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LEM Boulder Boot Review

Lems Shoes (the barefoot shoe company formerly known as Lemming formerly known as Stem Footwear) recently dropped their new boot for Spring 2013—the Boulder (see Meet Lems Boulder, the Barefoot Shoe Boot for the original release announcement).…

Belleville Mini-Mil Minimalist Boot Review

When the UPS guy dropped of the box of the Mini Mil boots by Belleville I could hardly contain my joy. I talked about these boots a little while ago and really hoped they would meet the need for boot with more protection while still being quite minimal…

Vivo Barefoot Gobi Boot Review

With the success of Vivo Barefoot’s ultra-popular “Ra” comes the release of a Ra-like ankle high leather boot called the Gobi. Vivo shot me a pair of these Gobis to test out, and I’m happy to oblige ? these boots are comfortable, make my feet happy, an…

VivoBarefoot Off Road Hi Boot Review

Sometimes you just need an old fashioned hiking boot. But you don?t have to settle for the traditional kind. The Off Road Hi boots are VivoBarefoot?s minimalist version.
I was intrigued by the minimalist boot idea since boots tend to drag…

OTZ Troop Boot Review

It is winter time. For some of us that means it is time to bust out the winter boots and slosh our way through the winter months. I recently picked up the OTZ Troop Boot a winter weather friendly minimalist boot. I thought I would share with you

Clean lines and premium materials make the men's Bormio boot a great fall casual. Built on a traditional FiveFingers Trek platform, the men's Bormio boot features a fully lined kangaroo upper and rugged EVA and performance rubber sole. Side-zip closures c

Bormio Vibram FiveFingers Review

Toe Shoes Boots? For Fall 2011 Vibram has introduced an ankle high boot to the FiveFingers line for casual wear. The men’s toe boots are made of all kangaroo leather that has double zippers on either side of the ankle and features the Vibram Trek sole. Review, photos, more …