Comment from: Anon [Visitor]

Spot on about the excessive branding. It kills a seemingly great product.

04/19/12 @ 10:49
Comment from: PB Junkie [Visitor]
PB Junkie

I agree that they are quite narrow. I have a pair and really like them, but the width in the toe box keeps me from wearing them very often. If you don't have wide feet though, they're great, very comfortable and amazing ground feel.

04/19/12 @ 11:10
Comment from: Mr. Leigh [Visitor]
Mr. Leigh

I think the price point is a good start for those looking to get into minimalist footwear. I would rather see someone buy these than the Skeletoes, which are not at all minimalist. I do tend to agree that the branding is a bit much. Less is more in my opinion.

04/19/12 @ 11:43
Comment from: James [Visitor]

Yeah, good review. While my Review was different in terms of the satisfaction level, I agree with you on all points. I tested in the black ones, which use a very dark color for the giant "SOCKWA" on the side so it blended in more but I do wish they would take that away. and although the narrowness of the toebox isn't that much of an issue for me (iv'e used them for 970 miles!) I for some reason have started having issues with my right pinky toe getting blistered, and I think the Sockwa is to blame because of the tight toebox. greate idea, great value/duability, but there are flaws. it's a good thing the company is very open to feedback though, we will see some of the problems fixed. (In case your listening, Dave, in addition to a wider toebox, an antimicrobal footbed like one used in the Merrell gloves would be nice!!! mine sell like death!!) :)

04/19/12 @ 17:57
Comment from: Javier Cortez [Visitor]
Javier Cortez

I'm assuming the Moc3 is pretty similar in ground feel?

I've always wondered how these would work out.

thanks for the review!

04/19/12 @ 22:46
Comment from: Sytera [Visitor]

I can't believe I am just now seeing these!! I've been wearing Classics exclusively for 2.5 years now. I tried Bikilas and looked at other "barefoot" shoes but they are all so blasted thick compared to my beloved Classics. Now that I see these I think I will have to beg the husband to buy me a pair!!! Thanks for the great review!!

04/21/12 @ 00:18
Comment from: Chris [Visitor]

My Sockwa G3s just arrived in the mail yesterday and I'm loving them so far. I have pretty narrow feet (3.5" x 10.5") and I'm wearing a size 11 G3. They feel somewhat loose and nonrestrictive which is a significant change from my Sprints. The lack of weight threw me off at first but I'm getting used to it after a couple trial runs. The logo doesn't bother me but it might actually be harder to see on the G3 colors? Dave, why is there no grey color for the G3? I like the red but grey would've been ideal.

04/24/12 @ 12:02
Comment from: Scary [Visitor]

I picked up a pair of black G2's and I do have slightly wide feet, well foot. My reason for getting them is because my right leg is a prosthetic and I can't really go full barefoot or I destroy the foot shell. These provide a great cover and protection for them, but on my good foot they do tend to cut into the top of my ankle a bit. I've been told the G3 handles that issue and is not as binding around the ankle. I also bought a pair of grey playa hi-tops and those feel incredible when walking around "Barefoot" (Or as close to it as I can get).

04/24/12 @ 12:37

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