Comment from: Jason [Visitor]

Saw the posting about this by vibram five fingers then went and read it. Really good stuff! Then went to grocery store and heard it on NPR!

01/27/10 @ 23:32
Comment from: Jeff [Visitor]  

This certainly isn't the first time we've come to realize that everything marketing and "common knowledge" has been telling us about someting being good for us is completely wrong. The milk industry has been doing this for years and there are now as many research studies telling us milk is bad for us as there are on tobacco. Shoe sales are no different.

I've been wearing VFFs for over 6 months now and I hope they never stop making them. 7 years ago I had an accident and severely fractured my left ankle. The ankle was fused (it no longer flexes up and down, only the forefoot) and I was told I'd never run again. 4 years ago through trial and error I figured out how to run again (and it would have been sooner had I been introduced to Chi running - that is the basic form I found on my own that works). Then I ventured to try the VFF KSO last fall and discovered it felt wonderful. I was regularly running at this point in "running shoes" and had to try VFF while running to compare. I found that an ache I normally got on my lateral knee in regular running shoes which was obviously associated with a stiff ankle disappeared with the VFFs. More than likely this was a result of the over padded sole of regular running shoes caused my foot to give and torque. The VFF's on the otherhand allow me to feel the forces upon striking the ground and correct to run properly for my biomechanics rather than try to foregive me for a bad though correctable (given the chance with feedback to the brain) running form.

I wear VFF's every day. KSO at work and Flow running, except for today, I ran in my new pair of Bikila.

I hope quality minimalist shoes continue to grow in popularity such as the Vibram FiveFingers!

05/29/10 @ 04:38
Comment from: Chelsey [Visitor]

While browing more on the subject, have found out that research on barefoot running and minimalist shoes has been the topic of conversation for sometime.

Read more from:

08/28/10 @ 04:15

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