Comment from: Fernando [Visitor]  

Have you tried the Inov-8 210s? I think it's a great combination of the 200s and the rope climbing guard of the 260s. I feel the 210s are just as flexible as my Vibram Komodos. I have done 2 miles runs in them with out any issue.

06/24/13 @ 17:45
Comment from: greg [Member]  

@Fernando - I haven't tried those yet but I see them all the time at the gym. I generally like Inov-8 so it was tough writing the above review. Maybe the 210s could restore my confidence.

06/26/13 @ 12:35
Comment from: Kurt [Visitor]  

I like my 260's a lot. I have not owned any other pair of inov-8's, but do own other brands. I don't particularly like the strength of the velcro, but it is OK. I love the feel of the shoes, and feel like they handle wide feet well. I also like the no cushion in the soles of the shoes. Love them for a real minimalist shoe and great for jumping rope as well. What other inov-8 has the same sole? That's what I like the most. kw

12/11/13 @ 12:31