Meet Lems Boulder, the "Barefoot Shoe" Boot

Meet Lems Boulder, the "Barefoot Shoe" Boot

I got good news from Andrew Rademacher, founder of upstart minimalist/barefoot shoe manufacturer Lems Shoes* ("Light. Easy. Minimal.") — the first batch of the much-anticipated Lems Shoes Boulder Boot are now available for order! I say "first batch" because it's only the first few hundred pairs of production (more to come, of course, within a few weeks).

The release of the Boulder boot marks the first of a new line of Lems hitting the market in 2013! What's so exciting about the Boulder? Aside from it being a "barefoot shoe boot" that is super lightweight, zero drop, minimally and flexibly soled, and a boot, well, what else is there to say? If you've had a pair of Andrew's barefoot shoes, you're expectations are likely through the roof for these boots. We've reviewed the first offering from Lems that hit back in 2011 — the Primal (see reviews here and here) and had nothing but good things to say.

Andrew has a pair of Boulders coming my way, so I hope to share more about it soon, but if you're eager to snatch up a pair without further adieu and want to know the scoop, read on!

UPDATE: I got the boots! If you want to jump straight to my full review of the Lems Boulder boot, go here!

The official Boulder Boot specs from Lems!

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Tyre changing in Vibram Five Finger Blue Camo Sprints

Lionel gettin' it done!
Lionel changes a friend's flat tire with amazing enthusiasm.

Wikipedia - Tyre (wheel), the outer part of a wheel in British English (equivalent to tire in American English).

Ever have a flat tire and just can't get those tightened lug nuts to budge? Well, Australian Vibram Five Fingers fan, Lionel, knows how to use just the right amount of leverage, strength and Five Fingers awesomeness to get them loose. Here's what Lionel had to say about his chivalrous pursuits:

I recently got my first pair of VFFs and I got the blue camo sprints, after I was introduced to them by a friend of mine. Both of us went in search of VFFs here in Melbourne, but they are so expensive here. We actually almost bought a pair of ebay, but after stumbling upon your amazing site I found out that the ones me and my mate were going to get were knock offs!!! Thank god for!!!

I've been wearing my VFFs over the weekend walking around Melbourne CBD, so that I can get used to 'em and they feel great.

My story today, is that I've used the VFFs, in I reckon the most unique way anyone has used them before...


My girlfriend's housemate's car had a flat tyre, and I was up to the task of changing the tyre in my VFFs. Both my girlfriend and her housemate said that I should be really careful in my VFFs, because they think it is too thin.


TADA!!! I changed the tyre without even breaking a sweat, in a multi storey carpark in Melbourne's CBD. I did it without any problems and it was easy as 1,2,3!

Hooray for Vibram Five Fingers!

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Veteran Runner Makes the Switch to Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

Steve at Big Sur
Steve runs comfortably in his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs at the Big Sur Marathon.

Vibram Fiver Fingers fan, Steve, recently ran in his 15th Big Sur Marathon, and his first in VFF KSOs. Steve comments on the switch:

I saw at least 3 other runners with VFFs, including a woman in purple ones, and one barefoot runner. I got quite a few positive comments on mine and I was surprised how many had heard of VFFs and were interested in my experience with them. I was happy to oblige and emphasized the fact that they are very comfortable to run and walk in, far more so than regular running shoes with all their padding - after running in these for 6 months regular shoes seem squishy and unstable. There was a Vibram booth at the expo and I got to see the new Bikila - I can't wait to buy a pair! I've been running for over 50 years, and had no trouble transitioning to KSOs, though instead of my normal 4 month marathon training cycle I started a couple months early to ease into using them just in case I had any problems. I have no regrets about switching over, in fact I look forward to my runs more than I have in years, and as a side benefit, despite doing most of my training in the hills, for the first time in forever I have no black toenails! VFFs Rock!

Thanks Steve! Please send us some photos when you get your Bikilas.

Vibram Five Finger KSO Treks Perfom Well in an Extreme Trail Race (Fell Race)

Dig the shades!
Steve descending from the final summit in his Black Vibram Five Fingers KSOs.
(Photo courtesy of Alastair Tye)

Vibram Five Fingers fan, Steve, recently put his black KSO Treks through their paces, running the Llantysilio Fell Race in Wales. Wikipedia says that fell running dates back to 1040 in Scotland. A bit from Steve on fell racing and the Llantysilio course:

A fell race is an extreme trail race, usually taking competitors from a valley up to one or more high peaks via un-runnably steep tracks, and then returning to the valley with an almost suicidal descent. Routes are typically rocky, muddy or both, there's some limited freedom to choose one's own path, and the emphasis is on vertical gain. This video gives the general idea.

