Feelgrounds Seaside Sandal

Overview The Feelgrounds Seaside is a unique and attractive sandal for everyday wear. It features a cork topper with antibacterial qualities, uses quality canvas in its construction, and is light and flexible for all kinds of ocean, and non-ocean, adventures. If you are looking for a comfortable everyday sandal that stands out, read on for

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Shamma Sandals Cruzers

Overview Sheer simplicity and uncomplicated enjoyment! Get the Shamma Sandals experience for an entry price! The new Cruzers provide many of the best attributes of Shamma Sandals in an entry-level model! From the Manufacturer Cruz on the streets, cruz on the mountains, cruz on the trails- Shamma Cruzers are designed to be durable, versatile, and

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Tadeevo Vegan Black Winter Minimalist boots

The Tadeevo Vegan Black Winter Boots are a comfortable, flexible, and cold-weather ready boot that is very flexible and warm! It’s combination of flexibility and warmth make it a very appealing boot for winter adventures. Read more for my review of the Tadeevo Vegan Black Winter Minimalist Boot!

Feelgrounds Original Knit

The Feelgrounds Original Knit is attractive, versatile, and comfortable lifestyle shoe with a breathable knit upper, flexible sole, and great aesthetics. A great minimalist shoe for everyday activities.

Vibram V-Train 2.0 Review

Made for fitness, the V-Train 2.0 has versatility beyond its fitness-oriented intensions with an excellent strap system, sole design, and durability. Welcome the next generation of the training line from Vibram!

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Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandal Review

Bedrock Sandals has released a new line of adventure sandals with a brand-new strap system aimed for tackling rugged terrain and protecting your feet from any obstacle you may encounter. Click through to see my thoughts on the Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandal!

Xero Shoes Denver Boot Review

Xero Shoes entered 2020 with a slew of brand-new models for every day, casual wear. In expanding their lineup, they achieved their best leisure design to date! Xero Shoes sent me a pair of their new Denver boot to test and review. What I found—and…