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SeeYa later, ‘shroom!

A couple of months back I followed Mellow Mushroom on Twitter (@MellowMushroom). A few days after that, I pulled on my FiveFinger SeeYas to go out for a run and something slightly unexpected occurred.

Yes it was creepy, but fortunately he had a h…

Women’s SeeYa Vibram FiveFingers Review

As soon as I saw my pale blue SeeYas, I thought they looked very aquatic. There’s a water droplet design on the upper and along the velcro strap that gave me the initial impression that they are some kind of footwear meant for the water. But they’re a…

A review of the Spring 2012 Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa, the ultralight toe shoes for road running.

SeeYa Vibram FiveFingers Review

No longer are we limited to “one type fits most situations” but now there are VFFs to suit your specific activity. It’s clear that the SeeYas are design for pavement running and racing and while they excel at this task, I don’t think I’d wear them for much else.

The Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa is coming Spring 2012 and will be the lightest running-specific pair of toe shoes to hit the market yet.

Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa First Look

The Vibram FiveFinger Seeya is one of the new models in the Spring 2012 lineup. Aimed at the running/fitness community, the Seeya is one of the lightest models yet with weight savings coming from a unique sole that only has rubber on the