Comment from: The Yeti [Visitor]
The Yeti

Great review! Luna sandals makes an awesome product. I have a pair of their equus sandals, and currently they are my favourite footwear, even though it's winter and I can't run in them. I have a review of them here:

I've got a pair of the Leadcats on my Christmas wish list, as I've been eyeing them for a whole now. The equus sandals are a little thin for heavy trails, so I think the leadcats will fit that bill perfectly! The other great thing about their premium models is that the shell cordovan leather top can be resoled. This will really extend the life of these sandals, so that you really get
your money's worth.

I can't wait for summer when I can wear my Luna's again!

11/22/11 @ 10:18
Comment from: maven [Visitor]  

I bought a pair of these, the ones without the extra leather footbed (which allows running in the rain), and they have become my favorite running shoes, until it is below about 45 degrees. Interestingly, these are the best minimalist shoes for running on pavement.

11/22/11 @ 12:31
Comment from: [Member]

I really don't like sandals and I don't like walking around with my feet exposed in public. I know I am a bit weird.

That being said I find these Luna sandals to be quite appealing. I have seen them in the Born to Run store in Bellevue. They feel quite nice to hold.

I just don't think I would ever wear them because like I said I don't like to show my exposed feet in public.

I could wear them in public with socks but socks and sandals are just a big fashion no-no.

On the other hand these could be an excellent option for something to slip on when I want to go let the dog out. I normally just go out with out shoes.

Nice review!

11/22/11 @ 16:54
Comment from: Justin [Visitor]

These sandals are BOMB! I love them. I have a pair of the Leadcats and also a pair of the Catamounts and hate to think of running in anything else! The Leadcats especially just eat up the rocky trails here in Colorado. It doesn't get anymore minimalist than running in sandals. Since discovering Lunas I've pretty much left my VFFs alone. The sandals tackle rough terrain better than the toe design of VFFs. There is more surface area to spread the shock/rough feeling over. Luna makes a legit product; you won't be disappointed!

11/22/11 @ 18:39
Comment from: Mark [Visitor]

$125 is a joke, right?

11/22/11 @ 19:13
Comment from: [Member]

@Mark -- $125 is certainly on the high side of huarache sandals out there so a purchase requires careful consideration of the alternatives. The LeadCats and all the Luna Sandals certainly set themselves apart in the quality of materials and attention to detail. My Original Lunas still have plenty of life left in them, but they've already proved to be a great value.

@Robert -- My feet would win no beauty contests (if there were such a thing). I've gotten over the whole cultural stigma associated with bare feet as I've prioritized comfort and health above fitting in. I wore my Lunas in Denver a few weeks ago when the weather was around freezing and my feet did just fine. If it gets any colder, I'll add the socks. It may be a fashion no-no, but for comfort and coziness it is a yes-yes!

11/23/11 @ 08:26
Comment from: The Yeti [Visitor]
The Yeti

@Mark: they do seem steep for a pair of thin sandals, but they really are worth the money. Their high-end models all feature a shell cordovan leather footbed, which is the same leather used in ultra-premium watch straps. This type of leather is the most durable cut you can find, and feels unlike anything else your foot will ever stand on. It has a soft and luxurious feel.

Couple that with being able to re-sole the sandals multiple times, and they pay for themselves a few times over. Luna charges 25 dollars to re-sole their sandals. Since it's more than possible to get 1,000 miles on one set of soles, you can get many years worth out of these things. Next, the build quality is wonderful. The sandals are hand made, and they really put a lot of effort and pride into their products. Not to knock VFFs but you can't get the same build quality from factory-made products for around the same price.

Their customer service is second-to-none as well. Being a small outfit they are very approachable, and respond to any questions you have by email same day. It may seem a steep price, but when you consider those points and know you are supporting a growing company in the US, it really makes sense!

I definitely have no regrets. Luna sandals rock!

