Comment from: Jon Guild [Visitor]
Jon Guild

Well said!

I had exactly the same path, as I suspect many have, going through three phases: 1) denial/disbelief ("Me, wear clown shoes?"), 2) acceptance ("Maybe there's something to be said for barefoot/minimal running."), and fanatacism ("Yes I wear them to bed." ;).

I'm a 3-fer (three pairs of VFFs), even though I only need one pair. Hearing that you have five pairs makes me feel better, that there is someone more fanatical than I am!

07/06/10 @ 10:07
Comment from: Lindsey [Visitor]

Thank you! Yes, I only NEED one pair as well, but as I like to say, five are more fun! :-D

And to clarify, the USAF does indeed allow VFFs to be worn in most instances, depending on the unit commander. My local base allows them, and it's always fun going to the gym and seeing people (both military and civilian) wearing Vibrams. I just can't take them into training. Hopefully when I complete that, I can return to running and working out in VFFs. We shall see! :)

07/06/10 @ 22:24
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]

Welcome to the club Lindsey!
As a member of the armed forces (army), I can tell you that your VFF's can be worn within regulations provided you stand your ground and know your regulations - in this case AR670-1 (remember that one, trust me)

Save for basic training (which is a little inflexible on the topic of footwear) all you need is a pair of white injinji toe socks (without a visible logo) that cover your ankle bone while wearing the shoes and you're within regulations.

Good luck, maybe I'll catch you down-range!

07/07/10 @ 02:12
Comment from: Lindsey [Visitor]

Thank you Jay! Take care and good luck to you as well. :)

07/08/10 @ 12:44
Comment from: Andy [Visitor]

Best of luck, Lindsey. Probably if you call it something like Stealth Running it might get some traction, so to speak. I was curious to see if any of the services were integrating barefoot techniques:

(Pvt. Primeaux has some funky looking toes.)

07/09/10 @ 12:53
Comment from: Megan [Visitor]

It's already been said that the AF is allowing them, but I just wanted to confirm it for you. I'm not sure about basic trainees, but they've recently been approved for PT testing here at Lackland AFB! My husband (who still thinks I'm crazy for my love of VFFs) is still in shock about that one!!! I'm working on him though! He suffers from shin splints and lately knee pain. Maybe someday he'll give them a chance!

07/12/10 @ 14:28
Comment from: Lindsey [Visitor]

Thank you Andy and Megan! I appreciate the further input. I've not heard it confirmed nor denied that VFFs are allowed at OTS (at Maxwell), but I've chosen not to wear them anyway. No one needs the extra grief. I'm hoping the Mizuno flats will give me a similar feel and allow me to still get the benefits of minimalist running while in a very strict training environment. I've heard some other Officer Trainees state that they're going to wear VFFs, but I've not yet heard of them actually being used in training. We'll see!

07/12/10 @ 17:36
Comment from: Jennifer M [Visitor]
Jennifer M

I am also in the AF and have seen the recent boards in MyDP and am skeptical about buying my first pair. I want running to be fun and enjoyable. I'm a 3-mile at a time (about twice a week) type runner and haven't done much long distance. Do I dare buy my first and try them out in the summer? Or wait? I don't know!!

07/14/10 @ 13:24
Comment from: Lindsey [Visitor]

Hi Jennifer:
I don't know what's being said on the MyDP forums, but I stand by my statement that VFF/barefoot running has helped me become a better runner and learn to really enjoy it. I wouldn't be nearly as far along as I am now if I stuck with conventional running shoes. There is a pretty positive reaction around my base regarding VFFs. No reason why you'd have to wait - if you're looking at getting a pair, I highly suggest them! You can play around with VFF and barefoot running in your spare time. Don't feel pressured either way. It's best to figure this out on your own time. Best of luck!

07/14/10 @ 16:15