Comment from: Ted_S [Visitor]  

I read your review of the Shamma Warriors and ended up getting them, and then the Mountain Goats, for long hikes/runs in the mountains of southern California and the Sierra Nevada. The terrain is usually rocky, with a lot of pebble-sized pieces of sharp rock that make their way into the sandal and eventually leave. This isn't much of an issue if they leave fairly quickly with just a wiggle or two of the foot.

How do the Pah Tempe fare in this regard? Is it fairly easy to dislodge pebbles, or a struggle? Since the feet are tightly strapped in, it seems that it might be a lot harder.

08/21/14 @ 00:02
Comment from: jarvis [Member]  


I'm glad you liked the review for the Warriors!

Which ones do you prefer for mountain trails?

While the Mountain Goats are made for more treacherous terrain, I still prefer the flexibility and nimble-footed speed of the Warriors.

With the Pah Tempe, you can simply give a quick shake and usually any small pebbles should come out without an issue.

Your feet are more strapped in, but those sections actually would prevent debris from getting underfoot.

Also, with Unshoes, you choose a near-custom template for your foot, so you are less likely to have excess sole to catch stuff on.

Hope this helps!

08/21/14 @ 16:25
Comment from: Scott [Visitor]

I purchased the original 4mm sandal and still love it...just not for running as the strap that crossed the bottom of my big toes rubbed blisters.

Do you see anything in the new standard sizing model that may reduce this from happening?


08/26/14 @ 14:05
Comment from: jarvis [Member]  


The older Pah Tempe model did the same with my big toe.

If you take a a look at the comparison photos of the older model with the newer model, you will see that this new update provides a much wider splay and enhanced comfort because the where the straps anchor in. You basically get a handful of extra mm of toe space!

The sizing may be slightly different for you, but I have noticed that I wear the same size, but have much more space with the newer models.

08/30/14 @ 08:49
Comment from: Jack [Visitor]

Great review.

Between warriors and pah tempe,
1) which one more durable?
2) which one can withstand advanced bodyweight workout (eg burpee)?
3) which one is lighter?


10/03/14 @ 05:48