11/23/11 @ 10:54
Comment from: Lynette [Visitor]

So my question is when running in huaraches, don't you get sand and grit sandwiched under your foot? Or does the molding of the sandal to your foot prevent this? I could never get into Teva (or Teva-like sandals) because of the sandpaper effect. Barefoot is much preferred. But barefeet do limit my trail mileage.
In regards to the fashion no-no. It is all in the eye of the beholder. Do what you like:)

11/28/11 @ 14:47
Comment from: [Member]

@Lynette: The closer the sandal fits to your foot, the less debris gets sandwiched between your foot and the footbed. I run mostly on dirt roads and rarely does anything get in there that causes a problem. Most of the time it works its way out after a few strides. Sometimes I have to stop and flick a small rock out with my finger however that rarely happens. I have run on these roads barefoot, and it feels great until I get too relaxed, become less vigilant, and catch a big rock under my foot. A thin sandal makes my runs a little less stressful without compromising too much in road feel.

11/28/11 @ 18:27
Comment from: Ted_S [Visitor]

Seeing the photos and the construction details of these, I'm hoping that they will replace my aging Montrails with their arch support and too-narrow forefoot. I've been looking at other minimalist sandals but those by large manufacturers have always been too narrow, (only half of the ball of the foot makes it onto the sole), and those by small companies have had too much of a home-made look.

I'm certain, though, that I will not be taking these on the trails. I stopped doing trails in sandals years ago when my big toe kicked a cholla pup. A few hours later, while seated at a restaurant, I had my foot on the table gingerly pulling out the barbed cactus spines that the cholla pup had left behind. Each barb extracted a small hunk of flesh.

11/29/11 @ 09:53
Comment from: Rustyspoon [Visitor]

How are they when it comes to running on rocks? Can you feel them?

12/13/11 @ 23:12
Comment from: [Member]

@Rustyspoon. It all depends on how large the rocks are. You'll feel rocks larger than about an inch but they won't hurt until they're larger than that. Of course it depends also on the condition of your feet.

12/14/11 @ 06:40
Comment from: Ironman1 [Visitor]

The whole idea of running In sandels is new to me. I know that it is something I would love to try and hopefuly love it as much as I love running in my shoes. I run for the most part on paved roads and right now am doing 8 -10 miles a day. I would love some feed back as to what would be a good model to buy?

01/04/12 @ 22:14
Comment from: [Member]

@Ironman1: Making the jump from traditional shoes to VFFs was as big as moving from VFFs to huaraches for me. From that I mean I had to get over the mental block of wearing something even stranger on my feet. Once I cleared that hurdle, I quickly got used to open toe running -- no rubbing, sweating, socks, stinky shoes! If you're looking at a starter set of huaraches, take a look at Invisible Shoes. If you're willing to spend a bit more, I'd go with the Original Lunas with a suede footbed and the Equus laces. These are great for paved runs -- I wear a pair of Original Lunas for half-marathons.

01/04/12 @ 23:01
Comment from: Pauline [Visitor]  

I own 2 pairs of the Equus model. I resole my own sandals as it's super easy to do when the rubber wears down. I have the old school knot on the bottom not the new countersunk design. I put a big glob of shoe glue on the knot, let it dry, then clamp it between two small wood blocks so it lays flat against the bottom of the sandals. Using this method I've never had to replace my Equus laces. Definitely WELL WORTH the $$. I was a dedicated fivefingers runner but ditched my vibrams once I started running in Luna Sandals. Buy a won't regret it!

03/07/12 @ 23:36
Comment from: Sheel [Visitor]

I wear the original lunas. Besides the price tag, I love everything about the sandal. Even that isn't for waste, like what the Yeti said, my one encounter with customer service was really nice. The guys at Luna really help with any problems

My Lunas are my constant companion when I am allowed to wear them. I can even stealth around in them better than my trailgloves! I wear these in school a lot, and they really feel great. I slip a little on smooth floors in originals, but for road running they do wonderful. Barefoot Ted's company truly makes awesome products.

04/03/12 @ 17:53
Comment from: Mike H [Visitor]
Mike H

Would these Luna Leadcats work well if I'm mostly walking on pavement?

I'm wanting to find a more durable replacement for my Xeroshoes sandals.

05/13/14 @ 09:28

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