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Xero Shoes Denver Boot Review

Xero Shoes Denver Boot Review

Xero Shoes entered 2020 with a slew of brand-new models for every day, casual wear. In expanding their lineup, they achieved their best leisure design to date!

Xero Shoes sent me a pair of their new Denver boot to test and review. What I found—and you'll read on to learn—is that the Denver is a great chukka for all seasons and has a number of novel features to differentiate it from boots in the minimalist everyday category.

Click through to see my thoughts on the Xero Shoes Denver winter boot!

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2019 Shamma Sandals Ultragrip Chargers

2019 Shamma Sandals Ultragrip Chargers

Shamma Sandal’s Chargers have been one of my favorite sandals of the last few years. Now in 2019, Shamma has made tons of new updates and design changes to this best-selling sandal.

And since I'm such a fan of Shamma's take on huaraches/minimalist sandals, Josh sent me the current model of Chargers to put to the test—which I did by running around in Iceland!

Read through to see my thoughts on the new iteration of the Shamma Sandals Ultragrip Chargers!

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I Missed It

I Missed It
Where has the time gone? Where has my hair gone? I still have the VFFs in this photo.

It's been on my mind recently—a big anniversary of sorts coming up.

Only, as these things go, I thought about it and forgot it.

What's the big deal? Well, yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of BirthdayShoes.com.

I launched BirthdayShoes on April 17, 2009. Here is a look back at the lead-up — something I sent to my siblings as I deliberated on what domain to register and just what angle to take:

As I think I've mentioned to you guys, I'm hellbent on creating a site dedicated to vibram five fingers. It could be a total flop, who knows, but it'd be kinda fun to build it and see what happens. I was honed in on the domain betterbarefoot.com with the intention of shifting from the notion that "barefeet are better than shod feet" to "it's hard to be barefoot around town" to "five fingers allow you to practically barefoot around town" -- then I realized, this was entirely too complicated and I'd be better off just going straight the point, which is FIVE FINGERS ARE COOL AND YOU SHOULD GET SOME! Start there, and explain why later -- and the why is all post-hoc justification anyway. So now I'm leaning to the domain name birthdayshoes.com ...

I registered birthdayshoes.com on April 16, 2009. Then, on April 17, 2009, I made a grand announcement over a chat with my big brother:

I Missed It
"one STEP at a time" ... Oh boy.

BirthdayShoes' first "real" article came on April 19, 2009, with "The Painful truth about Sneakers." and was folllowed up two days later with my original review of the FiveFingers KSO.

Ten years is a long time. Over that time, a lot has happened:

  • BirthdayShoes over 6 million users have made their way here,
  • reading from the site's 800 posts ...
  • ... and over 300 shoe reviews.

And boy have I had a lot of shoes come my way.

Like so many things in life, I never would have predicted all the strange and great ways BirthdayShoes has affected my life. From the people I've met to even the work opportunities it's sent my way, my fear about whether this site might be a "total flop" has never been realized.

What About the Future?

What does the future have in store? Plans are still underway to update this site's aging (painful! I'm sorry!) design and pump some fresh blood into this site. Thank you all for supporting BirthdayShoes. Special thanks to all the reviewers over the years and especially Jarvis, who has really kept the train chugging along.

... And for the few of you who have been here from the beginning, thanks for sticking with it.

Review — Feelmax Kuuva 5 and Kuuva Trek

Review — Feelmax Kuuva 5 and Kuuva Trek

My favorite winter boot of all time is back for its fifth generation! The Feelmax Kuuva 5 aims to improve upon its long legacy of being the lightest waterproof boot in the world with a softer leather, a new waterproofing design, tougher brass hardware and other materials.

Alongside the Kuuva 5, Feelmax has also released a new water-resistant Kuuva Trek hiking shoe. Shorter than its winter boot counterpart, the Kuuva features the more flexible and shorter collar of previous Kuuva boots and a very flexible sole. Kuuva provided both of these shoes to review for BirthdayShoes readers, so without further adieu, read on!

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