Comment from: Noah [Visitor]

Alan seems like a really cool dude. I've enjoyed reading his blog and talked with him a few times about the run.

He's been my inspiration for running a half in my 5fingers. I think it might be a little too ambitious for me at this point...We'll see.

Not a bad time either! I love the photo as you can see everyone is looking at his feet.

09/24/09 @ 13:47
Comment from: helen [Visitor]

i ran my first race - a half-marathon here in Cape Town - this past weekend in my pair of KSOs, and lopped 15 minutes off my usual plodding time. i loved running in them - felt springy and light and able. i was the only person running in alternative footwear and got loads of comments -- most of them positive. one runner passed a snide comment that i would most definitely get shin splints - hilarious when you consider that it's the heel strike kind of running normal shoes encourage that results in this type of injury. south africa is still lagging behind in the barefoot scene, but i think it will start to grow. i suffered a little with sore, tight calves after the race, but the following day felt absolutely fine. running in vibrams makes me feel like a kid again!

11/16/09 @ 11:20
Comment from: Catherine Bezubiak [Visitor]
Catherine Bezubiak

Found this site through my cousin Jessie who is Alan's son's girlfriend. I just got myself a pair of FiveFinger Sprints. They are INCREDIBLE! I love them. I used to get crippling pains in my foot after only 5 minutes on any cardio machine at the gym while wearing traditional runners. I wore my FiveFingers to the gym for the first time and went for a 45 minute 'ski' on the elliptical. Almost cried, I was so happy:D

01/12/10 @ 20:26
Comment from: Claus [Visitor]

Trying to access Alan's blog I'm told that I need permission to enter? Could this because I'm located in Europe?

10/19/10 @ 10:08

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