Meet Lems Boulder, the "Barefoot Shoe" Boot

Meet Lems Boulder, the "Barefoot Shoe" Boot

I got good news from Andrew Rademacher, founder of upstart minimalist/barefoot shoe manufacturer Lems Shoes* ("Light. Easy. Minimal.") — the first batch of the much-anticipated Lems Shoes Boulder Boot are now available for order! I say "first batch" because it's only the first few hundred pairs of production (more to come, of course, within a few weeks).

The release of the Boulder boot marks the first of a new line of Lems hitting the market in 2013! What's so exciting about the Boulder? Aside from it being a "barefoot shoe boot" that is super lightweight, zero drop, minimally and flexibly soled, and a boot, well, what else is there to say? If you've had a pair of Andrew's barefoot shoes, you're expectations are likely through the roof for these boots. We've reviewed the first offering from Lems that hit back in 2011 — the Primal (see reviews here and here) and had nothing but good things to say.

Andrew has a pair of Boulders coming my way, so I hope to share more about it soon, but if you're eager to snatch up a pair without further adieu and want to know the scoop, read on!

UPDATE: I got the boots! If you want to jump straight to my full review of the Lems Boulder boot, go here!

The official Boulder Boot specs from Lems!

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Cruising and Climbing in Bermuda with Vibram Five Fingers

Joe and his girlfriend in Bermuda
Joe and his girlfriend enjoying their time on a cruise to Bermuda in their Vibram Fiver Fingers KSOs and Sprints.

Vibram Five Fingers KSOs and Sprints provided sure footing for Joe and his girlfriend on their recent cruise to Bermuda. Joe comments on their adventure:

So I have been doing pretty much everything in these Vibram KSOs ever since I bought them about 4 months ago for running, bike riding, and crossfit. I love these shoes so much that I even got my girlfriend and my sister to buy a pair!! So I decided to take my Vibrams on a cruise to Bermuda. We had a great time and on the last day on the island we went to the beach and decided to do a little rock climbing. That's when I realized that these Vibrams were even better than I could ever imagine! We scaled up that mountain so fast that people were like what the heck are they wearing?? And where can I get a pair! We had a great time and we both agree it was the highlight of the trip and it wouldn't have happened if it was for our Vibrams! And the best part is my Bikilas just came in and I can't wait to test their limits!

Thanks for submitting your story Joe!

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Weekend Link Love 5/30/10

BirthdayShoes News

Check out the Vibram Five Fingers Speed!Don't miss the first detailed look, photos, and video on the laced Vibram Five Fingers Speed! Also, if you're looking for VFFs, you can get inventory alerts on model restockings at major online retailers by email — one was sent this past week!

We also interviewed the fastest Vibram Five Fingers-shod (he runs barefoot, too) marathon runner we've heard of — Patrick Sweeney. Read the interview and vote in the related poll on a beer, tacos and running race!

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Interview with Patrick Sweeney, Winner of the Palos Verdes Marathon

Ultra Marathoner Patrick Sweeney
Patrick running in the Orange Curtain 50k wearing his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

We recently interviewed Ultra Marathoner and barefoot runner, Patrick Sweeney, who, in what may be the fastest marathon ever run in Vibram Five Fingers, recorded an awesome time of 2:37:14 winning the Palos Verdes Marathon. He ran in Vibram Five Fingers Sprints.

How did you get into Ultra Marathons and barefoot running?

I picked up Ultra running a few years ago and was hooked. I had a really good rookie year in 2008 and had high hopes for 2009 only to be plagued with injury. I decided something needed to change. I gave up running shoes cold turkey. I have been running in Vibram fivefingers or nothing at all. My body has been getting stronger everyday.

Congratulations on your recent marathon victory at Palos Verdes. It was very fast at 2:37:14. Do you know how it ranks among the fastest marathons ever run in Vibram Five Fingers?

Thank You. I have no freaking clue. But the race came real easy, I would guess it's the fastest for now but I'm sure some kid will beat it this summer. Palos Verdes is a very hilly course for a marathon. It's not a place where most people will P.R. I think I could go about 10 minutes faster on a flat course like Long Beach which I will run in October, but by that time I may be running barefoot instead. I bet we will see a sub 2:15 sometime in the next year, but definitely not by me.

You beat your personal best marathon time by 17 minutes. What contributed to the dramatic improvement?

A positive attitude. I'm excited not to be injured anymore. My training is just starting to come together for the San Diego 100 miler. I was just out there to have fun and I was smiling almost the whole entire race.

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Vibram FiveFingers Speed Review

The Vibram Five Fingers Speed, the first-ever laced pair of Five Fingers, new for Spring 2010, and only available from retailers in Europe and the United Kingdom.
The Vibram Five Fingers Speed, the first-ever laced pair of Five Fingers, new for Spring 2010, and only available from retailers in Europe and the United Kingdom.


Back in late July 2009 we first glanced a laced Vibram Five Fingers shoe (Not to mention the running-specific Five Fingers Bikila next to it), many a fan's mind reeled at the notion — what is that thing? Laces? Are we looking at Al Bundy's "God's Shoes?"

No, it was the Vibram FiveFingers Speed, all retro-styled and svelte. Today (May 2010!), I've gotten my feet into a pair of the FiveFingers Speed. I had to special order (Called in a favor!) straight from the United Kingdom because the Speed isn'twasn't going to be released in the United States. Note: The FiveFingers Speed was released in the U.S. for purchase as of May 31, 2011 — see TravelCountry for one online retailer still carrying them with free shipping on orders >$99.

After the jump are photos, video, and thoughts about the novel, stylish, and ground-breaking laced Vibram Five Fingers — the Speed!

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Aussie Vibram Team Five Fingers Takes on The North Face 100

Team Five Fingers runner Jase
Team Five Fingers runner, Jase. working his way up Narrowneck pass. Jase ran the TN100 in Trek Sports. The team also wore Zensah calf compression sleeves and X-bionic Fennec tops and shorts.

Last Saturday, the Australian Vibram Team Five Fingers team completed the The North Face 100, a 100Km race through the Blue Mountains. The team raced in KSO Treks and the Fall 2010 (not yet released) Sport Trek Five Fingers.

Team member, Max, comments on the race:

The four team members were Max and Sally, wearing KSO Treks, and Scott and Jase wearing Trek Sports. The route takes steep rocky firetrails, singletracks through dense forests, creek crossings and sections that were more canyoning and climbing than running.

The Treks and Trek Sports (worn with injinji socks) were fantastic, giving us a lightness of foot and sensitivity that saved us on numerous occasions. The Teams ran together the whole 100K, coming in on 14:22:20. The last 11k were tough as fatigue and tough terrain led to a few bruised toes. Next year we will have put a lot more trail running Ks in the bank, and aim to come in under 12 hrs.

Video, race report and photo gallery after the jump.

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