Comment from: Chris Johnson [Visitor]
Chris Johnson

Nice review, Rachel. I have the Sprints as my only pair and have run one road marathon in them. They are wearing thin so I am debating my next purcahse. The Bikilas make the most sense because I primarily run on pavement and would like the extra sole for longevity. But the KSOs have the adjustable strap for better fit if I am on trails. I guess when i have the $$ to buy them I will get whatever is in stock since all the Vibrams are so popular.

07/28/10 @ 10:08
Comment from: Richie [Visitor]  

The strap on my KSOs is far more comical. I'm a guy wearing womens sizes (39) because I have such small feet, and my strap only *just* touches the start of the velcro. I have about half a centimeter of strap grip, but this hasn't caused a problem yet.

07/29/10 @ 02:26
Comment from: soronath [Visitor]

My feet look very much like yours, Rachel, down to the half-size difference (9.5 left, 9 right). The strap on my KSOs annoyed me so much I cut it off entirely. I think I got mine (size 40, I think) a tad small, so cutting off the strap actually made them more comfortable.

07/29/10 @ 10:23
Comment from: Pam ROberts [Visitor]  
Pam ROberts

I was so glad to read some of your comments as I know no one else who wears VFF. I too began in the Sprints, which have a saggy heel (I thought I had just measured wrong-they are 39's) Then I bought a pair of KSO's so I could be warmer in the winter. I have Parkinson's Disease and have some trouble leaning over to put my shoes on. Needless to say, the KSO's were a disaster. I could not get them on without a huge struggle. Eventually I ended up cutting the mesh upper part away and hemming the rest of the shoe, turning them into Mary JAnes. They are actually more comfortable than the Sprints and don't have a saggy heel (is it because you buy a size smaller,38, in this model)I agree about the strap...what were they thinking? Does anyone know of a closed-in model for women that is easier to put on? I wear mine for everything but I don't run anymore! Thanks.

08/30/11 @ 11:19
Comment from: Kiki [Visitor]

Fabulous review! I just purchased a pair for $39 so I couldn't resist. Great pic of the Camino too.

11/17/11 @ 10:51
Comment from: madi kanga [Visitor]
madi kanga

i love your revew since it brings up some difficulty in the fitting area which i am having costantly with VFF.
I wish to know if anyone else experienced difficulty with sizing KSO( but any VFF for this matter) having a wide foot( 40men) but also shorter than the lengh VFF 40M comes in .
40and 39 women are too narrow ( the KSO strap doesn't even close ), so i was wondering why Vibram doesn't make all models also in size 39MEN? Am i the only one with this issue ?

01/03/13 @ 18:51
Comment from: lois [Visitor]  

Do you make a strapless birthday shoe womens in cami?

05/22/13 @ 12:10

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