

After the jump, see links and videos related to barefoot running and Vibram Five Fingers!

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