Tim Butterfield, who recently joined the Birthday Shoes Forums, has created a “dress mode” by modding his black KSO Vibram Five Fingers. Tim explains:

For the dress mode, I made a simple modification. I took a fine black Sharpie marker to the yellow logo on the top, the side, and to the top of the yellow padding in the back. The shiny logo thread of the top logo doesn’t blend entirely, but it is much less noticeable than before. The side logo has a slight gloss, but almost disappears. The black on the top of the yellow padding fades over time, but is still an improvement and is partially hidden by the back strap anyway. …

In the one picture, I am wearing some black Injinji performance crew socks. Though wearable, they are a tight fit. For a few hours it is fine. But, after a full day, they get uncomfortable. I’m going to check out some Feelmax toe socks to see if they are a thinner. Still, they do seem to be dress mode capable. And, in the rare case than anyone does notice and mention them, I wear them for health reasons. 😉

Tim’s “dressy” KSOs are one of two pairs he owns. His other pair, which I can only assume he considers casual, are blue camo classics (as he noted in the forums).

Are “dress mode” modded fivefingers enough to meet business casual standards? Maybe so. And like Tim, you can always say you’re wearing them for health reasons!

The Black KSO fivefingers modded to dress mode by Tim Butterfield
Tim originally posted these photos to his flickr page here.