Comment from: Andrew [Visitor]  

I have been lusting after the five fingers for some time now and the Treks have sent me over the edge. I really appreciate your observations on the changes and definitely would like to hear more about leather arch. Can you feel the line between the sole and the leather? Is there any irritation or chaffing? Do you see any wear on the leather in the arch, as I assume there will inevitably be contact with the ground? I would also like to hear more along the lines of a breath-ability comparison.

09/18/09 @ 14:20
Comment from: Kevin [Visitor]

Hi Jake. Very good first attempt at reviewing. Informative and useful information. The only thing missing is a cat.

09/18/09 @ 15:32
Comment from: [Member]


I can't feel the line between the sole and the leather. Though I could see this part coming into contact with some protrusions from the ground, as you walk/hike/run more midfoot in VFFs, I don't foresee the leather arch covering as a lingering liability. We'll see.


Not everyone can have a movie star cat on call. Incidentally, "Zeke" absolutely loves his new bed - a.k.a. the Trek box.

Here's a photo:

09/18/09 @ 15:44
Comment from: Grok [Visitor]

This is a great review. It looks like Vibram took care of everything I would have wanted changed. Strap, rubber lip, narrower bottom, tougher materials, etc..

I haven't' had a pair rip yet, but a bit more rubber around the big toe would be a request from me. My toe bulges out that toe pocket enough that I can feel that the fabric is touching the ground.

09/18/09 @ 15:55

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