In this particular case, the short 6.2 mile (approx 10km) course featured a whopping 2100ft (approx 650m) of climbing, and an equal descent back to the start.

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Weekend Link Love 5/1/10

BirthdayShoes News!

Are you a member of the forums? We recently surpassed 1,000 members in the forums! If you have questions or want to get better connected with other Vibram Five Fingers fans, take the two minutes to create an account (it's free!) and join one of the friendliest, most helpful online communities on the net! Check out the Vibram Five Fingers fan forums!

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Finally, got word that site sponsor Travel Country recently got a load of new stock in case you're hunting for a hard to find color or size. Not Bikilas though.

Speaking of barefoot running shoes, did you know that Soft Star Shoes just released their new barefoot running shoe/moccasin called the RunAmoc? The RunAmoc can be ordered with either a 2mm or 5mm Vibram sole in a couple different upper configurations — some of the leathers can even be mixed and matched for your own custom-made running shoes! If you're new to the Soft Star seen, I've previously reviewed (and continue to enjoy) the Soft Star Grippy Roos / Moccasins. I've got Soft Star sending me a pair of red and black RunAmocs and will report more on them soon!

After the jump, an official Vibram video from the All-Star clinic, links to barefoot running research and how-to, and a few new reviews!

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Making the Transition to Minimalist Marathon Running in Vibram Five Fingers

Sam running in the Rotterdam Marathon
Sam running relaxed and on his forefoot in his VFFs, while others trudge along on their heels.

Sam, a marathon runner living in London, has made the transition to minimalist running over the last 8 months. After trying to transition too quickly, he stepped back and made a more gradual transition and recently completed the Rotterdam Marathon wearing his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs. His story is compelling and there is much to be learned from his experiences. This is a must read for serious runners transitioning to VFFs.

Sam's Story

Finding Five Fingers

I got on to Five Fingers around mid 2009 after a pretty bad knee injury I could not shake. I was able to finish my third marathon in a PB of 3h04m46s, but I fell over the line and I could hardly walk for a week. My left knee was shot. After weeks and months of searching on why, I came across the Five Fingers and minimalist running. Something about them just made sense... I get the feeling many others who wear them felt the same when they first laid eyes on them.

Transitioning Too Quickly

Well, I started out with a few small runs after my knee was feeling better, a few km's at a time and they felt GREAT! I could instantly feel the change it had made to my gait. I was running far more upright, with shorter steps and of course I was landing on my forefoot first. I had the obligatory calf pain, but as I had read this was "something we all had to go through!" As I had just finished my marathon and was planning the next, all I wanted to do was hit the trails on the weekends for my long run in my Five Fingers. I had the fitness, I was strong, so why couldn't I handle a 25km in the five fingers after only a few weeks running in them?

Well, that was a big mistake! A few days later, my left foot ceased up (I later found out related to an extremely stiff calf!) and I was back to square one. Or was I? Was it due to the FF's? Was it my poor form? I was at a loss.

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Vibram Five Fingers KSOs Give Grand Canyon Hiker a Foot Massage and Impress Park Rangers

Nick at the Grand Canyon
Nick sits precariously close to the edge of the Grand Canyon. Hold on tightly Nick! It is over a mile to the bottom.

Vibram Five Fingers fan, Nick, comments on hiking the Grand Canyon in his KSOs:

I've been running in my KSOs for a few months now, but haven't had much opportunity to take them out into nature and get them dusty. I recently went to the Grand Canyon and figured this was a great opportunity to introduce them to the outside.

My buddy and I hiked the South Kaibab trail down to Bright Angel Creek and back - over seven miles each way, and about 4000 feet elevation change. Even with a ten pound pack on my back, the KSOs held up. They gave me enough traction on the dusty trails, and my feet were comfortable the whole way. Walking over the small pebbles on the trail felt like I was getting a constant foot rub. And nearly everyone on the trail stopped me to ask what those "funny-looking shoes" were!

The best part? We were staying down in Bright Angel with some friends who work in the park as rangers and EMTs, and even they were impressed and curious about my KSOs. The first question was usually how my feet felt (great!), and the second question was "You hiked all the way down here in those?!?" After confirming that, yes, I did hike all the way down in them, they all said that they were definitely going to look into getting a pair. I ended up impressing some park rangers - who are all professional gear-heads - and had an amazing hike. I can't wait to continue my KSO National Park tour.

Thanks for telling us about your adventure Nick!