Comment from: koffeekev [Visitor]

I agree that these are a fetish shoe as Deirdre points out. Thank you for the lovely purple feet pics.

10/30/09 @ 19:00
Comment from: Seret [Visitor]  

whoohoo! I finally picked up a pair of Black Performas! SO decadent as you said. Love them. These will be my new work shoes.

Now off to Sock Dreams for some tights!

09/05/10 @ 11:33
Comment from: Ariel [Visitor]

I have the KSO VFFs but I would LOVE to have a pair of Preformas. Definitely a fetish shoe, but all the VFFs encourage foot fetish. I have always thought I had nice feet, but since switching to VFFs I have the most beautiful high arches! In my opinion it is way hotter than the artificial curves achieved with high heels.

10/15/10 @ 16:49