Comment from: Toby [Visitor]

Oh wow. Great review!

I cannot wait to give these a try!

Thanks for the write-up and the beautiful pictures!

So, not that it's been a little while longer, do you have a favorite?

06/09/14 @ 16:29
Comment from: chris [Visitor]

that is a great review, very informative. it was particularly good how you compared the two types, and linked them in to other sandals.

I was until this review going to buy xero shoes amuri clouds; for walking, playing with the kids, road running and trail running.

I live in the UK, it's wet here a lot, even in the summer and there are a lot of streams and muddy bits to run through on trails.

I have used VFF's for a year and am looking to add sandals/huaraches to the shoe lineup.

1) of the two Shamma's, it sounds like the warrior would be the better for me?

2) how would you compare the warriors to the amuri cloud's?
* wet weather running (how is that leather top affected by being wet alot?)
* comfort and grip for road and trails? ground feel you said was higher in the Shamma's.
* ease of adjustment and putting on (slip on / slip off wear)
* balance and feeling of the sandal when running, i'm particularly thinking the cloud's heel cup will make the back heavy and unbalance it.

Value for money; visual design quality; longevity/durability and customer service look pretty equal between Shamma and Xero shoes, so it's a hard choice to be honest!

not sure on UK availability of Shammas either which is another hurdle to overcome!

Thanks again for the review :)

06/09/14 @ 19:48
Comment from: [Member]


While the JCs and Warriors are very similar, there are enough differences that warrant a purchase for one over the other for specific situations and certain types of runners.

I would definitely say that the Warriors are superior for hiking and rock hopping. I wore them for three trips to Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, CO and they performed perfectly.

The JCs are a little thicker, quieter, and better suited for road running and light trails. The ground feel trades between the two: The JCs are thicker, but softer, while the Warriors are thinner, but denser and more flexible.

I love them both and I could not really choose between the two overall, but would pick one over the other, depending on the situation.

I would recommend the Warriors over the JCs for muddy trails. The VIbram Newflex sole is definitely better for slippery terrain, while the JCs are too flat and soft for that kind of stuff.

I actually got a pair of Amuri Clouds and returned them after going on a couple of trial runs.

For one, they are too narrow for my wide feet and usually either my big toe or little toe would either contact the ground or--at the very least--the harder Feel True sole. which is a painful contrast to the softer barefoam.

Another MAJOR issue I had (and your experience may vary) was that the toe post is anchored into a circle of feel true rubber within the barefoam. Even though the majority of the top of the sandal is the foam material, the outer edge and space surrounding the toe post is hard rubber, which ended up running off some skin on my big toe and the section between my big and index toe (right where the toe post would be). I also experienced some rubbing on my heel from the rubber strap.

By comparison, Shamma Sandals are more comfortable for me and I experience ZERO discomfort when running in them. They really do feel well strapped onto my feet and I can really feel like I'm wearing nothing at all sometimes. The leather heel strap and softer & and wider materials (compared to the cord that Xero Shoes uses) is more much seemless.

If you tighten up either the warriors or JCs, wet running is not a problem, even with the leather footbed.
Groundfeel was EXCELLENT for trail running in the Warriors. I was mountain goating all around Colorado.

The adjustments for the straps is a piece of cake. I actually fiddled with my Amuri Clouds (and Ventures) for a long time to get the right fit, while Shammas really should only take a few moments. I can even stop in the middle of a run to adjust the straps in mere seconds, if needed.

The heel cup of both the Amuri Cloud and Amuri Venture seem completely unnecessary IMO and definitely make for a heel heavy sandal (especially in the Clouds). I'm not a fan of them, but you could probably cut it off, but the length of the cup is built into the length of the sandal, so you may cut off more than you would want to be comfortable to run in.

Honestly, I love the work the Shamma Sandals has put into their shoes. They are always making updates and refining their products. I love that they are made in California and they way they look. They have a more substantial, primal, and less toy-like look than the Xeroshoes offerings. For me, they are the best running sandals I've ever tried and cannot praise them enough. I've been somewhat disappointed with the Amuri line, but will revisit xeroshoes when they make updates or new models.

