Jan / 11 / 2023

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Shamma Sandals Trailstars Maximus LE (and XOTOES socks)

Overview Shamma Sandals continues to cook up new designs, while polishing their prior works over multiple iterations. The Trailstars Maximus is everything that I asked for when I revied its bigger brother, the TrailStars Alpha. Is the Trailstars Maximus the perfect sandal? Read on to see my thoughts! Also along for the review ride, a

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Feelgrounds Patrol Lite Boot

Overview Feelgrounds continues to impress with a lighter and sleeker version of the Patrol Winter boot. Featuring the same excellent sole design and a durable vegan leather upper, the Patrol Lite is an attractive everyday boot! From the Manufacturer The Patrol Lite is a classic boot perfect for spring and autumn. With its wide toe

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Shamma Sandals Trailstar Alpha Review

Overview Shamma Sandals has been busy in the lab! A new hybrid sandal that aims to combine the best traits of multiple sandal designs, The Trailstar Alpha. How did they do? Read on to see my thoughts! Gallery From the Manufacturer New Shamma Lacing, new possibilities- TrailStars are designed to take on the toughest trails

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Earthrunners Elemental Adventure Sandals

Overview A new Adventure performance laces for one of my favorite sandals! The Earthrunners Elemental Lifestyle Sandals have consistently been one of my most used sandals for running and hiking. The new Adventure versions hope to improve on durability and functionality!Read more to see my thoughts on the performance of the Earthrunners Elemental Adventure Sandals!

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Feelgrounds Patrol Winter

Overview The Feelgrounds Patrol Winter waterproof boot is an attractive, fleece-lined cold-weather boot that attempts to bring the new shoe company to the next level in terms of design and functionality. Does it succeed? Read on for my review of the Feelgrounds Patrol Winter~ From the Manufacturer The Patrol Winter unites barefoot functionality and timeless

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Feelgrounds Seaside Sandal

Overview The Feelgrounds Seaside is a unique and attractive sandal for everyday wear. It features a cork topper with antibacterial qualities, uses quality canvas in its construction, and is light and flexible for all kinds of ocean, and non-ocean, adventures. If you are looking for a comfortable everyday sandal that stands out, read on for

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