Comment from: crunchysue [Visitor]

I can get my toes in my KSOs without hands, but not the heels.

08/04/09 @ 13:43
Comment from: Sterling [Visitor]  

I now have a new goal!

08/04/09 @ 22:49
Comment from: koffeekev [Visitor]

I hate to burst your bubble Justin but I just put on BOTH KSO's with no hands. The second one was a little tricky but I did it and can prove it. Just not now, i'm still working. I wasn't able to fasten the strap but i'm sure that can be forgiven. Kevin

08/05/09 @ 16:47
Comment from: [Member]


I wasn't able to fasten the strap but i'm sure that can be forgiven.

I think it's pretty debateable that the KSOs are really "on" if the strap isn't fastened. You're not likely to go roaming about with the strap dangling all loose, right?

Now, I will say, spurred on by your comment, I just spent probably five minutes putting on my KSOs, strapped and everything without hands. I did it sitting down and probably looked like a complete dufus doing it. In fact, my wife kept saying "what are you doing? Stop playing with your shoes!" But I prevailed and now I have my KSOs on. And I did it without hands.

Unfortunately, it's way too difficult to do (and I think even with practice it would be pretty difficult!) to do regularly. Convenience is what makes this trick actually worth learning with the Classics!

08/05/09 @ 17:32
Comment from: [Member]

I remember when I first saw this, before I owned a pair of Classics, thinking it didn't look too hard. Now, after a couple of days with my Classics, I feel pretty sure that I will never be able to do this. Like Sterling said, I have a goal!

04/25/10 @ 20:58
Comment from: iPhreak [Visitor]

Good lord... I have no toe dexterity. I will never be able to do that :)

05/14/10 @ 09:29
Comment from: Karin Edwards [Visitor]  
Karin Edwards

I love that someone is as geeky about this as I am! I have been known for my toe dexterity and "stupid human tricks" since childhood. So of course, I have learned to put on my leather Performas hands free!

The first key was learning to NOT overspread my toes while trying to insert them into the pockets. Using my opposite big toe to slip the heel on is the hardest part.

My other favorite trick: With barefeet, interlacing my toes without the help of my fingers. It's an old yogi trick.

Good luck everyone!

07/22/10 @ 18:40

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