Comment from: ashegam [Visitor]

lol, I love the "Dangerous" part. I think from now on anyone who asks me how my VFF's are, I'll say "Dangerous". haha

05/19/10 @ 08:44
Comment from: AshleyR [Visitor]

I love the last line about saying your prayers and letting gravity do the rest! So true.

05/19/10 @ 11:57
Comment from: Christina [Visitor]

Well done Moire! Great to hear about a fellow Irishwoman doing so well in mountain running :) I live in Wicklow and am in awe of anyone running a 100 k. in such tough terrain (I can't even get to 5 k. yet on the flat!)
One thing though-the full range of VVF's CAN be got here now-on (yes it's legit, it's mentioned on the site as being the Irish distributor.

05/29/10 @ 00:38

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