06/10/14 @ 16:42
Comment from: Jacob Huff [Visitor]  
Jacob Huff

Great review! Because of this review I bought a pair of the Warriors. I have been running in Vibrams for two years and decided this summer to try our running sandals. So I bought the Xero Shoes Amori Cloud (also based on this site's review) and the Warriors. I really like both pairs but the Warriors are a dream to run in! I have run them on some very technical and rocky trail and loved them. I will not likely run in anything else until winter.

Thanks so much for your review.

07/23/14 @ 21:03
Comment from: Mike H [Visitor]
Mike H

For mostly pavement walking,which of these 2 sandal models would work best?
(The Cruisers or the Warriors..)


07/28/14 @ 00:53
Comment from: Jacob Huff [Visitor]  
Jacob Huff

I haven't used the Chuisers but my Warriors are really comfy to me on all surfaces.but I imagine you couldn't go wronge with either of these.

07/28/14 @ 22:31
Comment from: Carolyn R [Visitor]
Carolyn R

Thanks for the great review! I have tried a pair of xero barefoot shoes and was disappointed in the way the front of the sole seemed to always want to bend under my foot and result in a tripping hazard. Have you ever had this issue with the shammas?

08/01/14 @ 10:20
Comment from: [Member]

Both the cruisers and the warriors are very comfortable to walk in.

The warriors are more flexible and thinner, so that might make it a little better for walking, but the JCs are thicker and a little softer, so it's really a toss up.

08/03/14 @ 21:34
Comment from: Jacob Huff [Visitor]
Jacob Huff

Carolyn, I also have a pair of Xero shoes Amori Clouds and have seen this problem with them. I actually use my Warriors for running and my Xeros for walking around. That said, if you offered me a fair trade for another pair of Warriors for my Xeros I would take it. The Warriors have less extra material around the foot. They also fit more snugly. I like the toe post better on the Amori and I like that it is good to go in the water with but I like everything else about the Warriors better.

08/12/14 @ 13:37
Comment from: [Member]

Jacob and Carolyn,

I have both the Amuri (called Sensori at the time) and the Amuri Clouds.

I found their soles to be too narrow for my feet and the Amuri Clouds have odd spots of hard rubber that stick out from the soft EVA around the toe post and at the edges of the sandal and they actually caused blisters on my tough feet.

Overall, the Warriors and Jerusalem Cruisers are definitely the BEST interpretation of the traditional huarache that I've reviewed. The toe post is very comfortable and the the sandals really do a great job of moving with my foot.

I would say that only newly updated Pah Tempe beats out the Shamma Sandals in terms of versatility.

08/15/14 @ 17:16
Comment from: Mike H [Visitor]
Mike H

How waterproof are the Warriors?

(I just ordered my first pair.)

Really looking forward to getting them.

08/18/14 @ 19:42
Comment from: [Member]


They are essentially waterproof. The leather footbed does get wet, but it doesn't slip when running in the rain.

The JCs have a softer sole material, but they are also essentially waterproof.

You can simply air dry them after a river run and they will be good in the morning.

08/21/14 @ 09:00
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]  

I echo everyone's praise for this helpful review. I usually run barefoot, but when cold or trails require shoes,I have been enjoying Luna Venados for the last year. I have a pair of Jerusalem Cruisers on the way and am excited to try them.

09/06/14 @ 19:02
Comment from: Martin [Visitor]

Any particular reason you prefer shamma so much over the bedrocks?

(trying to learn more about the benifits of each since I just cant order all the sandals in the world already having to many, basically what im looking for is a lacing system that still sits good enough even after a 30k run or easy enough to adjust without having to fiddling to much with the cord)


04/04/16 @ 09:12
Comment from: [Member]


I am a huge fan of Shamma Sandals. They recently updated their designs. Look for a review coming up soon!

I like that the fit is simpler and tighter (Y-shape instead of the angled toe wrap) and they feel more secure over the EarthRunners in my opinion.

04/04/16 @ 09:40
Comment from: Flavio [Visitor]

Hello Jarvis,

would you run on streets with the warriors?

Thank you in advance.

07/07/17 @ 08:53
Comment from: KRISTOFFER GO [Visitor]

how to order?

11/27/18 @ 22:04
Comment from: [Member]


I run with them in the street all the time!

Kristoffer, you can order from Shamma Sandals website

11/28/18 @ 09:09

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