About a year ago Lems Footwear debuted their Boulder boot, which we reviewed in detail here. Well, it’s over a year later now (boy does time fly!) and I’m happy to share a few photos (Thanks to Lems sending me a pair!) of the all-BLACK, 100% Nylon (and 100% Vegan if that’s your thing!) Boulder Boot. Check it out: As I’ve already gone into exhaustive detail about the Boulder elsewhere, I’m primarily interested in just sharing the aesthetic of these boots. Being all nylon and black, they have a certain military-esque feel to them (to my eye). At the same time, the black Boulders remind me of Seattle grunge (e.g. Google image search). If you’re after a black minimalist boot, the Boulders are worth a look. They run about $115 and I size into a 45, which is a surprising insomuch as my VFF size is typically a 43 and my VivoBarefoot size a 44 (usually). Lems’ handy-dandy sizing print-out (here, PDF) should eliminate sizing issues though. If you’ve got any questions about them, happy to answer! And if I had to pick between the brown Boulders or the black Boulders, I’d go black! They’re just sorta edgy and distinctive. But then again, both will work just fine with a flannel shirt (wink!).