Comment from: Aleks Totic [Visitor]
Aleks Totic

Thanks for going into detail about the narrowness of new Vivo designs. Their older designs had heel-to-toebox ratio of 1.6, newer designs are 1.3.

I was all-Vivo, all the time for years, until their molds went tight. Since then, I buy a couple new models every year, hoping they'd eventually start feeling comfy. They do not, and now it's all Lunas all the time. Not nearly so stylish...

I've been having a hard time finding zero-drops for my kids. Merrell's Glove have spoiled me, have not found anything that sturdy since.

10/05/15 @ 18:23
Comment from: [Member]


You are welcome -- and I, too, have struggled to find zero-drops for the kids. Way back I bought a few extra sizes of the kid's trail glove but now they have been outgrown/worn out (both).

10/06/15 @ 11:47
Comment from: Isiah [Visitor]

Have either of you gentlemen considered Sanuk? I compared a pair from Sanuk's Sidewalk Surfers line to my Vivo Ra II's to find that they have similar toe-box and lasts, plus they have a kid's line! Although the sidewalk surfers have a thicker, stiffer sole than many of my minimalist shoes, they are still zero-drop. And the regular line of shoes do in fact have removable insoles.

10/06/15 @ 19:36
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

Thank you for this review. Even though I own three pairs of Vivos (Gobi, Oaks, and one other pair that's no longer made and I can't even remember the name of) I've always felt they looked "clownish". Always wishing they would narrow the toe box a bit. Thanks to you pointing out that they are narrower, I will check out the Drakes!

10/07/15 @ 13:55
Comment from: [Member]

I love my oaks! Just can't kick scooter with them because of the flexible heel. I had some issues with narrowness in newer models. The Ra and Gobi were great but the "II" versions not so much for my size E feet.

Excited for the Aqua reboot. Hope they'll be okay for my feet.

10/08/15 @ 03:15
Comment from: Mark Ferwerda [Visitor]  
Mark Ferwerda

They need to make the "Oak" again. I wore out two pairs and still wear a pear that has a hole in the sole. They worked so well for work too.....

10/08/15 @ 14:41
Comment from: Mats [Visitor]  

Could you say something about the sizing compared to Gobis I have both v1 and v2) and other models? I've seen comments indicating that it runs slightly small/tight-ish. Especially in the instep. Vivo doesn't have a shoefitr link on it's page yet, so any comments are welcome.

Also, how does the quality seem? Comments on their website seems to indicate that some are having problems with low quality stitching.

10/09/15 @ 03:59
Comment from: [Member]

Stitching hasn't been a problem so far. As for the instep I'm going to be of little help as I don't have a very high instep, so never had a problem with vivos. I would venture to say that if you have a high instep the narrower last could make things a little more snug.

10/17/15 @ 08:40
Comment from: dave at runopedia [Visitor]  
dave at runopedia

wow, I really like the look of the Drake, I have been wearing vivobarefoot shoes for about 5 years but I only purchase when they 'go bad' and wear through or stitching goes. I say this because I only look at their website when I need to. So, I am surprised by the look of them as they look more traditional which I like. I always love the feel but haven't always loved the duck feet appearance. Thanks for reviewing this shoe.
Dave (I think you will allow this url from your above comments section-we are a running blog directory, if not just remove. Thanks, don't want to get spammy on you. Dave

11/08/15 @ 18:43
Comment from: Bobby [Visitor]  

So having ordered some, I did find that my normal size (43) felt too small and narrow, so I went up to a 44 and I'm concerned that they may be too big??? About how much toe room do you have in yours? Does your foot kinda follow that flat trea pattern on the underside of the shoe? I don't want them to be all floppy and have my foot sliding around in them, and would rather find another model if they are too big. What's your suggestion?

12/03/15 @ 18:44
Comment from: [Member]

Mine fit snugly but not uncomfortably so -- do you have wider feet? I wonder if your foot is higher volume than mine (I have fairly narrow feet).

I wear 44 in VBs ... the only exception is the Vivo Oak, which I happen to have on now. The 44 Oaks were just a little too big.

Bottom line: if they feel too big I'd not keep them. That would drive me crazy.

12/04/15 @ 10:16
Comment from: Bobby [Visitor]  

Yeah I am a 43 in every other pair of VB, which is why i was so surprised... I've got the Ra II, the Trail Freak, Evo Pure, and the Ultra II, all in 43... maybe I just got a bummer pair? I know that quality control can slip at times with VB... My right foot is a touch wider than my left, but not so much so that I should need to size up. Maybe I'll give it another shot from a different site?

12/04/15 @ 11:38
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]  

Can you comment on the breathability? I've been using the Freud for close to a year now and recently started noticing that my feat are wet when I take them off at home after work. Sometimes they become wet while at work. It's really an awful experience to be stuck there with no option to change what's going on with my feet (IE take the bastards off and walk around barefoot).

01/05/16 @ 16:37
Comment from: [Member]

Haven't had any breathability problems. I could see that happening with the Fried do to the different upper material -- possibly less breathable. The suede of the Drake seems to breath fine in my experience.

01/06/16 @ 06:37

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