Comment from: RayKay [Visitor]

I have a couple pairs of the ultralite crew ankle Toe Sox that my husband picked up for me at the outdoor retail show, and I have to say I actually prefer them to Injinis as the toes just fit my skinnier toes better (a more glove like fit) both width and length wise.

The toes on Injinjis are generally too long and too bulky for me. I wear them, but I get bunching up in all of my VFF's.

On the other hand, my husband finds the Toesox (also the ultralites) are too tight around his bigger and bulkier toes and that they cut into the webbing between his toes more (he does have slightly webbed feet). He likes Injinjis better.

09/07/12 @ 10:04
Comment from: Phil [Visitor]  

Great review. I checked out the Toe Sox website and I will order some soon. I love the Smart Wool toe socks.

Do the toes in Toe Sox stretch? That's the thing I love about the Smart Wool socks, the toes stretch to fit my toe size.

09/08/12 @ 02:38
Comment from: MasterBlaster [Visitor]  

I've spent a fortune on toe socks (I totally love them and have been wearing them long before I got my first pair of Vibrams), Injinji in particular. I love their rainbow striped ones =D Although the black rainbow ones seem to get holes in the big toe faster than the other colors (including the white rainbows). Not sure why, but I make an extra effort to keep my toenails clipped these days. I hate their super-thin socks.

Fila's socks suck! I'm a size 10.5 / 11 mens, and could only find their socks in Large, not Extra Large (my feet really aren't that big...) - they are way too tight and the ankle doesn't rise high enough to cover the top of the Vibram shoe. Waste of money.

I saw tons of people wearing their skeletoes shoes at the Six Flags waterpark this year, but I think the soles are way too thick, and I don't care for the 4-toe design. That's marketing for ya.

ToeSox are okay, but the only ones I have found are synthetic - I find them pretty uncomfortable, they stink up faster, and wear out pretty quickly. Then again, I haven't looked too hard, because I love my Injinjis (even if they ~are~ $12 each)

09/11/12 @ 11:37
Comment from: Kitkatbird [Visitor]

There's also another little known brand of toe socks called Toetoe. It's a UK based company but you order them online from a few places like which is actually a small sock shop in oregon. Best thing about them is they ship free with in the US. Back to the socks though, the reason why I will by them almost exclusively is because they are VERY resistant to that horrible 5 finger smell! It's actually quite remarkable. The only downside is if your VFF's fit you very snugly as they aren't exactly thin, and a lot of them only come in one size and stretch to fit (they do stretch a lot!) so if you have large feet they may not be very comfortable. Lucky for me they fit and they save me from the smell for months!

09/11/12 @ 18:42
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]

re MasterBlaster
"ToeSox are okay, but the only ones I have found are synthetic"

I saw they have a cocona line also, did you try that?

09/19/12 @ 15:48
Comment from: markus [Visitor]

too thick socks can peel off the cloth at the rubber sole of you five fingers, so be careful. or buy five fingers one size larger for winter!

09/24/12 @ 08:03
Comment from: MasterBlaster [Visitor]

Ahh.. so THAT is why my damn soles keep getting eaten away. I'm on my second pair of "Trek LS" shoes in 14 months and, for as comfortable and durable as the exteriors are, I've been pissed to find that the soles get eaten through at the heels. I always wear injinji socks with any of my Vibrams (unless I plan on getting them wet), otherwise they quickly smell wretched. But after two months, both pairs were worn completely through. My last pair died earlier this spring when the leather in the arch of my right foot cracked and formed a hole... disappointing, but I did wear them at least 4 days a week to work (I like my speeds or bikila LS for the weekends). But my new pair is already wearing out, and I am not happy! I tried gluing some "moleskin" to that section of the heel, but it too is becoming worn. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent this?

09/24/12 @ 10:55

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