Comment from: Jeff [Visitor]

I love hiking the Arizona trails in my treks. Way better tahn traditional shoes, more comfort and more control. I also agree with you on the massage thing.

04/30/10 @ 16:08
Comment from: Peter Andrews [Visitor]  
Peter Andrews

I love my KSOs but have not had the chance to use them a huge amount yet (Vermont winter...). Unfortunately, however, despite light use, my KSOs have developed an open seam from between the 'keep stuff out section' and the main shoe part. I have sewed the seam up once but the seam is still pulling apart. Any one else have quality issues?

05/01/10 @ 11:53
Comment from: Timmers [Visitor]

I did the same hike (7miles each way on Bright Angel) last year in my VFF Flows! I had a about 7gallons of water on my back for my group as well. We also did Skeleton Pass, and headed up to Moab, UT in Arches that week. I was very impressed with my VFFs...never any discomfort over my 35+ hiking miles that week.

05/13/10 @ 10:47