Comment from: LJHudd [Visitor]

Sweet picture! Congrats on a great time, nice shoes :)

09/03/10 @ 10:58
Comment from: Patrick McGinley [Visitor]
Patrick McGinley

I love this picture. He is right about next year - the youngsters should be sporting the VFFs. :)

09/03/10 @ 15:43
Comment from: Richie [Visitor]

Great job and very inspiring. Looks like your kids are you biggest fans, I'm sure they keep you very motivated!

09/04/10 @ 11:10
Comment from: Jawa [Visitor]


09/06/10 @ 15:25
Comment from: John MacLean [Visitor]  
John MacLean

Congratulations, Blair! I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and I have been running in KSOs once per week (non-technical trails) since May, 2010, and have been thinking about ordering the Bikilas ever since I saw them on this site. I currently "rotate" 3 or 4 different lightweight/minimalist shoes for road running, but seeing/reading your story has pushed me over the edge - I think I'm going to order a pair this week! Any recommedations for a fellow Canuck on where to order from?


09/07/10 @ 08:45
Comment from: Adam [Visitor]

Do you really run marathon in those? What speed to you keep? per min?

09/08/10 @ 09:34
Comment from: Blair Mann [Visitor]
Blair Mann

Thanks for the great feedback everyone.

Just to answer a couple of the feedbacks.

John - I purchased my Bikilas from since I had a friend in Boston at the time to bring them to Canada...they don't ship internationally. I have ordered from They take a while to get shipped out, but I got them. I have a pair of TrekSports currently on order there now. Visit the stores listed here at birthday shoes and check inventories and shipping info. good luck and enjoy. You might be able to get Oh My Sole to order you a pair - they are in Halifax and stock Vibrams, but they don't have the newer models.

Adam - yep, I have run all my races on them to date this year. I ran a 4:01 and 3:52 full marathon times so far. I have run short distances a lot quicker, but no issues with the feet - only my weight and conditioning holding me back, the shoes only help. I am getting faster in them than I was in shoes.

09/14/10 @ 12:56

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