Comment from: Arman [Visitor]

These look awesome. I'm actually waiting for my pair to arrive. SOM customer service was awesome, I've sent them my foot tracings that I've used to order custom cut sandals and they told me the size to order based on my food shape.
Oh those also are water repellent and I'm sure can be transformed into waterproof with some silicone spray. The sides are made of cordura nylon and can def be sprayed.
I think it's an awesome fall time shoe for all kinds of activities. The pros are newflex soles, the wide toebox and water repellency. Oh and it's great that they are made locally in Colorado.

10/01/15 @ 14:15
Comment from: Tammy [Visitor]

Thanks for the feedback- we try to make buying shoes online as easy and enjoyable as possible :)

If there is a waterproof fabric you'd like to use for the upper, we could make you a custom shoe. We went with Cordura and WeatherMAX because we think they offer a good balance between being water resistant yet breathable.

10/05/15 @ 10:48
Comment from: Karl [Visitor]

Hi there! I'm curious to know about the ground feel in these shoes. If you take out the insole (for maximum ground feel) is there another minimalist/barefoot type running shoe you could compare it to? I currently own vivobarefoot evo pures (can feel everything) and softstar shoes with the 5mm trail sole (muted ground feel).

Thanks for the review!

04/04/16 @ 15:31
Comment from: Guy [Visitor]

Bit of a necro post, but can anyone tell me how these compare in toebox width to Lems Primal 2s?

08/05/18 @ 19:48

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