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EL-X FiveFingers – Running Review

When Vibram discontinued the original FiveFingers “Classic” last year, they rebooted the series with a completely redesigned model called the EL-X that has only been out for a few weeks. This is one of the most minimalist outdoor FiveFingers to date.…

Black El-X FiveFingers Out!

The wait for the all black men’s Vibram Fivefingers El-X is over!

You can get them now with free two-day shipping (through Feb. 10) here for $75.

Vibram FiveFingers El-X First Look

Vibram just released the most minimalist pair of FiveFingers since the (discontinued and limited-use/indoor-only) Moc. It’s called the FiveFingers El-X. It’s a men’s model that rivals (beats?) the original Classic FiveFingers in terms of ground feel,…