Comment from: Aaron [Visitor]

Great review! I ran through last winter in a pair of Invisible Shoes with thick Injinji socks and did ok. Then, I got a pair of Original Lunas with the suede top and instantly fell in love. Now, I am coveting a pair with the MGT footbed but will have to wait on those.

For this winter here in Chicago, I have opted for my Altra Samsons. I like the extra coverage, but I am looking forward to getting back to my sandals come spring.

There are lots of good huarache sandals on the market, but I have to say the folks at Luna do it best. Making a great running sandal is both an art and a science. Their attention to materials and detail is second to none.

01/23/13 @ 12:42
Comment from: PB Junkie [Visitor]
PB Junkie

Congrats on your 15k Greg! Great review of the Tabis with Lunas. I've been using smartwool toe socks with cotton tabis and Leadvilles for temps in the teens and 20s and Unshoes Pah Tempes with smartwool toe socks and Drymax lite trail socks over top. I may have to pony up and try the Luna Tabi socks.

01/23/13 @ 13:10
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]

Congrats on the run!

Don't you find the sole of the Leadvilles a bit thick? Also, how do you think the socks would perform in wet weather/snow?

01/23/13 @ 13:42
Comment from: [Member]

@Aaron and PB Junkie - I tried injinji and smart wool, but the cold seemed to cut right through them. It may be the particular styles I had, but nothing's topped the Luna ones for running with huaraches for me.

Also @Aaron, I agree with you about Luna's attention to detail. I've only tried a few brands of huaraches so far and Lunas are the ones I wear most conistently. I still have a few more to try -- maybe eventually if I can try all the brands I'll put together a side-by-side of them all.

@Joe - I do think the Leadvilles are too thick for street running or flat, packed dirt. I wear classic Lunas for my regular runs. But for long trail runs with varying surfaces and all those roots and rocks, the Leadvilles hit the spot for me.

01/23/13 @ 14:59
Comment from: Aaron [Visitor]

Greg: I agree, different huaraches work best in different conditions. My Invisible Shoes and Lunas are both 6mm, but because the Invisible Shoes are rubber, whereas the Lunas are neoprene, the difference is quite noticeable. The Invisible Shoes are very firm, whereas the Lunas offer just a smidgen of (dare I say) cushion. Also, the fact that the neoprene of the Lunas molds to the shape of the foot and the great fastening system makes them that much more comfortable.

That said, I would probably not wear either sandal on anything gnarly. 6mm does not offer much protection at all, and the neoprene of the Lunas would wear down too quickly on rough ground. If I had more trails to run on, I would definitely get the Leadvilles.

As I have progressed along my barefoot/minimalist journey, I have come to accept the fact that, for me, different situations require more underfoot. I want my runs to be enjoyable and sometimes that means wearing shoes.

01/23/13 @ 17:43
Comment from: Mats [Visitor]

Good thing they added that monkey grip strip to stop the buckle riding down the sandal.
I had this problem and it made my sandals
nearly useless. After trying the to adjust them in every possible way I gave up and stitched them down with a needle and thread.
That took care of the issue.
But you lose some flexibility in adjustments, so if this really works it's a great improvement.

01/26/13 @ 06:46
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]

What happened to the Luna Leadville? I only see the Leadville Pacer on their website.

02/05/13 @ 13:47
Comment from: Michael B [Visitor]  
Michael B

Maybe my feet are shaped funny, or maybe I'm doing it wrong, but with my original Lunas and the ABT straps, wearing my Luna Tabi socks, the heel strap stays put for about 10 yards before slipping down and off my heel. Any tips?

04/05/13 @ 17:04
Comment from: [Member]

@Michael - Normally I'd say tighten up the heel, but it's possible that you also need to tighten up the long piece (the part that goes between your toes), as well. I've been running in various Lunas for about a year and the rule of thumb I've found is that if anything goes wrong in terms of friction, slippage, etc., then something needs to be adjusted. Because when they're adjusted right it's a beautiful thing. Problem is that it's really difficult to get the sandals to exactly that sweet spot. On average for longer runs I find that I usually have one adjusted just right and the other not. Then on the next run it'll be the opposite, since I'll have fixed the problem on the one but neglected to double check the first!

04/08/13 @ 11:24
Comment from: saurabh [Visitor]


Please tell me where I can buy these socks from? I need to purchase these immediately for my mother. I plan to travel soon and would love love love to bring them for my mother.

Thank you much
Hope to hear from you soon,

11/07/13 @ 20:54

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