BirthdayShoes forum member Jake “desaulniers” has taken a first look at the new black Vibram five fingers KSO Trek. In his video, Jake makes a number of keen observations as he compares his Treks to his black KSO fivefingers. Check it out:

Topics covered in the video include:

  • Differences in the Vibram sole between KSO and KSO Trek, specifically the KSO Trek sole using leather to cover the arch in lieu of the rubber coverage of the standard KSO.
  • The kangaroo leather upper of the fivefingers Trek being less “stretchy” as compared with the mesh upper of standard KSOs. As Jake has “wide/tall” feet, this is a point of consideration (Also note the strap length is a bit shorter on the Treks!).
  • And more!

Check the video out. Check out the forum discussion desaulniers started, too! All in all, very helpful information for anyone interested in getting the new VFF KSO Treks!

I gotta say, the black KSO Treks look pretty nice!

Thanks for sharing, Jake!