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Trek LS FiveFingers Video Review

The other day I took a few minutes to do a quick video review of the recently released Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS (See my full review of the Trek LS Vibrams here).

In the review I cover things like:

Ground feel of the Trek LS
Different la…

The Fall 2011 Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS, all-leather Vibram toe shoes for everyday wear (though you could certainly do an impromptu sprint, dead lift, or tree climb in them if need presents itself!).

Trek LS Vibram FiveFingers Review

For Fall 2011 comes the all leather Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS, a five toed shoe for men that pushes footwear trends to new levels of insanity: toe shoes for everyday wear? Wearing FiveFingers in a business casual setting? Five toed shoes as fashion-forward footwear? Toe shoes for the modern man?